Old Rock And Roll


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Para todos los amantes del rock and roll 50s, les tramos un listado que traeran gratos recuerdos a los cinéfilos de películas como regreso al future, mi pobre angelito entre otras, esperamos disfruten de este listado de rock and roll music.

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Old Rock And Roll

  1. 1. Old Rock And Roll<br />Escuchar aquí!!<br />Clic<br />Listen here!!<br />
  2. 2. Artistas Rock And Roll 50’s<br />1 No Particular Place To Go Chuck Berry <br />2 Johnny B. Good Chuck Berry <br />3 You Never Can Tell Chuck Berry<br />4 Rock And Roll Music Chuck Berry <br />5 Brown Eyed Handsome Man Chuck Berry <br />6 Little Queenie Chuck Berry <br />7 Roll Over Bethoven Chuck Berry <br />8 Memphis Chuck Berry <br />9 Carol Chuck Berry <br />10 Route 66 Chuck Berry <br />11 Maybellene Chuck Berry <br />12 You Two Chuck Berry <br />13 Sweet Sixteen Chuck Berry <br />14 Havana Moon Chuck Berry <br />15 You Can&apos;t Catch Me Chuck Berry <br />16 Let&apos;s twist again Chuck Berry <br />17 Run Rudolph Run Chuck Berry <br />18 Come On Chuck Berry <br />19 Too Much Monkey Business Chuck Berry <br />20 School Day (Ring Ring Goes The Bell) Chuck Berry <br />21 Let It Rock Chuck Berry <br />22 Sweet Little Sixteen Chuck Berry <br />23 Promised Land Chuck Berry <br />24 Keep A Knockin&apos; Little Richard <br />25 TuttiFrutti Little Richard <br />26 Long Tall Sally Little Richard <br />27 Good Golly Miss Molly Little Richard <br />28 Lucille Little Richard <br />29 Rip It Up Little Richard <br />30 NukiSuki Little Richard <br />
  3. 3. Canciones Rock And Roll 50s<br />32 BabyFace Little Richard <br />33 Send Me SomeLovin&apos; Little Richard <br />34 TheGirlCan&apos;tHelpIt Little Richard <br />35 Slippin&apos; And Sliddin&apos; Little Richard <br />36 Send Me SomeLoving Little Richard <br />37 Twist And ShoutTheIsleyBrothers<br />38 CandyKisses Bill Haley & HisComets<br />39 SeeYouLater, Alligator - Bill Haley, Bill Haley Bill Haley & Hismets<br />40 Shake, Rattle And Roll Bill Haley & HisComets<br />41 (We&apos;reGonna) Rock AroundtheClock Bill Haley<br />42 RipIt Up Bill Haley<br />43 Mambo Rock Bill Haley And HisComets<br />44 Great Balls of Fire Jerry Lee Lewis <br />45 HighSchoolConfidential Jerry Lee Lewis <br />46 Breathless Jerry Lee Lewis <br />47 Chantily Lace - (J.P.Richardson) Jerry Lee Lewis <br />48 What`sMade Milwaukee Famous (Has Made A LoserOut Of Me) Jerry Lewis <br />49 BeforeTheNightIsOver (with B.B. King) Jerry Lee Lewis <br />50 WholeLottaShakin&apos; Jerry Lee Lewis <br />51 Lewis Boogie Jerry Lee Lewis <br />52 BoogieWoogie Piano Country Man Jerry Lee Lewis <br />53 Big LegWoman Jerry Lee Lewis <br />54 WholeLottaShakinGoinOn Jerry Lee Lewis <br />55 Little Queenie Jerry Lee Lewis <br />56 Be Bop A Lula Jerry Lee Lewis <br />57 Viva Las Vegas Elvis Presley<br />58 Jailhouse Rock Elvis Presley<br />59 A Little LessConversation (Jxl Radio Edit Remix) Elvis Presley<br />60 Don&apos;t Be Cruel Elvis Presley<br />61 AllShook Up Elvis Presley<br />
  4. 4. Old Rock And Roll 50’s<br /> listado de reproduccion - Escuchar aquí!!<br />Clic<br />Playlist - Listen here!!<br />