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Introduction to Cloudify for OpenStack users


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Introduction for Cloudify as a deployment and management framework for OpenStack covering also Tosca, Integration with Heat, Docker, Chef

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Introduction to Cloudify for OpenStack users

  1. 1. Introduction to Cloudify 3.0 Adding New Intelligence to Cloud Copyright © GigaSpaces 2014. All rights reserved. Orchestration
  2. 2. GigaSpaces OpenStack Activities Cloudify bridges between OpenStack and other clouds Leading the OpenStack community in Israel Leading OpenSource project to simplify the deployment and management of applications on OpenStack Contributing the TOSCA specification within the OpenStack Heat project
  3. 3. Mapping the Cloud Space Higher-level Services Do it Yourself AWS Elastic Beanstalk AWS OpsWorks AWS CloudFormation Amazon EC2 + CloudWatch OpenShift/ CloudFoundry **Solum** Nova, Cinder, Neutron, etc. Convenience Control Cloudify is the OpsWorks equivalent for any environment.
  4. 4. Motivation Behind 3.0 • OpenStack Native • Support for VMware and other clouds • Standard / TOSCA • Suited for NFV • Single Manager Scalability • Network Orchestration • Bring together BI, Monitoring and Orchestration
  5. 5. “Intelligent Orchestration” Send Metrics Real Time Analytics Cloud Infrastructure Execute Policy Feedback Real Time Analytics Correlate with Historical Events Deploy Fail-over Scale Intelligent Orchestration 11111111111 000000000 11111111111 000000000 11111111111 000000000 Historical Data
  6. 6. Network & Application Orchestration Apache Server DB Server NodeJS NodeCeller • App Network • App Subnet • App Port • Security Group • Apache Floating IP • Router Gateway • Data Network • Data Subnet • Data Port • Security Group Router Monitoring, Logging CI MongoDB
  7. 7. Topology Driven Monitoring
  8. 8. What Do We See Here? Host Middleware App module connection
  9. 9. Custom Metrics
  10. 10. TOSCA – The Glue for Putting all This Together Application Topologies Workflows Policies
  11. 11. TOSCA (Like) Blueprint Host Middleware module: DB Use Bash for configuration and life cycle management
  12. 12. TOSCA (Like) Blueprint Middleware module: node JS Server App module: node JS connection
  13. 13. PlugIns
  14. 14. Plugin Architecture 14 Cloudify Manager Cloudify Agent Chef,Docker ,.. Endpoint NodeJS Container MongoD Container Blueprint Agent PlugIn
  15. 15. Chef Integration Where to find the plugin type definition Using the Chef types for app_module Passing the specific properties for the Chef type
  16. 16. Docker Integration Using the Docker type for db_server Passing the Docker file inline
  17. 17. Cloudify + Heat
  18. 18. Bootstrapping Cloudify Through Heat
  19. 19. Deploy a Heat stack Template Heat VM VM VM
  20. 20. Discovery of Heat stack Cloudify Discoverer Cloudify Blueprint VM VM VM
  21. 21. Augmenting The Blueprint Cloudify Discoverer Infra Blueprint App Blueprint complete Blueprint
  22. 22. Basic Cloudify Demo Video Streaming
  23. 23. Basic Cloudify Demo - Topology
  24. 24. Learn More Documentation Architecture Community Forum Blog