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  1. 1. Psychomotricity core concepts“My” psychomotricity approachGil Pla, Ph.D aka @gildevicLecturer at University of Vic, BarcelonaPhysical Activty Sciences DepartmentEducation, Translation and Human Sciences Faculty
  2. 2. The pictures appearing in these slides are taken from with this authoring license or takenfrom my own with children rights within.
  3. 3. Personal website: : gil.pla@uvic.catTwitter: @gildevicLinkedInByMantasmagorical,
  4. 4. Psychomotricity?
  5. 5. “Psycho” +“Motricity”Dupre, 1910
  6. 6. “Psychomotricity” “Psychomotor intervention”
  7. 7. What does it means/is?Based on an overview of the person, the term"psychomotor" integrates cognitive, emotional,symbolic and sensorimotor being in the ability to beand to express themselves in a psychosocial context.Psychomotor well defined, plays a key role in theharmonious development of personality. Based on thisconcept, psychomotricity develops different forms ofpsychomotor intervention that find their application,regardless of age, in the preventive, educational,rehabilitative and therapeutic fields (FAPEE, 2000).ByXimenez,
  8. 8. What does it means/is?Psychomotricity is a way of educational or therapeuticintervention aimed at the development of motor,expressive and creative possibilities through the body,which leads psychomotricity to focus their activity andinterests in the movement and the human act, includingall the results arising from it: dysfunctions, pathologies,stimulation, learning, etc. (Berruezo, 1995).ByXimenez,
  9. 9. Human being as a unityBackgroundBody and movement intervention.“Body approach”RouteFor global development in all being dimensions(psychological, emotional, social and physical)AimOverview
  10. 10. PsicokineticsLe BoulchDevelopment and coordinationCratty, KiphardPsychomotorik therapy (TPM)Da FonsecaMecanicist/funcionalPsychomotor practiseAucouturierRelationship psychomotricityLapierrePsychomotoric clinicLevínExperientialMain intervention trendsEvolutive psychology: Piaget, WallonHumanist psychology: RogersPsychoanalysis: Freud, Reich, Lowen...Oriental body practicesActive pedagogyTheoretical backgroundBirth concept"Psicomotricity" by DupréFramework
  11. 11. Experiencial point of view, core concepts.“Psychomotor intervention”
  12. 12. The intervention as an iceberg...The biggest part of the intervention is not explicitly shown or usually is hidden.ByGabrielrochette,
  13. 13. Spacial deviceTemporal deviceAttitudinal deviceMaterial device*Arnaiz, P.; Rabadan, M.; Vives. I. (2001). La psicomotricidad en la escuela: una práctica preventiva y educativa. Málaga: AljibeIntervention devices*Bymarkmiller,
  14. 14. The devices must lead to...Safety and secureenvironmentEmocionallyPhysically
  15. 15. Temporal device• Entry ritual (hosting).• Spontaneus/free play or movement (motorexpressiveness).• Sensormotor activity.• Simbolic activity.• Representation (taking psychological distanceof the body/emotional movement).• Exit ritual (farewell).By markmiller,
  16. 16. Back, T deviceG: „Mom, can Ieat somesweets?“M: „No, becausethen you don´tlunch“M: „Half an hour,more or less“G: „When do welunch, then?“G: „Hey, live thepresent as well“
  17. 17. Fixed MobileAccessible UnaccessibleHard SoftStable ChangeableMaterial deviceArnaiz, P.; Rabadan, M.; Vives. I. (2001). La psicomotricidad en la escuela: una práctica, preventiva y educativa. Málaga: Aljibe
  18. 18. Non structuredStructuredSpacial device“Always in a room”Byanda2007,
  19. 19. EmpathyListeningLaw symbolSymbolic PartenaireByJimMunnelly,* Aucouturier, B.; Darrault, I. i Empinet, J.L. (1985). La práctica psicomotriz. Reeducación y terapia. Barcelona: CientíficoMédica.Attitudinal device*
  20. 20. back, Symbolic partenaireA flower, sometimes known as abloom or blossom, is thereproductive structure found inflowering plants (plants of thedivision Magnoliophyta, alsocalled angiosperms). Thebiological function of a flower is toeffect reproduction, usually byproviding a mechanism for theunion of sperm with eggs…Water is a chemical compoundwith the chemical formula H2O. Awater molecule contains oneoxygen and two hydrogen atomsconnected by covalent bonds.Water is a liquid at standardambient temperature andpressure, but it often co-existson…Soil is a natural body consisting oflayers (soil horizons) that areprimarily composed of minerals,mixed with at least some organicmatter, which differ from theirparent materials in their texture,structure, consistency, color,chemical, biological and othercharacteristics. It is theunconsolidated or loos…?
  21. 21. back, empathyMa: „Mom, Ireach an „A“ ingeometrics!!“G: „I congratulateyou, ruinyhomes!!“Mo: „Congrats!smuuuuack!!“
  22. 22. back, Law symbol„Forbidden tostep on grass“ L: „Damn the desirethat I had to step ongrass, but it makes mesick of being told ofwhat I know what Ishouldn´t do!“
  23. 23. back, ListeningM: „Forgethoop and goaway, I´mbusy“G: „Yeah, hoopdone“G: „Hoop “
  24. 24. InterventionByLadyheart,http://morguefile.comAction
  25. 25. With this starting pointPsychomoticity [or psychomotoric intervention] is not focused in themovement itself but the understanding of the movement as a meaning of thedevelopmental and expresion factors of the individual in its environment(Berruezo, 2000).
  26. 26. Intervention goals (Franc, 2004)• Become an interlocutor of the child.• Provide emotional respecte and recognition.• Collect and evolve the children game productions.• Give sense and content to the children game.• Promote the manifestation of the intrapsychic reality.• Encourage psychological maturation.• Promote the passage from the act [movement] to the thought.
  27. 27. Through...General proposalsParticularly interventionsThe general purposes organize the overall structure/activities of the session. Alsoframe the context and provide general security in the activity. The purposes leadan optimal growth and development environment for the children. The structureand activities are designed for the common circumstances of those children.In between the general purposes there are short, specific and particularlymoments where pshychomotrician interacts with a single/little group of children.These interventions are focused in every single difficulties and potentials of everychildren or child relationships and must deal with its needs. That is why everysingle intervention is special and different for every child.
  28. 28. Developing suchenvironment:
  29. 29. It promotes
  30. 30. And allows...
  31. 31. ...motor expressiveness
  32. 32. Motorexpressiveness
  33. 33. Motorexpressiveness
  34. 34. Then (remember)...Human being as a unityBody/movement interventionIs respectedGlobal development in allbeing domains(psychologic, emotional,social & physical)Can be achievedThrough a real/global /deeperexpression of every single child
  35. 35. Thank you for your attention.