Why electronic cigarettes are making smoking social again


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http://www.best-electric-cigarettes.co.uk This slideshow looks at how electronic cigarettes have changed the smoking landscape

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Why electronic cigarettes are making smoking social again

  1. 1. Smoking was stylishTobacco smoking in the very recent pastwas regarded as quite a sociable thingand many people would be photographedholding a cigarette as a symbol of theirstatus. Even today some individuals mayconsider themselves as ‘social smokers’.By this they mean that they only light upif theyre at the bar with friends. Believe itor not, many people who smoke claim tohave made friends in a sociable ‘cigarettebreak’ or have used the offering of acigarette to make friends with a fellowsmoker.http://www.best-electric-cigarettes.co.uk 2
  2. 2. Tobacco smoking is against the lawRegardless of the social connotations it became against the law to light up in apublic place. Consequently the sociable aspect to smoking grew to become ratherunsociable. Suddenly, the after dinner smoke became a ‘leave the restaurant andstand on the pavement whilst leaving the others inside socialising’ cigarette! As aresult of the ban, smokers are not able to light up in public, like restaurants and inthe work place, and if they choose to ignore this, it can become an expensivehabit as you can be given a £50 fine. Theres another alternative however… the ecigarette!http://www.best-electric-cigarettes.co.uk 3
  3. 3. Ecigs can be smoked in publicThe great thing about electronic cigarettes is thatthe ‘smoker’ retains all of the great things aboutsmoking that they often seek and crave but devoidof many of the unsociable effects that areexperienced when smoking classic cigarettes.Powered cigarettes are compact devices which areutilised as a normal cigarette substitute. They arebasically a device which works in a very similarway to a nebulizer that heats a liquid which is putinto the e cigarette and for that reason doesntproduce smoke, but rather an odourless vapour.http://www.best-electric-cigarettes.co.uk 4
  4. 4. |Eliminate the negative aspects of smokingThe absence of ‘smoke’ being emitted from the e-cigsignifies that many of the negative effects of smokingtraditional tobacco cigarettes can be eliminated. They do notsmell unpleasant for either the smoker or the people in thevicinity of the smoker and the smell of tobacco does notlinger on the smoker’s clothes, fingers, breath or home. Thisis a large tick in the box! Even though smokers do not alwaysrealise or notice the smell of smoke themselves, it isindisputable the fact that the smell of smoke is horrible,particularly to those who do not smoke. It has even beensuggested that tobacco smoking can lower the number ofpartners you have as those who do not smoke are a lot lesslikely to pick a smoker as their partner.http://www.best-electric-cigarettes.co.uk 5
  5. 5. The absence of ‘smoke’ being emitted from the e-cigsignifies that many of the negative effects of smokingtraditional tobacco cigarettes can be eliminated. They donot smell unpleasant for either the smoker or the peoplein the vicinity of the smoker and the smell of tobaccodoes not linger on the smoker’s clothes, fingers, breathor home. This is a large tick in the box! Even thoughsmokers do not always realise or notice the smell ofsmoke themselves, it is indisputable the fact that thesmell of smoke is horrible, particularly to those who donot smoke. It has even been suggested that tobaccosmoking can lower the number of partners you have asthose who do not smoke are a lot less likely to pick asmoker as their partner.http://www.best-electric-cigarettes.co.uk 6
  6. 6. Smoking can be environmentally friendly tooBy minimising the undesirable effects of standardcigarettes, e-cigs are revolutionising the smokingscene. Theyre once again allowing smoking to besociable and not one that results in the cigarettesmoker standing outdoors in the cold whilst theirfriends continuing socialising. In addition, whencigarette smokers act intelligently and use a goodpowered cigarette discount site to assist them sourcethe very best value electronic cigarettes for them,theyll have some extra money for some extrasocialising!http://www.best-electric-cigarettes.co.uk 7
  7. 7. NicotineNicotine is the addictive element incigarettes. It is contained in most ecigarettes to help encourage tobaccosmokers to switch. Without nicotine ofcourse, moving over to ecigs would berather challenging. It is possible to havingsaid that, purchase ecigs without anynicotine and a lot of ecigarettemanufacturers allow you to to decide onthe nicotine content and therefore itspossible to wean yourself off nicotineentirely.http://www.best-electric-cigarettes.co.uk 8
  8. 8. If you are looking to buy an electronic cigarette, visit http://www.best-electric-cigarettes.co.uk for reviews and discount codeshttp://www.best-electric-cigarettes.co.uk 9