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"Making It Happen" - continuous improvement and change agent course overview


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This slideshow provides an overview of the "Making It Happen" online course.

"Making It Happen" shares continuous improvement and change management tools that are aimed to help you become a more effective 'change agent' whilst improving your business' performance at the same time.

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"Making It Happen" - continuous improvement and change agent course overview

  1. 1. Change Agent Skills and Continuous Improvement Strategies “Course Overview”
  2. 2. What is Making It Happen? ...a course that shares practical continuous improvement approaches and strategies to help you become more effective as a ‘change agent’. There are 30 lessons and 4 sprint projects in total. Making It Happen is available as either a weekly email course, or an instant download.
  3. 3. Why is it a course? It all started when I was writing my next business improvement book. I completed the first draft and it just didn’t feel right as a book. There were two things that I wanted to add that I couldn’t do via a book...
  4. 4. The two things I wanted to include Training works best when there is time to play and experiment with ideas and methods. ...but I could provide these features if Making It Happen was an online course. 1. A forced break to practice 2. Downloadable templates Ready to use templates can make ideas and methods easier to engage with.
  5. 5. Where have the lessons come from? I spend my working life helping businesses to improve their operational performance. I have found that certain tips and strategies can improve how well a business implements process improvements. Making It Happen is a collection of practical methods to improve and accelerate improvement projects. Real life improvement projects Refined ‘tips, strategies and methods’ Making It Happen lessons Methods to improve implementation
  6. 6. What are my credentials? My name is Giles Johnston and I created Making It Happen to share the methods I have successfully used as both an employee and as a consultant to help businesses implement changes. I have worked in a variety of engineering roles, including Manufacturing Engineer, Production Manager and ERP Administrator. I am a Chartered Engineer, with a focus on practical methods and solutions. More information about me can be found here.
  7. 7. How does the online version work? Sign up to Making It Happen at: Signup Email updates Weekly lesson Follow up Get notified when a new lesson is available Access the content and discover an effective continuous improvement tool / strategy Receive a friendly nudge to make sure that you get the most from the course
  8. 8. How does the download version work? Sign up to Making It Happen at: Signup Access all material Plan route Undertake exercises and sprints Download all the material in on go to your computer / tablet. Review the lessons and sprints and plan the route that is most effective for your business Put the exercises and sprint projects to the test in your own business
  9. 9. Why are there two versions? Weekly ‘email’ version - Forced break to practice between sessions - Follow up ‘nudges’ - Provides a clear structure for you and your team. Instant download version - Get all of the files in one go, do it in less time - Plan your optimum route - Pick and choose your way through the content It’s a matter of preference...
  10. 10. What lessons are there? There are 30 practical lessons that are part of Making It Happen 1. The CARL Tool 2. Using CCC to increase engagement 3. Creating effective action plans 4. Prioritising improvement opportunities 5. Making PDCA working for your business 6. Using Kaizen to get improvements moving 7. Inoculation 8. Standardised meetings 9. Practical KPIs 10. Aligning job roles 11. Fishbones for idea generation 12. Takt time 13. Project Charters 14. To do lists - that work! 15. Standard Operating Procedures 16. Using skills matrices effectively 17. Intelligent Pareto 18. 5S that works! 19. Keeping track of the improvements 20. Eliminating waste 21. The monument of change 22. Practical process mapping 23. Moving from a project to a process 24. Root cause problem solving 25. Codifying data 26. The loss tracker 27. Avoiding the unwanted future 28. Setting up to win 29. Lead by example 30. Focus on principles
  11. 11. What sprints are there? There are 4 short projects that wrap up Making It Happen Sprint #1 Developing a workload management tool. Sprint #2 Lead time reduction. Sprint #3 Easier on time delivery performance. Sprint #4 Developing a continuous improvement 'bingo' tool.
  12. 12. Does it include templates? Yes. If the lesson’s exercise works better with a template then there’s one included.
  13. 13. How do I find out more? For more information, and to sign up, just head over to the main webpage.