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Creating Data Driven HTML5 Applications


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My DevWeek 2014 session about storages options in HTML5.

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Creating Data Driven HTML5 Applications

  1. 1. SELA DEVELOPER PRACTICE December 20-25, 2013 Gil Fink Creating Data-Driven HTML5 Applications
  2. 2. Agenda HTML5: Recap Storing Data in the Client-Side Q&A Summary
  3. 3. HTML5: Recap HTML5 ~= HTML + CSS3 + JavaScript API The future of the web Still under development But a lot of features are available in modern browsers
  4. 4. What’s Under the HTML5 Umbrella?
  5. 5. Storing Data in the Client-Side
  6. 6. Demo Using HTML5 Storages and AppCache
  7. 7. Web Storage Key/value string storage Simple API sessionStorage Data is accessible to any page from the same site opened in that window localStorage Data spans multiple windows and lasts beyond the current session
  8. 8. AppCache Create offline web applications Uses a manifest file to configure the cache Introduces API to interact with cache events and the navigator.onLine property
  9. 9. IndexedDB Advanced key/value data management Made of records holding simple values and hierarchical objects Enables Storage of large numbers of objects locally in the browser Fast insertion and extraction from the store Asynchronous/Synchronous API
  10. 10. Web Application APIs Support – Web Storage
  11. 11. Web Application APIs Support – Offline Web Applications
  12. 12. Web Application APIs Support – IndexedDB
  13. 13. What We Saw Web Storage AppCache IndexedDB We didn’t cover other storage APIs such as File API FileSystem API
  14. 14. Questions
  15. 15. Summary You can start depending on client-side storages Will help you: To decrease the load on server-side and databases To create offline web apps
  16. 16. Resources Session slide deck and demos – API specs – My Website – Follow me on Twitter – @gilfink
  17. 17. Thank You Gil Fink Senior Architect @gilfink