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  1. 1. Engal AnnaIQ Thalaiva FinanceThalapathy
  2. 2. Endha Build up laam edhuku...?!
  3. 3. WARNING :This is not a story of a Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesnt. Followed by desperate attempts to coax friends to put the girls pic on bday ppt, hoping that things might change 
  4. 4. This is ourMovie Hero!
  5. 5. Once upon a time, there lived a saint called Aswin…He was on the verge of attaining the position of finance deity when…
  6. 6. Some Evil Spirits forced him to write the RAT Exam :P
  7. 7. Soon after, events occurred intandem and he got admission in a Premier IIM *.*IIM – Indian Institute of Marriage(ABC Rated – Additional dowry can be demanded)
  8. 8. Soon after Joining IIM.. Small boys at college started making fun of him.. Calling Aswin – English - Grandpa Tamil - Thata Arabic - Jed Hebrew - Saba French - Grand-père Spanish - Abuelo Portuguese- Avo
  9. 9. Aswin’s reaction -
  10. 10. Seeing his despo attempts to gain back his youth . He was recommended to see a Doc -
  11. 11. Doc gave Aswin some ancientsecret advice following which…
  12. 12. Our Hero finally realizes the fact that he must transform… he must CP….. And he must fight……
  13. 13. Like all stories… our hero wins the battle in the end !
  14. 14. Thanks for Surviving the movie(hope it was better than Rockstar :P) As a token of appreciation we have a contest Spot 6 difference and mail ur answers to m/ m/