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Women Leadership Summit in Bryant Park


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Women Leadership Summit in Bryant Park

  1. 1. WAM BRYANT PARK SEPTEMBER 2013 Empowering women forward Yao Huang 212.502.0059
  2. 2. WAMDid You Know? ¡  25% more women graduate college than men ¡  Only 3% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. ¡  Women hold 3% of clout positions in mainstream media. ¡  Women comprise of 5% of directors and 14% of film writers in top 250 grossing films. ¡  The more education a woman has, the greater the wage disparity. ¡  Women earn less than men in 99% of all occupations. ¡  Women make 78 cents for every dollar a man makes. ¡  Women business owners employ 35% more people than all the Fortune 500 companies. ¡  A 2011 study involving 7,280 leaders revealed that in 12 out of 16 leadership competencies, women leaders outscored men. ¡  Companies lead by women directors have better results. ¡  An increase share of women in top management has been proven to increase a company's profitability. ¡  More than 50% of Americans would say that men and women make equally good leaders women hold < 20% of the seats in Congress.
  3. 3. WAMMission ¡  To guide professional women to maximize career success through the resources and programs of supportive organizations. We are not here to duplicate existing organizations, but rather bring cohesiveness to the numerous women’s organizations to create impact. ¡  The event series is a social initiative to help bring awareness and motivate leadership through women empowerment. ¡  CEOs and high profile speakers come together to share their stories and push for change. Community organizations, academia, and corporations join forces as a network to change the ratio.
  4. 4. WAM Women Leadership Summit September 18-20 ¡  The event series is a social initiative to help bring awareness and motivate leadership through women empowerment. ¡  CEOs and high profile speakers come together to share their stories and push for change. Community organizations, academia, and corporations join forces as a network to change the ratio. ¡  60 speakers representing fashion, healthcare, finance, technology, government, sports, business, military, media, advertising, film, and boards. 20 speakers each day. ¡  Private Invite only evening events at exclusive venues ¡  Sept 18: Indoor. TED-like talks with panels. ¡  Sept 19: Indoor. TED-like talks with panels. ¡  Sept 20: Outdoor Bryant Park. TED-like talks with concert.
  5. 5. WAMBryant Park, New York ¡  40th- 42nd Street between 5th and 6th Avenues •  9.6 acres •  250K people walk by Bryant Park on an average weekday •  Bryant Park is the most heavily used public space per acre in the world •  The lunchtime people count is about 8,600 •  Bryant Park Grill is one of the top 40 restaurants in the U.S •  There are approximately 52% men and 48% women that use the Park everyday •  Bryant Park is one of the most female- friendly public spaces in the United States •  HBO/Bryant Park Summer Film Festival attracts between 9,000-14,000 for each movie
  6. 6. WAMMarketing ¡  Social media ¡  Media: bloggers, radio, print, WSJ partner ¡  Mobile application for sponsor awareness ¡  Pre-event mobile brand treasure hunt campaign ¡  Live event promotion teams ¡  UN ambassadors push ¡  50+ organization partner outreach ¡  60+ speakers outreach
  7. 7. WAMTechnology | Mobile ¡  Mobile application for sponsor awareness ¡  Mobile app that lists event speakers and sponsors separately with highlighted offers ¡  Everyone who comes to the park can open without app download ¡  Pre-event treasure hunt leading to Bryant Park ¡  Brands can let public find clues and items leading to rewards ¡  This can be lead gen foot traffic to stores or posters ¡  Personal career matching platform to identify the right people you need to know at the event and in our networks for you to meet. ¡  Personal and career development tool giving everyone a mentor/advisor ¡  Social media engagement analytics as a campaign and live inform promotion giveaway
  8. 8. WAMOutreach | Media ¡  Social media push across all networks ¡  Media: bloggers, radio, print, WSJ partner ¡  10 million in blogger reach ¡  100+ social networks ¡  50+ partner organizations ¡  UN ambassador push
  9. 9. WAM Organizers ¡  The Hatchery ¡  A venture collaboration organization, building a community of entrepreneurs, emerging companies, and investors, via its events, advisory services, and incubator. ¡  It works with investors and companies in 12 countries as they expand into the U.S. market as well as early-stage companies in the U.S. on everything from business development to funding. ¡  Long standing community organization for technology sector in New York. ¡  50-60 events annually ¡  Happiness Assembly ¡  Partnering with The United Nations and UN Women on an initiative launched in support of the Millennium Development Goals, The Happiness Assembly (HA) is a women-led initiative promoting happiness around the globe. ¡  Bringing happiness into the global narrative, both on a citizen and a governmental level and by ensuring that all humans are provided with their fundamental right to happiness. HA supports the United Nations Millennium Development Goals promoting gender equality and empowering women. ¡  HA is supported by the United Nations and created by founding members of the International Day of Happiness (IDH), spearheaded by former Iraqi United Nations Ambassador Dr. Hamid Al Bayati.
  10. 10. WAM
  11. 11. WAMPark attendance ¡  Currently 50+ organizations blogger partners generate 10 million in reach and support. ¡  Corporate and social organizations are coming into New York to support the initiative. ¡  Music talent in the evening. ¡  Combined efforts will fill the park with traffic. ¡  10,000 outdoor 10am – 10pm ¡  200-300 indoor 9am - 5pm
  12. 12. WAMIndustry Composition ¡  Advertising ¡  Education ¡  Music & Entertainment ¡  Fashion ¡  Finance ¡  Healthcare ¡  Media ¡  Military ¡  Publishing ¡  Sports ¡  Technology ¡  Venture Capital ¡  Wellness
  13. 13. WAMGoal metrics ¡  Promise – promotion/raise within 1 year ¡  KPI’s – Measure promotions over time ¡  Goal – increase C level, VP level women
  14. 14. WAM Advancing to the next stage will only be possible when we unleash the power of women. - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon
  15. 15. WAM Thank you for your support. Yao Huang Colette Young 212.502.0059
  16. 16. WAM2014 Events ¡  Jackson Hole, Wyoming – February 2014 ¡  First state to allow women to vote ¡  Partner: Performix, A Publicis Company ¡  Bryant Park Concert Series – Summer 2014 ¡  10 Concerts supporting Women Leadership ¡  2014 Women Leadership Summits ¡  Select Cities ¡  Spring and Fall New York