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The Perfect Investor Meeting - Tel Aviv


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Is your startup at the fundraising stage? Making the rounds amongst potential investors & VC funds? If you find yourself nodding your head in agreement, then this is the event for you.

Gil Ben-Artzy, Founding Partner of UpWest Labs, shares some real world insights and case studies on the topic of how to conquer that first meeting with a potential investor.

Gil will be drawing from his own experience working with dozens of startups from a variety of domains that have successfully raised funds (even in the toughest of times) from VCs and angel investors.

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The Perfect Investor Meeting - Tel Aviv

  1. 1. Mindspace, August 10, 2016 The Perfect Investor Meeting Gil Ben-Artzy
  2. 2. Located in Silicon Valley, we are early stage investors that dedicate years of valuable support & resources to drive long-term growth Any Stage | Any Domain | Pre/Post Funding
  3. 3. $250M In Follow-On Funding
  4. 4. 25 40 55
  5. 5. Prepare Perform Hustle
  6. 6. Right Investor Right Approach Right Content Right Timing Prepare
  7. 7. What Investors Look At Market Momentum Team Size Growth Timing Competition Distribution Users Partners Advisors New Hires Investment Aspirations Knowledge Track Record Dynamics “7 Year” Test Though investors differ in investment stage, domain expertise, etc., they look at same areas
  8. 8. Personal Connection Aim High Sense of Urgency Perform
  9. 9. = Everything else = Signed term sheet = Meeting other partners asap “Amazing Meeting!” “Great Meeting” “INYIM Meeting” “Bad Meeting” = “We really like you…” = “This is cool stuff…” = “Give us a few days to think about it” Is the Meeting Going Well?
  10. 10. Top 5 Mistakes Israeli Entrepreneurs Make 5 - Not knowing your story or market 4 - Badmouthing/dismissing the competition 3 - “Mr/Miss-know-it-all” 1 (Tie) - Overly transactional/Valuation-focused 1 (Tie) - Not being positive and upbeat
  11. 11. Not a Yes is a No Do Your Due Diligence Show Progress Hustle
  12. 12. You Are The Investor You made $$$ as startup co-founder that exited You invest $50-500K in one startup a month You meet 10 pre-screened startups / week
  13. 13. Startup #1: Mobile App For Renting Items To/From Your Neighbors Momentum Team CEO, Biz Dev (B2B); CTO, ex-8200; Friends since Univ. Demo; MVP in 3 Months; Launch 6 months Other Raising $150K for 6 months Market Mobile Apps, Sharing Economy; Any investments?
  14. 14. Takeaway #1 For Consumer Startups, Be Ready With a Post-Launch Story Around Key Metrics
  15. 15. Startup #2: Cloud Security Momentum Team 3-Person Team, all tech, Currently at CheckPoint Concept; No Demo/Product Other Raising $3M Market Cyber Security; Hot?
  16. 16. Takeaway #2 For “Heavy Tech” Startups, Have a Strong Full-Time Team with Early Prototype
  17. 17. Startup #3: Web Analytics Momentum Team 3-Person team, ex-Google, full time Beta ready (after 6 months of work), 3 pilots Other Raising $2M; Tried for 6 months Previously raised $500K (cap Table) Market Analytics; crowded space?
  18. 18. Other & Future employees CEO CTO VP R&D Pre-seed & Seed investors 50% 12.5% 12.5% 12.5% 12.5% Startup #3: Cap Table
  19. 19. Takeaway #3 Don’t Waste Time; Understand Your Status, Raise at The Right Time
  20. 20. This Is Just the Beginning…
  21. 21. Thank You