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Sport, data and story telling at Online Tuesday


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My take on the data revolution in sports. It not just about data or about its hardcore uses, but about bringing the fans in and having the athletes (talent) tell their story through data.

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Sport, data and story telling at Online Tuesday

  2. 2. The transparant athlete It takes people to tell a story It takes stories to build a brand
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Týrsday The online (sports) content and activation agency.
  4. 4. We empower talent in creating value
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION It’s a digital world
  6. 6. STORYTELLING The power of talent 106. 894.346 likes 38.206.113 followers
  7. 7. STORYTELLING Unfiltered communication
  8. 8. STORYTELLING It’s a sharing world
  9. 9. INTRODUCTION Everything is connected
  10. 10. INTRODUCTION Number of runkeeper users Today runkeeper has 38 million users
  11. 11. INTRODUCTION Tracking
  12. 12. INTRODUCTION Tracking
  13. 13. CURRENT USE OF DATA IN SPORTS Talent: buying, educating and selling
  14. 14. CURRENT USE OF DATA IN SPORTS Strategy and tactics: on the pitch
  15. 15. CURRENT USE OF DATA IN SPORTS Training level and technique: do the right thing
  16. 16. CURRENT USE OF DATA IN SPORTS Medicine: keep everybody fit foto laboratorium Manchester United: meten 28 waarden
  17. 17. CURRENT USE OF DATA IN SPORTS Analytics: data journalism foto blog over voetbal
  18. 18. CURRENT USE OF DATA IN SPORTS Economics: elastic prices in ticketing foto van connected stadium
  19. 19. CURRENT USE OF DATA IN SPORTS Economics: concessions and merchandise foto amerikaans stadion met hotdog
  20. 20. SOMETHING IS AMISS Data, messages and connections miss context
  21. 21. STORYTELLING Talent is your guide in this digital world
  22. 22. STORYTELLING Data and talent make the story work foto Wilson en WR
  23. 23. STORYTELLING Example: distance and speed foto Vos en Strava
  24. 24. STORYTELLING Example: food and drinks foto Ellen en boek
  25. 25. STORYTELLING Example: biometrics foto doping test
  26. 26. STORYTELLING Example: technique and training foto NK hockey techniek
  27. 27. STORYTELLING Example: psychology foto relaxte atleet
  28. 28. STORYTELLING Example: data rich Tag The Love
  29. 29. QUESTIONS Want to know more? Follow us: @teamtyrsday