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GigaOM's Structure:Data 2013 Conference Schedule

  1. 1. DAY 1, Wednesday, March 20, 2013CONFERENCE SCHEDULE 8:30 - Opening Remarks Moderated by: Chris Albrecht, Creative Director, GigaOM Speakers: Om Malik, Founder and Senior Writer, GigaOM Derrick Harris, Senior Writer, GigaOM Jo Maitland, Director, GigaOM Research
  2. 2. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 8:40 AM - The golden needle in the haystack: why your next product is already out there In this fireside chat we talk with two businesses that are making the most of big data to create disruptive products that improve peoples lives and improve the access to operating capital for Americas small businesses. Moderated by: Stacey Higginbotham, Senior Writer, GigaOM Speakers: Robert Frohwein, CEO, Kabbage Douglas Merrill, Founder and CEO, ZestFinance
  3. 3. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 9:00 AM - Fail Whale to investing: emerging application patterns After successful runs with both Microsoft and Palm and after being an entrepreneur, Michael Abbott joined Twitter with the task of killing the infamous Fail Whale. He managed to do just that, while simultaneously scaling from 55 million tweets per day to 230 million tweets at his departure. Abbott is an engineering leader who now has taken a seat at the other side of the table and is investing with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Find out application and infrastructure trends that Abbott is seeing as an investor, given his unique and high-profile background. Moderated by: Om Malik, Founder and Senior Writer, GigaOM Speakers: Michael Abbott, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
  4. 4. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 9:20 AM - Hyperconnected big data: How SDN will shape sharing ecosystems SDN and big data are two big themes in technology. In this talk we discuss what a mature approach to using SDN will look like in the context of enabling an ecosystem of participants to work with data that would normally be too prohibitive to move around. Speaker: Jennifer Lin, Product Management Lead, Juniper Networks
  5. 5. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 9:30 AM - Augmenting algorithms with human input Eric Berlow is a leading researcher in the field of complex systems in ecology. In this talk he covers how he is innovating new ways to combine human intelligence with computer algorithms to attack complex problems in a shorter time frame. Speakers: Eric Berlow, Founder, Vibrant Data Labs
  6. 6. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 9:50 AM - What does collaboration among humans and machines really look like? Recent trends indicate that the most effective way forward for the next few years will be for machines to augment human thinking and cognition. We talk to two leading machine-learning experts and explore what the impacts will be for the workplace and those implementing systems to aid human decision making. Moderated by: Derrick Harris, Senior Writer, GigaOM Speakers: Scott Brave, Founder and CTO, Baynote Timothy Estes, Founder and CEO, Digital Reasoning Jan Puzicha, Co-Founder and CTO, Recommind
  7. 7. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 10:10 AM - Where is the big data industry going? In this talk, industry thought leader Sean Gourley discusses the future of big data, the major trends that will shape it and the products supplied to you and your company. Speakers: Sean Gourley, CTO, Quid
  8. 8. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 10:30 AM - BREAK - Sponsored by Quboie (Optional sponsored workshops)
  9. 9. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) OPTIONAL SPONSORED WORKSHOPS 10:45 AM - Microsoft Sponsor Workshop - Oceanic Suite Tools to turn emergencies into knowledge: turning 911 into 411 It is expected to be the worst flu outbreak in years, but this type of epidemic can be recognized and tracked earlier with the right tools. Ascribe, a leading supplier of clinically focused IT solutions and Microsoft partner, is using Microsoft‘s big data solutions to turn emergencies into actionable data. Speaker: Stephen Critchlow, CEO, Ascribe
  10. 10. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) OPTIONAL SPONSORED WORKSHOPS 10:45 AM - SnapLogic Sponsor Workshop - Aquitania West Suite Top 10 challenges of making big data real – and tips to overcome them Everyone‘s trying to build actionable big data solutions, but most get mired in the complexity of big data technologies. Learn practical do‘s and don‘ts from cloud integration leader SnapLogic so you can reach the holy grail of big insights by stitching together the right data from cloud and on-prem apps.
  11. 11. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) OPTIONAL SPONSORED WORKSHOPS 10:45 AM - Platfora Sponsor Workshop - Aquitania East Suite Exploring the Hadoop data reservoir, lessons from practitioners The world is going through a data awakening and enterprises are looking for ways to get the most out of their data. Hadoop has emerged as an inexpensive, efficient, and scalable central repository, or ―data reservoir." Learn how organizations enact this vision to access and explore all data, without limitation. Moderated by: Mike Dauber, Principal, Battery Ventures Speaker: Ben Werther, Founder and CEO, Platfora
  12. 12. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 11:30 - TBA
  13. 13. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 11:50 AM - Improving your primary product with big data insights Aetna is a model company for its pioneering work using big data, from analyzing insights to improving its patient care and lower operational costs, to creating the first foundations of innovations such as individual medicine. This is a must-attend talk to learn the technologies, practices and strategies that could be applied to your business, too. Moderated by: Ki Mae Heussner, Staff Writer, GigaOM Speakers: Michael Palmer, Head of Innovation, Aetna
  14. 14. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 12:10 PM - Pivotal moments in technology Paul Maritz is one of the smartest executives and truly a legend in the technology industry. We are thrilled to welcome him in this exclusive fireside chat about the most important initiatives he sees taking place in the software-infrastructure industry and how hes helping to make customers with growing big data demands happy. Moderated by: Om Malik, Founder and Senior Writer, GigaOM Speakers: Paul Maritz, Chief Strategist, EMC
  15. 15. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 12:30 PM - The CIAs "grand challenges" with big data Sensors, agents and an Internet of Things are all producing data, all of the time. It would be a vast understatement to say that the CIA has experience in acquiring, handling and analyzing big quantities of data. In this talk, the CTO of the CIA will talk about the scale of the problems his team deals with now, the coming inflection point in the increase in data, the grand challenges we face and why an emphasis on analytics is critical for the future. This is a talk not to be missed. Speakers: Ira ―Gus‖ Hunt, CTO, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  16. 16. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 2:55 PM – LUNCH - Lunch sponsored by: Chartio (Optional Sponsored Workshops)
  17. 17. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) OPTIONAL SPONSORED WORKSHOP 1:05 PM - IBM Sponsor Workshop - Oceanic Suite The big deal about big data: how to boost your analytics IQ IBM has worked with hundreds of clients to identify the highest impact big data analytics use cases. Learn from the author of ―Harnessing the Power of Big Data‖ about these use cases and the technologies needed to turn big data into a competitive advantage. Speakers: Paul Zikopoulos, Director, Information Management WW Technical Professionals, IBM
  18. 18. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) OPTIONAL SPONSORED WORKSHOP 1:05 PM - Oracle Sponsor Workshop - Aquitania West Suite Delivering actionable business insight through comprehensive big data analysis Without deep integrated analytics, big data is just a collection of bytes. But analyzing big data fully to extract maximum actionable business insight is complex. Learn how Oracle‘s big data analytics platform enables comprehensive analytics both on Hadoop and in database with support for both SQL and R. Speakers: Gokula Mishra, VP, Advanced Analytics and Big Data, Oracle
  19. 19. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) OPTIONAL SPONSORED WORKSHOP 1:05 PM - Mu Sigma Sponsor Workshop - Aquitania East Suite Leveraging big data to drive customer acquisition and loyalty Analytics based on actual purchase trends trumps methods using simple demographic data. This session will focus on MasterCards anonymous and aggregated consumer purchase data and Mu Sigma‘s analytics aptitude to show how data enrichment is being incorporated into business decisions such as location expansion, benchmarking to competitors, and defining "best" customers. Speakers: Zubin Dowlaty, VP, Head of Innovation and Development, Mu Sigma Gary Kearns, Group Executive, Information Services, MasterCard Advisors
  20. 20. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 1:50 PM - GigaOM Research Mapping Session - Aquitania West Suite Cloud databases The cloud database-as-a-service market has exploded with new entrants as well as offerings from the industry giants. This session will explore different options and use cases, how the market is segmenting, and who will be around five years from now. Who are the key players today, and who are the biggest targets for acquisition? Speakers: Andrew Brust, Analyst, GigaOM Research David Linthicum, Analyst, GigaOM Research
  21. 21. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 1:50 PM - Innovating algorithms through human competition Cracking the clever algorithm is an unbeatable business advantage, the new secret recipe of the IT age. Competitions have shown to be powerful mechanisms for enterprises to employ to create rapid innovations in a solution space at a fast rate and very low cost. In this session we talk to a leading data scientist and a leading business school academic about their innovations for groups like NASA and Fortune 500 companies. Moderated by: Mathew Ingram, Senior Writer, GigaOM Speakers: Karim Lakhani, Associate Professor, Harvard Business School Mike Lydon, CTO, TopCoder
  22. 22. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 2:10 PM - Turning your data into an executive on your team At the end of the day, big data insights are delivered by applications to people, systems and groups to be of any use. One of the most important strategies is to treat data as one of the core decision makers in the organization. In this talk, we bring together a leader of big data at IBM and the head of enterprise data architecture at NYSE Euronext to explain their successes in big data analytics, giving them the ability to ensure the integrity and fairness of its exchange. Moderated by: Barb Darrow, Senior Writer, GigaOM Speakers: Phil Francisco, VP, Big Data Product Management, IBM Emile Werr, Head of Enterprise Data Architecture, NYSE Euronext
  23. 23. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 2:30 PM - Big data bottlenecks: what we need to be aware of We discuss technology limits, processes and the decision legacies of the past. We sit down with the two leading scientists who coined the phrase "data science" and pioneered the field at Facebook and LinkedIn to get a survey of the issues they see impeding the progress of data science in the near term. Dont miss it! Moderated by: Derrick Harris, Senior Writer, GigaOM Speakers: Jeff Hammerbacher, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Cloudera DJ Patil, Data Scientist In Residence, Greylock Ventures
  24. 24. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 2:50 PM - The missing manual for data science: remix. reuse. reproduce As computational models and statistical methods catch up with the sizable data sources available to today‘s data science teams, this talk will introduce the importance of capturing, sharing and remixing data-intensive pipelines. From reproducing old workflows, to prototyping new machine learning against disparate data, the ability to combine executable environments with utility computing platforms has the opportunity to greatly accelerate the pace of innovation in ‗big data‘ applications. This talk will outline some real world examples and benefits of remixing, reusing and programming for reproducibility. Speakers: Matt Wood, Principal Data Scientist, Amazon Web Services
  25. 25. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 3:10 PM - Active networks: thinking beyond just advertising for machine learning Machine learning over large data stores to serve up ads inside social networks is hardly new. But what if those systems instead focused on creating high-value human networks to coordinate action and solve problems? Hear from industry experts who are building a new generation of big data learning for purposeful, active networks. Moderated by: Jo Maitland, Director, GigaOM Research Speakers: Jeffrey Davitz, CEO, Solariat David Gutelius, Chief Social Scientist, Jive Software
  26. 26. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 3:30 PM – BREAK Optional Sponsored Workshops
  27. 27. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) OPTIONAL SPONSORED WORKSHOPS 3:45 PM - Basho Technologies Sponsor Workshop - Oceanic Suite Volume, velocity and variety of data in the wild Every organization has unique requirements, and selecting the right technologies is critical to turning the "volume, velocity and variety" of data into revenue. Hear stories, knowledge, and insight from an expert panel on what storage and analytics systems they are running in production, and how their decisions impact company success. Moderated by: Tom Santero, Technical Evangelist, Basho Technologies
  28. 28. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) OPTIONAL SPONSORED WORKSHOPS 3:45 PM - Recommind Sponsor Workshop - Aquitania West Suite Rise of the machines: Recommind‘s technology understands unstructured data using machine learning Recommind‘s technology was built from the ground up and provides organizations with a strategic advantage by intuitively and proactively extracting highly valuable knowledge and insights from vast amounts of disjointed, heterogeneous data using machine learning. Listen to how industry leaders take on large volume, compliance and information governance challenges using Recommind‘s CORE platform to both manage and analyze all data types. Speakers: Craig Carpenter, VP Marketing and Business Development, Recommind Dianne Kelley, Director, Records Management, Viacom Truman Prewitt, Sr. Product Manager, Recommind Bob Tenant, CEO, Recommind Martin Tuip, Product Marketing Manager, Recommind
  29. 29. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) OPTIONAL SPONSORED WORKSHOPS 3:45 PM - Splunk Sponsor Workshop - Aquitania East Suite How ADP turns big data into real-time operational insights Machine data contains a critical record of activity, from customer transactions to device usage. In this talk, Automatic Data Processing (ADP), one of the world‘s leading human resources and payroll outsourcing solutions, describes how it uses big data to drive superior customer experience and a 360 degree view of mobile services. Speakers: Rahul Deshmukh, Director Product Marketing, Splunk Jigesh Saheba, Enterprise Architect, ADP
  30. 30. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 4:30 PM - Addressing the tension between personalization and privacy Every day you give your data willingly. There is no oversight, no ethics and little regard for guidelines. So what gives? Money or ethics? And what will be the impact on all the business models out there? Moderated by: Phil Hendrix, Director, immr and Analyst, GigaOM Research Speakers: Ken Chahine, SVP and GM, DNA, Naveen Jain, Founder and CEO, inome David Shim, Founder and CEO, Placed
  31. 31. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 5:00 PM - Creating data sharing ecosystems The technology industry continues to innovate ways to store and secure your masses of data. But what about sharing with your customers and suppliers? What are the principles and practices that you can employ to create successful data- sharing ecosystems that make the data more useful and improve the business context all around? Well examine the current problems and where the future areas of opportunity lie. Moderated by: Barb Darrow, Senior Writer, GigaOM Speakers: William Gerhardt, Director, Service Provider Practice Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco Systems Robert Jenkins, Co-Founder and CTO, CloudSigma
  32. 32. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 5:20 PM - Big ideas The GigaOM editorial team has handpicked speakers who embody great ideas that are shaping our industry. Speakers: Rami Branitzky, CEO, Numenta Doug Daniels, CTO, Mortar Data Stephen Messer, Vice Chairman, Collective[i] Arijit Sengupta, CEO, BeyondCore Sharmila Shahani-Mulligan, Founder and CEO, ClearStory Data Gurjeet Singh, Co-Founder and CEO, Ayasdi
  35. 35. DAY 2, Thursday, March 21, 2013CONFERENCE SCHEDULE 8:50 AM - OPENING REMARKS Speakers: Chris Albrecht, Creative Director, GigaOM
  36. 36. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 8:55 AM - Machine learning and language — just a hop away from the enterprise evolutionary leap A part of a modern enterprises core data value is codified in stored electronic documents. Wouldnt it be great if your machines could read, understand and answer natural language queries on them? Conversational user interfaces and natural language processing are now possible. By applying a mix of machine learning and the manual task of defining what some of the information means, business users will be able to ask questions, not just search for documents. Moderated by: George Gilbert, Principal, TechAlpha Partners and Analyst, GigaOM Research Speakers: Currie Boyle, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Vlad Sejnoha, CTO, Nuance Communications
  37. 37. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 9:15 AM - The future impacts of big data insights on your organization If IT and set-based reporting launched the world of business into the stratosphere in the 80s and 90s, then what will the complex new real-time insights on masses of data do for the modern business landscape? We believe that each IT revolution has had an enormous impact on the way that companies operate. This era of massive data and insights will be no different. Moderated by: David Card, VP Research, GigaOM Research Speakers: Mohan Namboodiri, VP, Customer Analytics, Williams-Sonoma John Sotham, VP, Finance, BuildDirect
  38. 38. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 9:35 AM - Seeing everything to get ready for anything: capacity planning at scale Do you have a problem planning for future infrastructure needs? Deciding on what to buy and what capacity to provision for? Then you should attend this session, where we examine the stories of four people with some of the most extreme use cases on the planet. Come listen and learn from those with responsibility for the biggest purse strings. Moderated by: Dave Ohara, Founder, GreenM3 and Analyst, GigaOM Research Speakers: Tamara Budec, VP Critical Systems and Engineering, Goldman Sachs & Co Heather Marquez, Manager, Asset Strategy and Optimization, Facebook Amaya Souarez, Director, Datacenter Services, Microsoft
  39. 39. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 10:15 AM - Solving big data app developers biggest pains Todd Papaioannou was the big data guru at Yahoo before most of us knew the term. He was responsible for Hadoop architecture while there. His experiences supporting thousands of developers building apps on Hadoop showed him the clear problems that are faced by developers in the enterprise and how that led him to launch Continuuity. Speakers: Todd Papaioannou, Founder and CEO, Continuuity
  40. 40. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 10:25 AM - Motion, context and integrating intelligence The world is getting more complicated and more integrated. Understanding and measuring movement — of people, of ideas, of technology, of ideology, of money, of weapons — is more important than ever. New ways to collect, analyze and exploit data are key to safeguarding national security. Speakers: Samantha Ravich, Co-Chair, National Commission for the Review of R&D in the Intelligence Community
  41. 41. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 10:45 AM – BREAK Optional Sponsored Workshops
  42. 42. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) OPTIONAL SPONSORED WORKSHOP 11:00 AM - Hadapt Sponsor Workshop - Oceanic Suite Invisible loading unifies data sources while optimizing performance Hadapt enables the productization of interactive applications on Hadoop for the enterprise. With capabilities such as ―invisible loading‖, whereby data is persisted into Hadapt with negligible disruption to the clusters ongoing user workloads, Hadapt is accelerating Hadoop into production as a mission-critical data management and analytics platform. Speakers: Mingsheng Hong, Chief Data Scientist, Hadapt
  43. 43. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) OPTIONAL SPONSORED WORKSHOP 11:00 AM - Alteryx Sponsor Workshop - Aquitania West Suite How big data blending drives better business analytics Big data presents enormous opportunity but also three challenges: 1) Empowering business analysts and decision makers to get value from it; 2) Analyzing it in the context of all relevant data (including social media and market data); and 3) Performing real-time Hadoop queries. Learn how to address all three in this session. Speakers: George Mathew, President and COO, Alteryx
  44. 44. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) OPTIONAL SPONSORED WORKSHOP 11:00 AM - Juniper Networks Sponsor Workshop - Aquitania East Suite Cloud service automation for scale-out architectures Cloud computing and web applications have fundamentally re-defined networked platforms. Dynamic software systems are required to orchestrate and automate real-time converged systems which must collect, analyze and capitalize on new sources of user and machine data. Speakers: Jennifer Lin, Product Management Lead, Juniper Networks
  45. 45. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 11:45 AM - GigaOM Research Mapping Session - Aquitania West Suite Data marketplaces From U.S. census return information to the location of every Starbucks in Canada, the demand for data to support decision making is increasing. Fittingly, a category of companies known as data markets is emerging in this space to provide access to this data. This session will explore who the leading players are, the differences among the various services they offer, the business-model challenges of this category, and where this trend is headed. Speakers: Jo Maitland, Director, GigaOM Research Paul Miller, Founder, Cloud of Data and Analyst, GigaOM Research
  46. 46. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 11:45 AM - Why you should never ask, "How is this better than Hadoop?‖ The CTO at Basho will explain why you really dont need a big data strategy. The talk will discuss typical decision-making approaches for technology acquisition and what both users and builders of software and systems can do to improve these approaches so the right technologies and solutions are delivered to solve the right problems. Speakers: Justin Sheehy, CTO, Basho
  47. 47. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 12:00 PM - The Hadoop of plenty: What new tech innovations is Hadoop enabling? Hadoop is a catalyst, beyond just providing scalable map reduce and a distributed file system. In this session we consider how it is innovating new types of databases, processing engines and a new generation of apps built on top of it. We look at the present innovations and predict what should be coming next. Moderated by: Derrick Harris, Senior Writer, GigaOM Speakers: Jonathan Gray, Founder and CTO, Continuuity Bradford Stephens, CEO, Drawn to Scale Muddu Sudhakar, VP and GM, Cetas Cloud and Big Data Analytics Platform, Pivotal Omer Trajman, VP Field Operations, WibiData
  48. 48. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 12:30 PM - The DB and the index: why our need for search is shaping our technology Common thinking says that if you have your data in a database then the need to create a separate index is nullified. Technology thought leader Grant Ingersoll explores why the need for Google-style search is affecting our usage cases and shares his thoughts on the right technologies to explore. Speakers: Grant Ingersoll, Chief Scientist, LucidWorks
  49. 49. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 12:45 PM - The future of BI and Hadoop The Hadoop explosion is reshaping many things, including at its core the nature of BI. We look at the innovations in apps, engines and use cases that will shape the evolution of the industry and its new products. Moderated by: Ravi Murthy, Engineering Manager, Facebook Speakers: Justin Borgman, CEO, Hadapt Tomer Shiran, Director, Product Management, MapR Technologies Ashish Thusoo, Co-Founder and CEO, Qubole Ben Werther, Founder and CEO, Platfora
  50. 50. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 1:15 PM – LUNCH Optional Sponsored Workshops
  51. 51. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) OPTIONAL SPONSORED WORKSHOP 1:30 PM - HP Vertica Sponsor Workshop - Oceanic Suite New economics of enterprise data warehousing Enterprises have invested heavily in legacy data warehouses and are today struggling to adapt them to the Big Data era. This session will explore the many choices and trade-offs, from open source solutions to cloud services to next- generation on premise systems and of course Hadoop, supported with customer examples. Speakers: Jeff Healey, Director of Product Marketing, HP Vertica Chris Selland, VP Marketing, HP Vertica
  52. 52. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) OPTIONAL SPONSORED WORKSHOP 1:30 PM - MapR Technologies Sponsor Workshop - Aquitania West Suite Raise the bar with Hadoop Leading companies have improved profitability, increased revenue and increased their competitive position by better leveraging untapped data sources. This presentation details case studies and reference architectures that demonstrate how companies have generated big data insights with less infrastructure costs including the integration of Hadoop and NoSQL (HBase) on one platform. Speakers: Jack Norris, VP of Marketing, MapR Technologies
  53. 53. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) OPTIONAL SPONSORED WORKSHOP 1:30 PM - Panzura & Google Sponsor Workshop - Aquitania East Suite Object storage for the enterprise: breaking the NAS vicious cycle Providing fast, sufficient storage for global users has meant an endless cycle of local NAS expansion and refreshes…until now. This session describes how Panzura + Google provide infinitely scalable, centralized cloud object storage that provides local NAS performance while tying all users together with a single global file system. Speakers: Paul Meller, Regional Manager, Cloud Platform, Google Ranajit Nevatia, VP of Marketing, Panzura
  54. 54. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 2:15 PM - Think different, think signal processing: approaches to real-time network data Guavus is undergoing explosive growth with its novel way of network and infrastructure monitoring. Founder Anukool Lakhina talks about his Ph.D. research that led to the formation of Guavus and why we should be thinking as differently as possible to explore the best solutions in the big data space. Speakers: Anukool Lakhina, Founder and CEO, Guavus
  55. 55. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 2:15 PM - Think different, think signal processing: approaches to real-time network data Guavus is undergoing explosive growth with its novel way of network and infrastructure monitoring. Founder Anukool Lakhina talks about his Ph.D. research that led to the formation of Guavus and why we should be thinking as differently as possible to explore the best solutions in the big data space. Speakers: Anukool Lakhina, Founder and CEO, Guavus
  56. 56. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 2:30 PM - The guru panel: Whats in your stack? In one of our most valuable panels we sit down with some of the leading practitioners and thought leaders in the data-science space to talk about the problems they face with big data and their predictions for the future. In this edition we focus on the different approaches to the hardware and software stack that some of these giants take for their problems at hand. Moderated by: Michael Driscoll, CEO, Metamarkets Speakers: Bhaskar Ghosh, BhasSenior Director of Engineering, Data Infrastructure, LinkedIn Todd Papaioannou, Founder and CEO, Continuuity Silvius Rus, Director, Big Data Platforms, Quantcast Ashok Srivastava, Venture Advisor for Trident Capital and Principal Scientist for Data Sciences, NASA Ames Research Center
  57. 57. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 3:05 PM - Complementing Hadoop with real-time data analysis We are moving toward an era where batch processing of large amounts of data is no longer sufficient for providing data services. Real-time analytics is a challenging problem to solve, especially when done at scale. At Eventbrite, discovery products like event recommendations and search require immediate data capture. Customers want real-time reports of their events, and internally, the team has real-time data needs for tracking company metrics. In this talk, Vipul Sharma, the director of data engineering at Eventbrite, will go through different techniques he is using to complement Hadoop for more-real-time data processing, and he will discuss various key innovations in the data industry in this area. Speakers: Vipul Sharma, Director of Data Engineering, Eventbrite
  58. 58. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) OPTIONAL SPONSORED WORKSHOP 3:35 PM - Teradata Sponsor Workshop - Oceanic Suite Data discovery: finding expected and completely unexpected business value in data Do you know what questions to ask of your data? How to discover what your customers care about or how to identify fraud or prevent customer churn? By using a hybrid of SQL, MapReduce, R and other analytic techniques in an integrated data discovery platform, leading companies are getting answers. Speakers: Steve Wooledge, Senior Director, Marketing, Teradata
  59. 59. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) OPTIONAL SPONSORED WORKSHOP 3:35 PM - SoftLayer Technologies Sponsor Workshop - Aquitania West Suite High performance, scalable big data solutions in a bare metal cloud The cloud provides an easy onramp to building and deploying big data solutions. Transitioning from initial deployment to large-scale, highly performant operations may not be as easy. Understanding the benefits, weaknesses, and performance characteristics of public and bare metal cloud deployments can help you make the right decisions. Speakers: Harold Hannon, Sr. Software Architect, SoftLayer Technologies
  60. 60. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 4:20 PM - Analytics at NASDAQ scale In this talk Ann Neidenbach, the SVP of Analytics at NASDAQ OMX, explains her choices when it comes to infrastructure and her strategies for delivering customers the insights they seek. Learn how business requirements are shaping her choices now and what that means for business leaders of the future. Moderated by: Barb Darrow, Senior Writer, GigaOM Speakers: Ron Bodkin, Founder and CEO, Think Big Analytics Ann Neidenbach, SVP of Global Technology Products and Services, The NASDAQ OMX Group
  61. 61. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (cont‘d) 4:40 PM - Four for the future: upcoming database technologies that are not Hadoop Hadoop is not the only option, at least in the future. In this session we bring four of the most likely contenders that we think you should be looking at. In this panel run by GigaOM Research expert David Linthicum, we take apart why they came about, what domains they service and why they are a better choice than just plain old Hadoop. Moderated by: David Linthicum, Analyst, GigaOM Research Speakers: Damian Black, CEO, SQLstream Andrew Cronk, CEO, TempoDB Emil Eifrem, Founder and CEO, Neo Technology / Neo4j Ryan Garrett, VP of Product, MemSQL