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OpenStack Juno The Complete Lowdown and Tales from the Summit


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This presentation covers the main points from the summit and the OpenStack Juno release
It also covers how users use OpenStack based on the recent survey

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OpenStack Juno The Complete Lowdown and Tales from the Summit

  1. 1. Tales from the Summit Nati Shalom @natishalom Alex Freedland @alex_freedland
  2. 2. General Sentiment.. at the last few US events, people were coming to summits to figure out what OpenStack was. But it seems like everyone here that I talk to is using OpenStack. Some are here to get it more production ready, but they’re using it. They’re committed to it.” Dave Wright, CEO of storage vendor SolidFire
  3. 3. Ability to Innovate The Primary Reason for Choosing OpenStack
  4. 4. OpenStack Juno Key Themes Enterprise Maturity Laying the Foundation for NFV Support • Most widely-supported cloud platform, expanded testing for plugins • Storage policies for object storage • Federated identity enhancements • Operational improvements • OpenStack infrastructure natural home for implementing NFV • NFV workgroup established, new features landing in Nova New Data Processing Capability • New Data Processing capability part of integrated release • Quickly provision and manage Hadoop and Spark
  5. 5. Enterprise Maturity Customer Use Case at the Summit
  6. 6. BMW @ OpenStack Paris '
  7. 7. OpenStack Gets Real
  8. 8. Layering the Foundation for NFV Support
  9. 9. NFV in Juno Release
  10. 10. TOSCA - Standard Template for NFV  Top four cloud open standard (Forrester)  5000+ participants  65+ countries  ETSI NFV liaison, EU FP7,  TOSCA Parser Integrated into the Heat Project
  11. 11. My Talk from the Summit Application and Network Orchestration Using HEAT & TOSCA @natishalom @samuelbercovici
  12. 12. New Data Processing Capabilities
  13. 13. Juno Update Source:
  14. 14. Top Four Users Sessions • Docker Meets Swift: A Broadcaster’s Experience • Bringing Research to the Cloud: the NeCTAR Research Cloud • BBVA Bank on OpenStack • Seamless Migration from Nova-network to Neturon in eBay Production
  15. 15. Key Growth Stats Contributor Growth 1,419 contributors affiliated with 133 organizations contributed to Juno; a 16% increase from the Icehouse release Total Number of Features 342 new features in the Juno integrated release and common libraries Bugs Fixed 3,219 bugs fixed during the Juno release cycle, a 10% increase from Icehouse Top Companies Committing Code HP, Red Hat, Mirantis, Rackspace, IBM, Cisco, NEC, VMware, OpenStack Foundation, Independents; top users contributing include Yahoo!, Time Warner Cable and eBay Documentation Nearly 500,000 lines of documentation modified; new Architecture Design Guide produced during Juno cycle Drivers & Plugins 97 drivers and plugins supported across the compute, storage and networking capabilities
  16. 16. How OpenStack Users are Using OpenStack?
  17. 17. Private vs Public Cloud Users are getting more comfortable running OpenStack outside their private clouds
  18. 18. 30% use non Hypervisor VM’s! • There are Two ways to run Docker: – Nova Compute – Heat Resource • Other Option: – Running Docker on Bare Metal • Unique to Openstack – The reason why controlling the infrastructure is key to innovation..
  19. 19. New Kids in the Block Puppet Continues to Lead but Ansible passed Chef adoption for OpenStack production environments
  20. 20. 60% of OpenStack users use Docker & Heat for Application Configuration • Puppet Is still popular • Docker & Heat lead over Chef and Ansible
  21. 21. Interoperability with other clouds is Key for OpenStack Users The use of multiple clouds is reality, with more than 80% of respondents noting the use of another public cloud. Nearly one fifth are making use of multiple other clouds.
  22. 22. References • OpenStack Juno Presentation • OpenStack Community Perspective • OpenStack User Survey Insights: November 2014 • Infoworld Summary of the Summit • Application and Network Orchestration Using HEAT & TOSCA • NFV on OpenStack (Juno and Kilo Release) • Data Analytics on OpenStack by Mirantis • Top 4 User Sessions in Paris
  23. 23. Learn More Documentation Architecture Community Forum Blog