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Schwartz g4 c_2013


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Schwartz g4 c_2013

  1. 1. Director, G4C Latin America
  2. 2. Games for Change in BrazilPartners2011 – G4C Latin America Launch, partnering with AMD Foundation,Volkswagen Foundation, UOL Jogos, Folha de S. Paulo, BNDES,University of São Paulo, University of Taubaté, SBGames, ABRAGAMES,Museum of Image and Sound, European FP7 PRO-IDEAL2012 – AMD Foundation, TEDx, Memorial da América Latina,BNDES, UOL Jogos, SBGames, University of São Paulo, University of Taubaté,SBGames, Museum of Image and Sound, PagSeguro, PROXXIMA, UNITYCity of Knowledge, Dept. of Film, Radio and TVSchool of Communication and Arts - University of São Paulowww.cidade.usp.br2013 – GAMeCITY, Global Game Jam, BNDES, UOL Jogos, SBGames,University of São Paulo, University of Taubaté, PROXXIMA, UNITY
  3. 3. Awards: SBGames, Brazil Game Show, Museum of Image and Sound ScholarshipEvents: LIGAÇÃO (Literature, Games and Arts for Children and Teens),SBGames (Salvador, Brasilia), Brazil Game Show, Festivals, Meetups(Metodista, FATEC), UNITY Workshops, 1,000+ Facebook followersResearch: The Future of the Game Industry in Brazil, BNDES - National Bankfor Social and Economic Development (2012-2013)Localization: Global Conflicts (Ministry of Science and Technology),LUDWIG (UOL Jogos)Community: GAMeCITY, UOL Jogos, 2013 (August Launch)Science for High Schools (Jundiaí, USP, Bandeirantes)Museum of Image and Sound Workshops (2012)Secretary of Education, State of São PauloACTION!!!
  4. 4. Audiences• The Facebook page reached about 1,000 “likes” reaching over 500,000“friends”• The Twitter “g4c_br” tag/account has 856 postsand 451 followers• The G4C Brazil blog has reached 2,500+ unique visitors• Google Search: “Games for Change Brasil”: 55,400,000 results• Media Impact: Folha de S.Paulo, Estado de S.Paulo, Globo, Veja• Educational Impact: Major public and private universities, Secretary ofEducation of São Paulo, Junior Science Program @USP, SBGamescommunity management
  5. 5. Volkswagen FoundationG4C Festival 2011 LaunchMario LapinGame Designer
  6. 6. InsuOnlineMicrosoftImagine Cup 2013Dr. Leandro Arthur DiehlUniversidade Estadual de Londrina
  7. 7. Federal University of ParaíbaLuana Rodrigues de AlmeidaAna Tereza MedeirosLiliane dos Santos Machado
  8. 8. Localization Projects for Latin America @ University of São Paulo – City of KnowledgeFunding: Ministry of Science and Technology, FINEP (2010)UOL Jogos(2013 Launch)
  9. 9. Thank You!GAMeCITY 2013 – December, São
  10. 10. Thank You!GAMeCITY 2013 – December, São