Kick-It for the Climate


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Partnership with non-profit organization Climate Savers Computer Initiatiive. Designed to reduce phantom power and as a result green house gases.

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Kick-It for the Climate

  1. 1. Prepared by: CBS Radio Kate Gigli Integrated Client Services CBS Radio/San Francisco December 09, 2008
  2. 2. The following pages contain proprietary concepts and information developed by CBS Radio/San Francisco, and CBS Broadcasting. Presenting these concepts and information to the recipient is solely for the purpose of evaluating a potential business relationship with CBS Radio and CBS Radio Sales. These proprietary concepts and information should be kept confidential, and should not to be distributed, disclosed, or disseminated to additional third parties, unless express/written permission is furnished by CBS.
  3. 3. • Background • Purpose • Overview of the Proposed Program • Objectives • Campaign Elements • Creative Strategy • Why CBS • Next Steps
  4. 4. Started by Google and Intel in 2007, the Climate Savers Computing Initiative is a non-profit organization funded by businesses and other non-profits. Currently, Board-level member organizations include: Google Intel Hewlett-Packard Dell Lenovo World Wildlife Fund CSC Microsoft Corporation The initiative was started in the spirit of the WWF’s Climate Savers program. Since 1999, Climate Savers has worked with the private sector, across numerous industries, to demonstrate that reducing CO2 emissions is good for business! CSCI’s ongoing Mission is: By 2010 - to reduce C02 emissions from the operation of computers by 54 million tons per year - equivalent to the annual output of 11 million cars. By accomplishing this objective - committed participants could save $5.5 billion in collective energy costs!
  5. 5. In this same spirit, the purpose of this program is to build a multi- platform media & public relations program that can be used as the template in California markets – and later – as a national campaign. CSCI’s objectives are tantamount and are woven throughout this program. Titled ―Kick-It for the Climate‖ (Trademark pending), a combination of media, marketing, digital and public relations mechanisms will be activated to educate and motivate both B2B and B2C targets to change behaviors.
  6. 6. ―Kick-It for the Climate‖ will drive enhanced awareness and change business and consumer behavior to help reduce CO2 levels in our environment. This will be accomplished through a collaboration between CBS, CSCI, Retail Partner* and Corporate Underwriters. The concept for Kick-It for the Climate includes a custom micro-site, digital promotion, Radio+Interactive+TV public service messages, and CBS’ support developing, managing and implementing a customized program that maximizes impact for the environment, CSCI, Retail Partner and Corporate Underwriters. According to the participant’s needs, the program can access all of CBS’s California assets - Radio, Internet, and Television –and dynamic, topical and Blue Chip media and public relations platform. .
  7. 7. Consumer Education • To make ―Kick-It‖ familiar and positive…part of our common vernacular!!! Something we all JUST DO, like brushing our teeth, turning off the car, we Kick-It….. • To make consumers aware of the participation CSCI, the Corporate Underwriter’s (i.e.: Google, Chevron, Intel etc.) Best Buy and the progressive steps they are taking on behalf of the environment. • To provide Consumers with the opportunity to win exciting and valuable sweepstakes prizes as an incentive to log on and learn how to change their PC settings to initiate sleep or hibernate mode after 20/30 minutes of inactivity. • To make Consumers aware that simply kicking off the power strip under their desks can make a significant impact on the climate. • To make Consumers aware they can also purchase Energy Star computers and peripherals (not just appliances!) and by doing so reduces their energy costs and CO2 emissions. • To know where to go to purchase and recycle* –easily find the brand/product they want. And be rewarded with a FREE Power Strip when they purchase a participating Kick-It For the Climate product. * CBS has several relationships locally and nationally already in place to call upon for recycling options….this option may involve more detail and investment..but e-waste is a significant issue.
  8. 8. Corporate Education • To make ―Kick-It‖ familiar and positive…part of our common vernacular!!! Something we all JUST DO, like brushing our teeth, turning off the car, we Kick Off the Power Strip under our desk at work, home office and under our home electronics! • To make Businesses, government, schools, institutions & health care providers aware of the innovative approach CSCI, the Corporate Underwriter’s (i.e.: Google, Chevron, Intel etc.) Best Buy are taking to energy conservation, climate change & ROI. • To give Businesses, government, schools, institutions & health care providers the information and resources they need to locate systems and providers through CSCI to help them find energy saving computing solutions…large or small. • To provide visibility for Corporate Underwriters who are true innovators in sustainability by providing a platform for sharing their success, how it effected the bottom line and empowering & motivating others…through Radio, Television & Digital profiles • To make Businesses aware that in challenging economic times, reducing energy consumption, saves money, saves the climate and garners favor with consumers and corporate customer alike. • To know where to go to purchase and recycle*
  9. 9. Positioning & Sales • Through the use of CBS, CSCI, Corporate Underwriter’s and Best Buy’s combined resources — to cut through the clutter and dominate the California marketplace. • To clearly differentiate Best Buy as a Green Retailer that cares about the environment, and consistently communicate its environmental dedication to the target audience. • Increase in-store & on-line sales: The following tools are being incorporated to increase the incremental sale, as well as messaging strong corporate responsibility about reducing C02 levels ….by curbing some of the biggest sinners….computers & electronics!!!! * GWP: FREE Power Strip with Energy Star Purchase * Geek Squad ―Walk Out Working: Power Reduction Pros! * Software/Peripherals/Misc: Free Power Strip W/Purchase * Opportunity To Bundle Offers with Power Strip* * Added Coupons, offers, etc could be shrink wrapped with Power Strip
  10. 10. • Use an upbeat ―thematic‖ creative approach with music beds, backgrounds and digital elements. Driving the ―Kick-It Theme‖ and micro site. • Leverage the credibility of CSCI, and select Board Level members (i.e. WWF) to establish trust with consumers who have been overloaded with ―green washed‖ messages. • Incorporate simple, factual and visual content where possible from CSCI and WWF to ―edutain‖ consumers about the climate/environment. • Drive consumers to Best Buy stores and online to potentially purchase products of CSCI Board Member Brands such as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, & Lenovo - which help reduce CO2 emissions by using less power. • Produced television segments featuring Corporate Underwriters message, profile of an Innovator, ―Climate Saver‖ or CSCI joint message. • Promote additional consumer and business incentives – for example - offering a Free power strip with purchase or recycling of an old computer at Best Buy stores…corporate event, joint event. • Micro site will be educational in tone, and populated with information and links to CSCI, BBY, Corporate Underwriter’s sites.
  11. 11. Climate Savers Computer Initiative • CSCI’s participation with CBS in developing and implementing this program provides valuable content, integrity, credibility, and vision. Their goals were our muse. CBS California Markets • CBS Radio, Television, and Digital properties deliver consumers in the largest California markets —Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Sacramento. If needed, CBS can expand the program to additional California markets including Fresno, Salinas/Monterey, Riverside/San Bernardino. CBS’s national footprint is well known and covers all major markets. Micro site – • How to be automatically entered to win exciting Eco-Travel Trips by walking through the steps to change your Control Panel settings. • ―Educational‖ details about what Kicking off your power strip does to reduce energy use, what reducing your carbon footprint means, • Links to the CSCI, Corporate Underwriter’s, BBY & BBY vendor sites designed and produced by CBS.
  12. 12. Radio • :60 Public Service Messages on CBS stations in key California markets. • Messaging that educates, and drives Consumers to the micro-site and to purchase in-store and on-line. • Messaging that brands and positions Corporate Underwriters as innovative leaders, socially responsible, cause marketing partners. TV • :30 and :15 second TV Public Service Messages on CBS stations in key California markets. • TV provides compelling visuals that demonstrate the ―Kick-It‖ action we want Consumers and Businesses to adopt, and the benefits to the Environment. • Vignettes of Corporate Underwriter’s message, innovation, successes, or CSCI message.
  13. 13. In addition to the scope of CBS’ properties in California, the CBS team charged with developing and implementing this program for CSCI and Best Buy is experienced and knowledgeable in marketing program development, research, coordination of the different sponsor and media partners, and day-to-day management of all of the details required for the program’s success. This team includes literally dozens of professionals in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other California markets, and is supervised by two highly skilled marketing professionals – Kate Gigli and Rocky Cosgrove • Kate Gigli – over 20 years of media, marketing, management and high-tech experience. Some of the top corporations Kate has worked with and marketed for are Best Buy, Jawbone, Microsoft, Fry’s, Target, Pepsi, Symantec, Nordstrom, Apple, Clairol, and Super Clubs.
  14. 14. CBS California Media Assets Radio+Interactive+Outdoor+TV Radio Interactive TV SF KCBS AM Station Web Sites KPIX (CBS) KITS FM for all Radio + TV KBCW (CW) KLLC FM KMVQ FM KLLC FM LA KNX AM Station Web Sites KCBS (CBS) KFWB AM for all Radio + TV KCAL (IND) KCBS FM News/Dodgers/ KROQ FM Lakers KLSX FM KRTH FM KTWV FM Additional California Markets Are Available
  15. 15. CBS California Media Assets Radio+Interactive+Outdoor+TV Radio Interactive TV SD KSON FM Station Web Sites KFMB (CBS) KYXY FM for all Radio + TV KIFM FM KSCF FM KBZT FM KFMB A/F Sacto KYMX FM Station Web Sites KOVR (CBS) KNIC FM for all Radio + TV KMAX (CW) KQJK FM KSFM FM KZZO FM KHTK AM Additional California Markets Are Available
  16. 16. CBS California Audience Reach Radio+Interactive+Outdoor+TV The CBS California assets in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Sacramento provide the Kick-It program with comprehensive coverage of the Consumers and Businesses Kick-It will impact. Radio Interactive TV 12.0MM 4.0MM 18.3 MM
  17. 17. Once we agree on top line objectives and the major elements of the program – timing, duration, etc. – we will provide specific media schedules and details for the Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, and San Diego markets. Additional California markets (e.g. – Fresno, Salinas/Monterey, Riverside/San Bernardino) are available, as well as local customization to fit all of the partners’ requirements. National Campaign: The Kick-It program - once tested in California – can be implemented nationwide with CBS Assets including radio, internet, and television. Nationally, the campaign would continue to build awareness and communicate CSCI’s mission, and make Kick-It a part of the American lexicon.
  18. 18.  Hone Concept and Objectives  Marketing and PR Strategy & Tactics  Discuss Timing, Duration, Geography, etc.  Identify Underwriter/Communication Strategy  Kick-It Team Roster  Next Steps Contact Kate Gigli 415.951.2356