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Chris Gillen Portfolio

  1. 1. christopher gillenstudent portfolio
  2. 2. a few words...The following pages are selected work completed during my education atthe University of Detroit Mercy. An example of professional work completedduring a co-op at Hobbs and Black Architects followed by various studioprojects. I thank you for your time in considering the work that follows.-Chris Gillen
  3. 3. Resume
  4. 4. EducationUniversity of Detroit Mercy - School of Architecture, Detroit, MIAugust 2005 – August 2011Master of Architecture, Graduation: 2011 Deans Scholar 2005-2011 Student Advisory Group  Studied abroad in Volterra, Italy. Sketching, Analyzing, and visiting Italian architecture Relevant Work ExperienceHobbs + Black Architects – Ann Arbor, MIFall Intern, August 2008-January 2009 Worked on construction documents for the City Creek Center. Salt Lake City, UT Responsible for producing and uploading PDF bid package drawings for consultants through FTP. Facade analysis for LEED certification. Coordinating structural consultants connection details with construction documents.Farbman Group - Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MIWinter Intern, December 2007-April 2008 Performed a space analysis and produced a database for medical room usage Prepared furniture layouts for proposed space use changes Assisted in project estimating for small scale remodels of healthcare spacesPinacoteca e Museo Civico - Voltera, ItalyExhibited work - alabaster sculpture and pencil sketchesProficient in...Microsoft Office SuiteAuto CAD Google SketchUp Adobe Suite: Photoshop, InDesign, IllustratorVray for SketchUpPhysical Model Making
  5. 5. ContentsProfessional Work Professional Experience. City Creek Center Salt Lake, UT Hobbs + Black ArchitectsAcademic Work Fourth year studio. University of Detroit Mercy Library Joe Odoerfer Third year studio. Urban re-assemblage Noah Resnick Third year studio. Study abroad. Volterra, Italy Wladek Fuchs Fourth year studio. Symbiosis Amy Green Deines Freehand sketches.Graduate Thesis Graduate Thesis. Sacred/Profane Landscape Advisor: Noah Resnick (Book available upon request)
  6. 6. Professional ExperienceHobbs + Black ArchitectsAnn Arbor, MichiganProject: The City Creek Center - Salt Lake City, UtahDuring a co-op at Hobbs + Black Architects, I worked as an intern on the City Creek Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. The City Creek Center is a 2 block mixed use development in downtown Salt Lake. Some of my responsibilities were to assist in the development of section details using Auto Cad 2010, preparing and supplying PDF’s of sheet sets for bid and addenda, assisting in the coordination of structural connectionsto building materials, etc. The work shown is a wall detailing one of the large sconce features that wereto go at the main entry off Main St.
  7. 7. Project: University of Detroit MercyArchitecture LibraryThis project was developed in a studio withfocus given to the integration of buildingsystems in design. We were asked to rough sizethe mechanical systems, consider natural andartificial lighting, code constraints, structure,and compose interior and exterior materials.In this design, it was a desire to consider aconnection to the existing library, in whichattention was given to the circulation patternand integration of new program within theadded space, while opening the building tothe existing campus plaza. The final product is athree story addition which faces the redesignedcampus plaza.
  8. 8. Proposal for redesigned campus plazaand section relationship. University of Detroit Mercy Architecture Library
  9. 9. campus cafe storage circulation auditorium desk0 Floor Plan 1st Floor Plan stacks stacks reading reading room room2nd Floor Plan 3rd Floor Plan University of Detroit Mercy Architecture Library
  10. 10. Wall section cutaway University of Detroit Mercy Architecture Library
  11. 11. Interior - second floor reading room University of Detroit Mercy Architecture Library
  12. 12. Detail of central stair University of Detroit Mercy Architecture Library
  13. 13. HVAC model with structure University of Detroit Mercy Architecture Library
  14. 14. Project: Urban Re-Assemblage.Considering Tiger StadiumThis studio emphasized adaptive re-useand understandings of re purposed items.Beginning with investigations into smallerscale objects such as a dining chair, thestudio progressed in scale to the re-thinkingof the Tiger Stadium site and structure. In thisinvestigation, concepts of vertical farmingwere explored. Included in the program area corner cafe/restaurant, accompaniedby a street accessible grocery store, andlined with vertical growing platforms anddistribution center. The integration of theseprograms to the infrastructure and need ofthe community were of importance andhelped to focus the investigation.
  15. 15. michigan avenue section. Distribution center Warehousemichigan avenue elevation.elevationssections Growing platforms trumbull section. public grocery trumbull elevation. Urban re-Assemblage Growing Platforms
  16. 16. Sketch sample of floral growing platform Urban re-Assemblage Growing Platforms
  17. 17. Michigan CentralStation ( vacant ) I-75historic CorktownNeighborhood Site Massing model to study scale implications within the site context Urban re-Assemblage Growing Platforms
  18. 18. Wire frame model to studystructure, circulation andlighting conditions Urban re-Assemblage Growing Platforms
  19. 19. Project: Study Abroad.Volterra, ItalyAs part of the University of Detroit Mercy’sstudy abroad program, half the summer of2008 was spent in the hill town of Volterra, Italy.During this time, we were given instructionin site drawing, alabaster sculpture, arthistory while able to live among the townswell rooted families. Staying in Volterra forthis time allowed for investigations into theculture and people which make up sucha place. Given this brief experience, theproject was to design a building whichwould house artists abroad and also allowfor the exhibition of their work. Specialconsiderations were given to proportion,scale and sense of identity, as the site forthis project was on the edge of the townoverlooking ruins of a Roman Theatre andthe distant city of Pisa.
  20. 20. Volterra, Italy Pro Arte
  21. 21. View from Roman Theatre - outside medieval wall Volterra, Italy Pro Arte
  22. 22. Volterra, Italy Pro Arte
  23. 23. Volterra, Italy Pro Arte
  24. 24. Project: “Symbiosis”Detroit + TorontoIn this studio, relationships between Toronto and Detroit were explored. Initial research was done of both cities which included a studio partnership with the HOK Toronto Studio. Presentations were made to designers and were also featured at a firm luncheon. Presented here is an architectural intervention in the city of Detroit. An artery of the Detroit freeway system divides the site in two parts. The project consists of adesigned landscape and an anchoringfeature cinema. The cinema is used as a tool for cultivating this urban site.
  25. 25. Toronto Installation - “divergent paths” Symbiosis Detroit+Toronto
  26. 26. Above:Study in sitelandscape and theintersection of east/west infrastructureStudy models for sitelandscape strategy Symbiosis Detroit+Toronto
  27. 27. South facing birds eye of site landscape with theatre structureSymbiosis Detroit+Toronto
  28. 28. Daylight rendering of cornerplazaNight rendering of corner filmplaza and lit rest room structures Symbiosis Detroit+Toronto
  29. 29. Freehand Site Drawings Drawings completed in Volterra, Italy ‘Baptistry Door’ Volterra, ItalyFreehand Drawing
  30. 30. The above sketches weredone as an exploration intothe varied constructions andtextures of facades Freehand Drawing
  31. 31. Project: Thesis The Sacred Landscape*Thesis book available upon requestSacred space often evokes a broadened sense of awareness, it employs an experience of emotion, sensation, and memory that transcends the spatial. Sacred space is used here as a loose term to describe the relationship of the human to the built and un-built environment. Landscape as the common sense of the term, referring to the physical articulation of vegetation, as well as a broadened understanding with regard to the city as a complex landscape of many parts. These concepts have been fused to begin a further understanding for the treatment of cemetery as sacred urban landscape.
  32. 32. Existing through time Non Universal Journey to Sacred/Profane Landscape Graduate Thesis
  33. 33. A series of conceptual collages were made to depict emotions and sensations experienced through the sacred. The visual collages were then accompanied by a spatial translation and thus began the questioning of space. These elements were important in the exchange of architecture, the environment, and personal experience in the final design.Sacred/Profane Landscape Graduate Thesis
  34. 34. The former Hudson’sDepartment Store site indowntown Detroit was usedas the site in this proposal.This SketchUp model wascreated after continuedcritique and alterations tothe foam model seen on thefollowing page Sacred/Profane Landscape Graduate Thesis
  35. 35. A foam model was used to test the organization of space. The model provided for continual adaptations and progression of carved spaces. Sacred/Profane Landscape Graduate Thesis
  36. 36. Sacred/Profane Landscape Graduate Thesis
  37. 37. Sacred/Profane Landscape Graduate Thesis
  38. 38. site section 1Ascale 1/16th” = 1’ 0” Sacred/Profane Landscape Graduate Thesis
  39. 39. A final model was constructed by taking 32 section slices through the site at 8’ intervals. The sections were then cut out of 1/2” MDF board and grouped together. The final model was a series of 5 groups which hadthe ability to be separated and used in understanding the final proposal. Sacred/Profane Landscape Graduate Thesis