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Semiconductor Contractor Presentation

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Gilco Consulting Services Semiconductor Presentation

  1. 1. Gilco Consulting Services<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br />Introduction<br /> Expertise<br /> Advantages & Benefits<br /> Test Program Generation Contract Terms & Pricing<br /> Data Collection Terms & Pricing<br /> Space Level Pre/Post Delta Program Generation Terms & Pricing<br /> Offshore Services Terms & Pricing<br /> Miscellaneous Services<br /> Special Provisions<br /> Method Of Payment<br /> Business Information<br />7/8/2010<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Introduction<br />Purpose: To introduce semiconductor test services available to the semiconductor industry.<br />Definitions:<br /> Contractor: Gilbert Jaramillo<br />Client : Principle Hiring Company<br />DDPF : Data Delta Processing File<br />Impact-1 : Trade Name/Mark of Legacy Texas Instruments Tester<br /> TL1 : Trade Name/Mark of Legacy Texas Instruments Tester<br /> HSM : Trade Name/Mark of Legacy Texas Instruments Tester <br /> V-Series : Trade Name/Mark of Legacy Texas Instruments Tester <br /> TS-80 : Trade Name/Mark of Legacy LTX-Credence Tester <br /> ETS-364 : Trade Name/Mark of Eagle Systems Tester <br /> Delta Pgm: Test program written to calculate parametric differences between pre-burn and post burn device data recorded readings.<br />Speaker : Gilbert Jaramillo<br />7/8/2010<br />3<br />
  4. 4. Expertise<br />Specializing in:<br /><ul><li> Production Lot Sustaining Services Involving Space/Logic/Interface/Analog Product Lines
  5. 5. Space Related Semiconductor Logic/Interface/Analog Test Program Generation
  6. 6. Device Characterization/Data Collection
  7. 7. Radiation Device Setups/Testing/Data Collection
  8. 8. Impact-1/TL1/HSM Lot Sustaining Services/ Coaching/Mentoring/Guiding/Problem -Solving
  9. 9. Impact-1/TL1/HSM Device Pgm Modification/Certification Services
  10. 10. Class S/V Delta Pgm Generations Per Customer Specifications
  11. 11. Offshore Final Test and Life-Test Pre/Post Space Class S/V Related Delta Setups
  12. 12. Class S/V Related Serial Lot Data Read/Record Collection
  13. 13. Class S/V Final Test/Life-Test Delta Lot Calculation/Analysis
  14. 14. Class S/V Onshore/Offshore Test-Floor Training(Including Initial Factory Start-Up) ***
  15. 15. Impact-1 /TL1/HSM/V-Series Tester Software & Device Trouble-Shooting Training *** </li></ul> *** Training classes can be conducted in either English or Spanish languages<br />7/8/2010<br />4<br />
  16. 16. Advantages & Benefits Of Contract Services Offered To Client Companies<br />Client saves time and money since the contracts on upcoming projects are made on an “as needed basis”. Only contract payment to Contractor and at year end IRS “Form 1099-MISC” to fill out. <br />No client employee dental, health, or life insurance benefit cost payouts.<br />No client employee salary/non-exempt biweekly paychecks, overtime pay, or time sheets/reporting to worry about. <br />No client employee paid vacation, 401K, pension, profit sharing, or bonus payouts.<br />No client managerial paperwork to worry about when review time comes around for the difficult decisions of which employee gets less/more compensation or promotions. The latter translates to complete elimination of employee gripes, worries, or accusations of possible employee favoritism.<br />Elimination of individual client employee stress due to stringent customer commit/roadmap times while assigned and attempting to work/complete various projects simultaneously.<br />If offshore services are requested by client , Contractor will provide client test/assembly sub-contractor with a “client presence/face” at the job site that reassures them client is committed as both a business partner and as a friend.<br />In addition, due to “in real time” and “on-site” read/record services , client will save essential and valuable customer project down time. In-house sustaining services will result in maximized work quality that reduces, if not completely eliminating, device sample failure shipping costs.<br />Both client and its customers will enjoy and benefit from the high quality work performed by space field related experienced personnel represented by GilcoConsulting.<br />7/8/2010<br />5<br />
  17. 17. Test Program Generation Contract Terms And Pricing<br /> 1) Legacy logic Impact-1 tester space test program generation: A fifteen percent(15%) commission based on client’s customer charge shall be enacted on each space related test program generation. This percentage charge will depend on complexity of device data-sheet/customer specification. Both parties to agree on complexity and terms of final charge. Contractor shall have final say if test program can, or cannot, be generated. Hourly rates may also be negotiated in lieu of commission rates.<br /> Note: If test pgm to be generated requires a machine standard file(offset file) test pgm in order to execute, then Contractor and Client representative shall agree on added charge costs. This also includes any type of extra required lab work. <br />2) Legacy analog(op-amp/comparator) TL1 tester space test program generation charges: same as above except commission percentage is twenty percent (20%) for each test program generation.<br /> 3) Pricing for Impact-1 Legacy interface(receivers/drivers) test program generations shall be negotiated due to their complexity and length to complete.<br />7/8/2010<br />6<br />
  18. 18. Data Collection Terms And Pricing<br />A commission charge of ten percent(10%) for data collection shall be added to each final test program generation charge, with a minimum of five-hundred dollars($500). The data collection process includes: a) data collection via client Automated Tester Computer System(ATCS, or similar) lot data system of 30 units(to be supplied by client) at all three military test temperatures of 25c, 125c and -55c, b) data management file, usually composed via Microsoft Excel, of all three temps to be supplied to corresponding Product Engineer for review. Any added rework to be reviewed by both parties for final charge.<br />Note: Charges on other data collection projects with higher quantities than 30 units shall be negotiated.<br />7/8/2010<br />7<br />
  19. 19. Space Level Pre/Post Delta Pgm Generation Terms And Pricing<br />Delta Pgms:<br />A commission charge of two-hundred and fifty dollars($250) shall be added to each Group A final test delta program generation. A one-hundred fifty dollar($150) fee shall be added to a create a Group C delta pgm only if a final test delta pgm exits. If not, then the fee for a final test pgm will be used($250).<br />Pre/Post Data:<br /> If Final-Test pre and post data reading, analysis, and DDPF data is requested by client, then a fee of five-hundred dollars ($500) shall be charged. It is to be noted that Contractor is not responsible for devices not passing delta calculations due to pre or post data deviations. Contractor, with years of experience in this area, shall, to the best of his ability, analyze both pre and post data to insure the best possible data readings.<br /> If Life-Test data/analysis is requested, the charge shall be an additional five-hundred dollars($500).<br />7/8/2010<br />8<br />
  20. 20. Offshore Services Terms And Pricing <br />Costs: Contractor agrees to provide a significant discount in performing offshore(outside USA) contractor services versus client internal employee costs. Total cost for a project lasting up to fourteen days, including labor based on a weekly minimum of forty(40) hours, shall be six-thousand dollars($6,000). The Contractor is responsible for all airfare, transportation, visa, lodging, and meal arrangement/costs. First day of project is determined to be when the first lot is at pre-test. Contractor shall make best efforts to be on site at first day of test. <br />Services to be performed are: a) Assist to insure ambient pre, ambient post, high, and low temperature serial data collection is correctly tested and recorded by sub-contractor test personnel. b) Perform data analysis at all temps for both final test(Group A) and life test(Group C) lots. Create /manage Data Delta Processing File(DDPF) final/life test data files for client Product Engineer. c) Monitor initial burnin procedure on device lots to insure parts are in their correct states per client burnin specifications. d) Discuss load board, tester, and miscellaneous equipment conditions with sub-contractor personnel and report any discrepancies or problems back to appropriate client personnel. e) Contractor shall, at his own cost/time, provide free sustaining services to insure all project lots are completed successfully. If program revisions are required, Contractor will perform them and submit changes to Product Engineer for certification and client’s test program retention library upload. f) If needed, provide technical assistance or on-going software training to sub-contractor engineering staff in either English or Spanish.<br />Extensions: If project extents over fourteen days, a charge of two-hundred fifty dollars($250) per day shall be added to final costs. <br />Note: Because Group C Life-Test involves long burnin times, Contractor shall perform post data analysis and DDPF file once back in USA. Contractor is not responsible for any delta rejects, but will, to the best of his abilities, insure best case scenarios for all work performed.<br />7/8/2010<br />9<br />
  21. 21. Miscellaneous Services<br />Contractor ‘s main expertise is in lot device sustaining services., especially is such testers as TI ‘s logic/interface(Impact-1 tester), analog(TL1 tester), power management(HSM, Eagle, LTX testers), and FIFO’s(V-Series tester). Sustaining contract rate services can be negotiated on commission or by hourly basis, depending on client’s method of choice.<br />Data collection services in above testers.***<br />Create logic/interface burnin card information for Product Engineer to upload to client’s device library. <br />Lab work fees not involving test program generation shall be negotiated depending on task and complexity.<br />Impact-1 /TL1 tester training in device trouble-shooting, TPL software (device test pgm vs. client Data-Sheet), and dc/ac tester offset pgms. A discount is available for offshore site training in countries like Thailand, Mexico, Malaysia, Philippines, China, or Taiwan.***<br />USA or offshore site space delta pgm training.***<br />Offshore site training in all aspects related to Class S or V data collection. This can be in an actual start of a space production line.***<br />Training of final-test/QA engineers/technicians in all aspects of tester/device set-ups/trouble-shooting, etc, as related to a new and complete sub-contractor move. Ex: client moves existing Thai test facility to another Thai city or entirely different country.***<br />Open to other services such as custom or Standard Microcircuit Drawing (SMD) test pgm generations , radiation pre/post testing, or any other services requested by client representative. All requests shall be considered and decided upon by Contractor.*** <br /> *** Negotiable contract pricing. <br /> *** Training classes can be conducted in either English or Spanish languages.<br />7/8/2010<br />10<br />
  22. 22. Special Provisions<br />For best data and tester correlation, client agrees to provide Contractor full access to client’s equipment required to complete task or project. In addition to hardware equipment access , client agrees to grant Contractor access to client’s intranet servers required to upload/download data or programs . TI examples are: ATCS, TMS, MTCS, and traveler access. Contractor shall provide his own laptop with wireless capability to access intranet. However, if client deems best if Contractor uses a client owned laptop , then one shall be provided with the required software necessary to complete project assignments. Contractor agrees to sign any documentation related to MutualNon-DisclosureAgreements onProprietaryInformation .<br /> In addition, client shall provide access to client building by whatever client policy and rules demand. This can be by Contractor’s existing “TI Retiree” badge or by Contractor badge approved by client.<br />7/8/2010<br />11<br />
  23. 23. Method Of Payment To Contractor<br />Client approved monetary payment to Contractor for services rendered shall be submitted within thirty(30) days after Contractor submits itemized invoice. Client’s time payment to Contractor can be negotiated. <br />7/8/2010<br />12<br />
  24. 24. Business Information<br />Thank you for your interest in Semiconductor Services provided by GilcoConsulting*. For more information, please see below:Gilco ConsultingGilbert Jaramillo, Proprietor245 Wolff Dr.Sherman, TX 75092Phone: 903-891-0436Email :<br />*A future minority owned small business.<br />7/8/2010<br />13<br />