First Things First: Listening to social media for awareness and understanding


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Presentation at the Triangle AMA's Social Media Boot Camp, June 10, 2010

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First Things First: Listening to social media for awareness and understanding

  1. 1. First Things First Listening to social media for awareness and understanding Nathan Gilliatt Triangle AMA Social Media Bootcamp June 10, 2010
  2. 2. A few things to consider • Amount of buzz about the • Engaging customer or media company • Action assignment & tracking • Company’s current reputation • Facebook integration • Marketing objectives • Twitter integration • PR objectives • CRM integration • Customer service issues • BI integration • Existing measurement practices • Available budget • Staff comfort level with • Dashboards & reports technology • Staff analytical skills • Keyword or threshold-based alerts • Language coverage • User administration • Information distribution • Shared vs private projects • Source media types • Automated sentiment analysis • Tools or services • Monitoring or discovery • Monitoring or measuring • Buzzword compliance
  3. 3. Oh, wait…
  4. 4. 1000heads CyTRAP Labs Intelligence Technologies Orchestr8 Trackur 1st2C Daqi Interone Overtone Trendiction Alterian Dentsu Iterasi Palantir Technologies Trustworthy AM Analytics Dialogix J.D. Power & Associates Parnassus Group Tullo Marchall Warren AMI Software Digimind Jamiq Perception Metrics UKNetMonitor Amplified Analytics Digital Influence Group Janya Polecat UltraSuperNew Anderson Analytics Digital PR Jive Software Portent Interactive Unbound Technologies Andiamo Systems Distilled Jodange PR Newswire Vanksen Group Atomic Intelligence DNA13 Kaava Precise Media Verisign Attensity Dow Jones & Company Kairos Future Analytics Primelabs VICO Research & Attentio KDPaine & Partners Psydex Consulting Autonomy Interwoven eCairn Keibi Technologies Quirk eMarketing Viralheat bc.lab Echo Research Lexalytics Radian6 Visible Technologies Bigmouthmedia Echometrix Leximancer Relegence VML Bitext Ecofact AG ListenLogic Relevant Noise Vocus Bloggers’ Mind Ecosystema Lodging Interactive Report International Waggener Edstrom BlogMeter Edelman Logicbowl RepuMetrix Wavemetrix Bolero Elsevier Managing News Reputation Institute WebClipping Brand Titan EmPower Research Marchex ReputationHQ WeeTrack Brandintel Entrenza Market Sentinel Reputica White Noise Brandtology Envisional MarketClusters RTGI Whitevector Brandwatch Ethority MarketOutsider Rush Hour Analytics Wiredset BurrellesLuce Evolve24 Media Measurement Ltd Satmetrix WiseBrief BuzzAnalytics Evri Media Proof Scanblog WiseWindow Buzzcapture Expert System Media Watch Middle East Scout Labs Buzzdetector FirstRain MediaBadger Scup BuzzDing Flux MediaHound Sentiment Metrics Buzzient FPinfomart MediaMiser SentiMetrix BuzzLogic Fractal Analytics Mediatrack Research Serendio BuzzNumbers Futures Sport Megaputer Silverbakk BuzzStream Gala Meltwater SkyGrid CIC GeeYee Metatale Smalltalks Clarabridge Grazr Metrica Smmart ClearForest Great Minds Interactive MightyBrand Social Mention Clueray Hapax Millward Brown Precis Social Wavelength Cognita Heardable MindComet Socialarc Collective Intellect HiveFire MindMatters SocialMetrix Colligent HiveSight Moreover SocialRep ComMetric HotGrinds Morningside Analytics Socialscape Connotate hottolink MotiveQuest Socialware Context Analytics Hue Web Studio NameProtect Spectrum Converseon Hyve NetBase Spinn3r Conversition iCrossing Netemic Spiral16 Covalence iMente NetEquity Sports Media Challenge Crawdad Technologies Imooty NetMap Analytics Spredfast Crimson Hexagon ImpactWatch Networked Insights StartPR Critical Mention Infegy New Media Intelligence StockMood CRMMetrix Infonic New Media Strategies Streamwall Cubit Media Research Informm Newbase Symscio CustomScoop infüz Nexalogy Environics Synthesio CyberAlert InsideView Nielsen Buzzmetrics Sysomos CyberWatcher instant Information ObjectiveMarketer Tealium Cymfony Integrasco Onalytica Traackr
  5. 5. Social Media Analysis Platforms for Workgroups Review of 21 software platforms with workgroup features Alterian, Attensity, Attentio, Biz360, Brandwatch, Buzzcapture, Digimind, Dow Jones Insight, eCairn, Evolve24, Filtrbox, MediaMiser, Networked Insights, Press Army, Radian6, Scout Labs, Sentiment Metrics, Sysomos, Trackur, Visible Technologies, Whitevector Based on written request for information, individual vendor briefings, product demonstrations, and evaluation accounts Features, pricing, and implementation considerations Focus on product differences and recommended uses
  6. 6. So you want to do social media
  7. 7. First things first
  8. 8. Listen before speaking
  9. 9. 5 modes of listening ✓ Search ✓ Alert ✓ Monitor ✓ Measure ✓ Mine
  10. 10. Why?
  11. 11. Learn your way around
  12. 12. Learn the environment ✓ Who ✓ Where ✓ What ✓ Why ✓ How
  13. 13. Listen regularly
  14. 14. Customer complaints
  15. 15. Defensive keyword monitoring of brands and products to find complaints in order to respond.
  16. 16. There’s more…
  17. 17. Customer questions
  18. 18. Sales leads
  19. 19. Campaign tracking
  20. 20. Product innovation
  21. 21. Competitor actions
  22. 22. Market research
  23. 23. Market intelligence
  24. 24. Market analytics
  25. 25. Listening
  26. 26. Defensive keyword monitoring of brands and products to find complaints in order to respond.
  27. 27. Apply more modes of listening to more sources of data to create value in more parts of the company.
  28. 28. And not Or
  29. 29. Photo by Steve Rhodes
  30. 30. Conversations to listen for ✓ Customers talking to you ✓ People talking about you ✓ People talking about your competitors
  31. 31. Conversations to listen for ✓ People talking about your customers, suppliers and partners ✓ People talking about your market without mentioning names
  32. 32. Listening with no budget
  33. 33. Free tools ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ TweetDeck
  34. 34. Free tools ✓ 57.8 million search results for free Twitter analysis ✓ 4.3 million results for free social media monitoring ✓ 974,000 for free sentiment analysis
  35. 35. Listening with no budget
  36. 36. Listening with no budget (yet)
  37. 37. Listening with a budget
  38. 38. Objectives, Requirements, Capabilities—in that order
  39. 39. Tools or services?
  40. 40. Reports and advice or charts and lists
  41. 41. Customers, influencers, or media?
  42. 42. Common metrics ✓ Buzz volume (trend, share) ✓ Sentiment ✓ Topics ✓ Sources (influence)
  43. 43. Volume
  44. 44. Sentiment/tone
  45. 45. Sentiment/tone
  46. 46. Topic detection
  47. 47. Brand associations
  48. 48. Influence
  49. 49. Uncommon metrics ✓ Demographics ✓ Location ✓ Language ✓ Inbound links
  50. 50. Objectives, Requirements, Capabilities—in that order
  51. 51. Are we out of time yet?
  52. 52. Your turn
  53. 53. Contact Nathan Gilliatt +1 (919) 414-1043 @gilliatt