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Seizing Opportunity: How To Go From Making Coffee Money to Earning A Real …


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Ideas and resources for how to monetize your blog

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Seizing Opportunity: How To Go From Making Coffee Money to Earning A Real …

  1. 1. Seizing Opportunity: How To Go From { Making Coffee Money To Earning A Real Living Gigi Ross @KludgyMom
  2. 2. [squirming isok…andencouraged]
  3. 3. [a few words onselling out]Everyone’s definition ofvalue is different. Be ok withyours. - me
  4. 4. [one: market the bestpossible version of you] Be a yardstick of quality. Some people arent used to an environment where excellence is expected. Steve Jobs
  5. 5. [two: fill your own littlebuckets of awesome]
  6. 6. [three: put theWORK inNETWORK] WORK to build it ….so it WORKS for you
  7. 7. [three: put the WORK in NETWORK] Networking Dos: 1. Build your LinkedIn profile 2. Look at offline 3. Look past the end of your nose Networking Don’ts: 1. Visiting an expo floor for swag only. 2. Ignoring a “smaller” blogger. 3. Failing to mention what YOU do. 4. Missing the open door. Every interaction is an opportunity to market yourself.
  8. 8. IF OPPORTUNITY DOESN’T KNOCK, BUILD A DOOR. - MILTON BERLE[four: create opportunities wherenone exist]
  9. 9. [five: always think in terms of an hourlyrate] Is being paid $100 for a Twitter party or $12/freelance post “good pay?” Consider non- monetary upside or downside BEFORE you start KNOW THY PROJECT
  10. 10. [six: before you say no, PUCK it]Pay it forward | Upsell | Cross-sell | Kindly keep me in mind To go forDon’t be theafraid togive up the GREAT
  11. 11. [seven: find theway to yes] • It’s not about you • Be creative • Solve a problem • Think big on project, small on brand • Know your audience • Offer options • Lead with your strengths • Collaborate – strength in numbers • Utilize Twitter, FB direct messages, email, network
  12. 12. [now…rock it!]
  13. 13. [questions? slideshare +resources available at]
  14. 14. [advertising networks]Google AdSenseBlogHerFederated MediaLijitRivkiGlam MediaMartha’s CircleChitikaMomPulseKontera (in-text)InfoLinks (in-text)
  15. 15. [sponsored posts]The SITS GirlsClever GirlsBlogFrogOne 2 One NetworkCollective BiasMom Bloggers ClubMission ListEverywhere SocietyIndividual brands
  16. 16. [freelancing]Contributing Writer Ghost Writer Editor Curator Social Media Coordinator Blogger Relations PR Virtual AssistantPersonal Coaching
  17. 17. [freelancing jobsources]LinkedInProblogger Jobs BloggingJobs
  18. 18. Paid Blogging Opportunities You Should Watch Out For Working For Free: Not A Black and White Issue To Make A Clip List for Freelance Writing to Succeed at Freelancing Without Losing Your Tribe Twins, Activate! Maximizing Blog Friendships You Want To Be A Freelancer?