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Creative Fitness Programme for Marketers

A modular skills development programme for Marketing Executives, from the bottom to the top.
The aim is to equip marketers with the tools and knowledge to get the best work out of their partnership with their agencies. Key to this is understanding Brief writing, Proposition writing, Insight development, the Creative Process, how to evaluate creative work and give constructive feedback.

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Creative Fitness Programme for Marketers

  1. 1. Overview of the Creative Fitness Programme for Marketers
  2. 2. Contents  The Creative Fitness Programme  Principles of Creative Fitness  What Delegates have said  Desired Outcomes  Workshop Format  Certification  Facilitators’ Credentials
  3. 3. The Creative Fitness Programme Workshops Interactive sessions with case studies and group work, provides the opportunity to learn through application.
  4. 4. Principles of Creative Fitness  “Creative Fitness” is aimed at assisting marketers to improve their advertising skills and to enhance their dealings with their ad agencies: ultimately through upweighting their level of CREATIVE LITERACY in an engaging and interactive course. The programme is run with senior executive level expertise from both sides of the Agency/Client relationship.  The programme is run as a series of one-day workshops, ideally held out of the office, so people are disengaged from the distractions of daily office life. The sessions should start at 9.30 (to allow a quick hour in the office) and aim to finish at 4.30pm.
  5. 5. What delegates have said The creative intervention delivered by Adtherapy is a positively disruptive approach – which returns participants to the basics, thus enriching the creative development and evaluation process. As a consequence, it sets the groundwork for creative work in the future that is insight- rich and relevant to defined targets Sizakele Marutlulle, CMO Absa/Barclays Africa It’s made me see the world through new eyes Claire Brickett, Brand Manager Barclays Africa I wish I’d known this years ago. Brand Manager, Woolworths Brand Manager, Ackermans 5
  6. 6. Desired outcomes  Delegates attending the workshops will:  Gain a common understanding of what constitutes “creative” advertising;  Understand how an agency operates and how best to work with them to get the best possible work from them (this would apply to an internal agency as well);  Develop a series of tools to assist in the effective functioning of their advertising role;  Learn how to develop consumer insights;  Learn about the importance of writing excellent, inspiring creative briefs;  Learn how to evaluate creative and give constructive feedback;  Distinguish between Ideas and executions and how to write ideas for strategic longevity;  Learn about the inputs to communication strategy  Have a higher level of marketing communications capability and capacity
  7. 7. Detailed Agendas are available for each module
  8. 8. Workshop Format  These workshops run as individual full day workshops.  Delegates are given assignments and homework prior to the sessions, which are used in group exercises. The modules also use practical exercises, games, and case studies.  It is our suggestion that there is a break between each of the workshops, to allow on-the-job practical experience with the tools provided.  Due to the interactive nature and group-work assignments in the workshops, the maximum number of participants per workshop is 25 people. A mix of skills levels works fine.
  9. 9. Certification  This programme is currently being evaluated by SETA and we hope to get accreditation soon.  What we currently give delegates is a CERTIFICATE of completion.
  10. 10. Facilitators’ Credentials  The courses are run by Gillian Rightford. She brings in marketing, creative and strategic partners of the highest calibre, all highly respected in the field of marketing and communications.  They offer a senior level of insights and inspiration during the workshops.
  11. 11. Gillian Rightford  Gillian’s CV is a mix of marketing, advertising, and management. She obtained a Business Science (Honours) degree in Marketing from UCT, worked for Perry & Associates (Marketing consulting), then headed into the creative world, doing account management, and strategy for below and above the line agencies.  She co-founded and was Managing Director of Hercules/DMB&B/D’Arcy (a member of the Jupiter Group). Following that she was Managing Director of the merged Lintas and Lowe Bull companies in Johannesburg and then Group Managing Director of Lowe Bull, responsible for 9 Group companies, and the African region.  She started Adtherapy in 2007, and also lectures Integrated Marketing Communications at the School of Management Science at the University of Cape Town to Business Science and Post- grad students. In addition, she runs an online programme in the Foundations of Advertising through UCT and GetSmarter.
  12. 12. For more information and a detailed proposal, please contact us: | 0832659099 |