GigaVUE-2404 High Density 10G Data Access Switch


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The GigaVUE-2404 is a high density Data Access Switch for 10GbE centric data center networks. Housed in a low profile 2U chassis, the GigaVUE-2404 aggregates, replicates and filters traffic flows across multiple passive monitoring tools. It is a powerful 10GbE tool aggregator capable of full line rate performance and transfer latency of only 6 μsec.
The GigVUE-2404’s modular design allows network managers to deploy the exact number of ports necessary to fit their requirements. The base chassis houses eight 10 GbE ports and four 1GbE and scales to a maximum of twenty-four 10GbE ports.
Multiple GigaVUE 2404 data access switches can be stacked together or with existing GigaVUE-MP or GigaVUE-420 chassis into a much bigger virtual GigaVUE fabric of over 200 ports, running in either a master-slave or star configuration. GigaVUE 2404 switches are designed for compatibility with traffic coming from either of Gigamon’s other pior generation data access switches the GigaVUE 420 or the GigaVUE-MP.

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  • GigaVUE-2404 High Density 10G Data Access Switch

    1. 1. GigaVUE-2404 The 3rd Generation 1st: GigaVUE-MP 2nd: GigaVUE-420 Data Access Switch 3rd: GigaVUE-2404
    2. 2. GigaVUE-2404 High Density Data Access Switch for 10Gbps monitoring • Gigamon leapfrogs itself to maintain leadership • 3rd Generation of industry standard GigaVUE architecture • Economical DAN solution for securing & monitoring 10 GigE • Protection for existing invested customers • Compatible and Stackable with GigaVUE-MP and GigaVUE-420 • Monitor 10 GigE with existing 1 Gbps tools or 10 Gbps tools • Low Profile 2U modular and stackable chassis • Star clustering or daisy-chain stacking connects over 200 ports • Master-Slave stacking architecture. Manage only the master unit. 2
    3. 3. GigaVUE-2404 High Density Data Access Switch for 10Gbps monitoring • Highest Performance in the industry • Replicates, Aggregates and Filters all 10Gbps ports at line-rate • Multispeed and mixed media support • Up to 4 x 1Gbps SFP ports per chassis • Up to 24 x 10Gbps SFP+ ports per chassis • Available 10Gbps Tap modules • Four or eight optional built-in 10Gbps fault tolerant taps • Saves cost, complexity, and rack space 3
    4. 4. GigaVUE is a “Data Socket” Part of the Reliable Network Infrastructure • Plug-in multiple out-of-band tools – any tool to any data • Unobtrusive tool connections – never touch the network • Aggregate, Multicast, Filter and load balance data streams 4
    5. 5. GigaVUE-2404 Hardware Tour • 1 to 24 ports of 10 Gbps Ethernet • 1 to 4 ports of 1 Gbps Ethernet • 4 to 8 optional integrated 10 Gbps taps • 2U modular three blade chassis • Stackable to operate with GigaVUE-420 or -MP Optional 10GigaPORT- 8 blade module provides another eight SFP+ ports for 10Gbps optical LC ports (using pluggable SFP+ transceivers) Optional tap blade 10GigaTAP-4SX,4LX or 4EX fault tolerant four taps/blade Base Unit (middle blade) includes Remote Ethernet and local four 1Gbps SFP ports and eight serial Management Ports 10Gbps SFP+ ports (all ports can with TACAC+ or Radius and be either network ports or tool optional web GUI ports) 5
    6. 6. GigaVUE-2404 Hardware Tour • Dual redundant AC or DC Power Supplies • Dual redundant fans • Future advanced feature blades Redundant power supplies Redundant power cords Four future-advanced feature blade slots Dual redundant side exhaust fans 6
    7. 7. New SFP+ Transceivers • Miniature 10G or 1G pluggable Transceivers • Up to 8 used on the base system module • Up to 8 used on the GigaPORT-8X blade • With two GigaPORT-8X blades, the system total is 24 SFP+ • Optional SFP+ transceivers • SFP-532 SR, Multimode 850nm 10 Gig LC Connector • SFP-533 LR, SingleMode 1310nm 10 Gig LC Connector • SFP-534 ER, SingleMode 1550nm 10 Gig LC Connector • SFP-535 LRM, Multimode 1310nm 10 Gig LC Connector 7
    8. 8. 10GigaTAP for GigaVUE-420 • TAP-212 SR multimode Optical 50/50 • TAP-213 LR singlemode Optical 50/50 • TAP-214 ER singlemode Optical 50/50 • Available Oct 08 10GigaTAP Occupies two rear panel 10G ports Tap One or Two links per 420
    9. 9. Load Sharing by VLAN from Multiple Sources VLAN A Network Ports Tool Ports Span Input A Mapping Filter VLAN B VLAN C Mapping Filter Span Input B All traffic GigaVUE TM • Aggregate multiple data sources with Mapping 9
    10. 10. Use 2404 as Hub to cluster GigaVUEs GigaVUE-MP GigaVUE-420 GigaVUE-MP All Cross-box connections only two GigaVUE-2404 hops or less Cluster hub 10G or 1G Tools GigaVUE-MP GigaVUE-420 GigaVUE-MP
    11. 11. About Gigamon Healthy, Growing Silicon Valley Company • Over 1600 units shipped globally to over 400 major Telecom, Financial, Retail, Medical, Entertainment, Networking, Utility, Manufacturing, and Government Corporations • Recently recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the Emerging Technology Company of the Year in the World Monitoring Market • Founded July ’03 by working partners, self-funded and managed • Growth funded by revenue only •No VC funding – No Debt Proprietary & Confidential • Shipping GigaVUE since May ’05, • Profitable since Q3 ’05