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Structure 2014 - Quantifying the iot - Deepfield


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Presentation from Gigaom's Structure 2014 conference, June 21-22 in San Francisco
The strategic value of the cloud
Joe Weinman, Author, Cloudonomics
Chairman, IEEE Intercloud Testbed Executive Committee
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Structure 2014 - Quantifying the iot - Deepfield

  1. 1. QUANTIFYING THE INTERNET OF THINGS Craig Labovitz Deepfield
  2. 2. Quantifying the Internet of Things Real-World Data from Providers and Exchange Points in 2014 GigaOM Structure Craig Labovitz, PhD
  3. 3. Three IoT Questions 1. What are these things (and how many)? 2. Where the things are? 3. The dark side of things and why peanut butter sandwiches are really healthy
  4. 4. DeepField • Big Data solutions for cloud and telecom providers (1/5 US Internet) • Real-time data from datacenters, exchange points and providers • We also conduct regular crawls / census of the Internet and discover tens of millions of interesting devices and infrastructure
  5. 5. IoT Trends • Significant growth in home devices. For years average was close to one. Average is now close to 4. • Equally large growth in data center scale replication and cloud machine to machine communication. • Measurements of Internet traffic (not private 3/4G nor Bluetooth) traffic across US datacenters and providers.
  6. 6. Top Internet of Things % Users 1 Fitbit Personal Health 0.59 2 Samsung Smart TVs 0.503 3 LG Smart TV’s, lights and smart fridges 0.502 4 Nest Thermostat 0.447 5 MaaS360 Air control mobile devices 0.080 6 Control4 Keypad locks, lighting, more 0.065 7 Belkin WeMo home automation includes power, cooking, coffee pots 0.045 8 Radio Thermostat Thermostat 0.033 9 Cereson Vending machine on steroids 0.012 10 Screenfeed Digital signs 0.011
  7. 7. Fitbit
  8. 8. Nest
  9. 9. Darker Side The talk up until now has been about the Good Now for the darker side of IoT… • What is top site on the Internet by DNS queries? • No, it is not Google, Facebook, nor Twitter • This site is queried 10–100x more often
  10. 10. • Top DNS queries over five minutes of DNS queries in US • Multiple US regions and providers • Millions of Netgear devices stuck in DNS query loops
  11. 11. An IoT World Where Firmware Never Gets Updated
  12. 12. How is Joe’s Diet Working? • We study many different types of networking and IoT devices in the office • My co-founder, Joe, thinks daily peanut butter sandwiches should be part of any healthy diet • Conveniently, IoT devices let everyone in the office track Joe’s diet
  13. 13. IoT Security Joe’s Data • In 2014, many IoT devices lack basic security • Personal health information sent clear-text • Administrative access to any device on local network • Many millions of devices with default or no password
  14. 14. Belkin WeMo
  15. 15. Where Does IoT Live?
  16. 16. Amazon 2013 2014 3/4 of daily users Three quarters of all Internet users will access an Amazon AWS cloud site on average at least once day. 2% of Internet Traffic Nearly two percent of Internet consumer Traffic on average is coming or going to Amazon managed infrastructure 5th largest CDN Amazon’s CloudFront and S3 traffic volumes now place it as the fifth largest CDN behind Akamai, Level3, Limelight and Edgecast.
  17. 17.