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Data Access Network (DAN) is a newly emerging "best practice" for passive monitoring of mission critical networks that solves real access problems, improves network performance and uptime, and saves capital, operation and maintenance costs. A DAN is a combination of out-of-band data access switching plus passive monitoring instrumentation to enable required security, compliance, forensics review, application performance, VoIP QoS, uptime and other network management tasks. Data is acquired from multiple SPAN ports or taps and multicast to multiple tools, aggregated to a few consolidated tools, and filtered or divided across many instances of the same tools. This Podcast recommends the DAN as a solution to those who suffer real problems like too many tools and not enough span ports, too many links to monitor and not enough money to deploy distributed tools, or too much traffic that threatens to overflow even the highest capacity tool.

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Gigamon Systems Case Studies

  1. 1. GigaVUE Data Access Switch Gigamon’s Data Access Switch has become Best Practice in “Out-of-Band” Monitoring.
  2. 2. Customer - Interop is the biannual mega-show to showcase promising networking technology. For more than fifteen years, it is the event-of-choice for network engineers and CIOs who travel from around the world to witness what works and what doesn't . InteropNet (eNet) is the production network that supports hundreds of vendor booths and classrooms and is touted as the world's largest temporary enterprise network.
  3. 3. Pain Points - Engineers supporting eNet have to support multiple “out-of-band” monitoring tools to maintain security and performance . Everything has to be done simultaneously, remotely and immediately. Also, they demand comprehensive coverage so that every physical links within the redundant networks must be instrumented. In summary, they have “Too Many Tools” , “Too Many Links” , and “Too Much Traffic” .
  4. 4. Gigamon is the Answer
  5. 5. “ The Gigamon product provides the InteropNet team with a unique opportunity to peel off key data feeds at critical points of the network without using up large pool of analysis tools. We can shape data streams by application type, like VoIP, video, web and other key attributes. This filtering capability allows us to focus on our specific areas of responsibility without being overwhelmed by the huge amount of data generated at the show. Gigamon’s ‘tool enhancer’ just makes sense in this new era of ever increasing Internet usage and security concern.” “ By utilising the Gigamon System in the early stages of the InteropNet build-out, we gave the engineering team a powerful tool to implement a filtered instrumentation system throughout the network by multiplexing the numerous data feeds into a variety of vendor tools. This filtering capability enables the tools to see only the data that is relevant to them and resolves all conflicts in gaining data access. This makes it easier for the engineering staff to diagnose issues if and when they occur. Gigamon has become an essential piece of the networking management and instrumentation puzzle.” Brian Chee, VoIP and Video InteropNet Team Lead and Director of the Advanced Network Computing Laboratory at the University of Hawaii Glenn Evans, Chief Network Engineer of the InteropNet – MediaLive International, San Francisco, CA
  6. 6. Pain Points & Solution - One global enterprise customer headquartered in Texas is a $700M publicly listed instrumentation company struggling to meet SOX compliance requirement; GigaVUE-MP allows them to stay within budget by consolidating monitoring tools while providing comprehensive coverage.
  7. 7. Gigamon is the Answer
  8. 9. Pain Points & Solution - Another early customer was a $6B biotech company with a cure for cancer which purchased five GigaVUE-MP’s to enable simultaneous deployment of multiple 24/7 monitoring tools across their fully meshed network, including terabyte forensic data recorders and application performance monitors.
  9. 10. Gigamon is the Answer
  10. 11. Pain Points & Solution - The Nation's oldest stock exchange has a tradition of being both progressive and proactive; GigaVUE-MP allows them to completely rebuild their out-of-band monitoring infrastructure in order to adapt to new market opportunities and to comply to government regulatory requirements.
  11. 12. Gigamon is the Answer
  12. 13. Pain Points & Solution - The Nation's largest long-distance/wireless carrier is deploying at least two GigaVUE-MP’s per CO as the key element of an end-to-end effort to completely instrument their IP network, thereby ensuring quality and reliability in delivering all-digital multimedia contents to the home.
  13. 14. Gigamon is the Answer
  14. 15. Pain Points & Solution - A well known manufacturer of personal computers and MP3 players has a web portal that is hyper-critical for their success; our port mapping feature with multi-rule filters allows them to scale their monitoring needs as their online business skyrockets, supporting 10G traffic with 1G tools.
  15. 16. Gigamon is the Answer
  16. 17. A ccording to J. Scott Haugdahl, WildPackets’ CTO, “10 Gigabit Ethernet can generate up to several terabytes of data every hour. GigaVUE provides an efficient ‘divide and conquer’ approach to breaking down this massive amount of traffic into far more manageable streams for use by multiple analysis tools, including intelligent distributed appliances such as the OmniPeek Analysis Platform.  O ne can filter and feed only firewall or server or VLAN traffic or with the new pattern matching capability in GigaVUE 3.5, just about anything imaginable into one or more tools for parallel stream processing.  This allows one to efficiently handle far more traffic, including storage of such data for forensics and compliance purposes as well as real time analysis.”
  17. 18. Pain Points & Solution - The World ’s largest Internet Service Provider has deployed 18 GigaVUE’s to build a multi-campus distributed out-of-band monitoring network to provide lawful intercept and comprehensive VoIP analysis and to consolidate expensive monitoring tools, saving over $2.5M per DC.
  18. 19. Gigamon is the Answer
  19. 20. Marshall Manhoff Latest update from (July 8, 2007) Present: Distinguished Engineer Network Operations at a Major Cable IP Provider Past: Infrastructure Operations Engineering Lead - Sun Grid Computing, Sun Microsystems, Inc. Senior Technical Manager - America Online "GigaVUE-MP is a matrix switch on steroids. It not only allows you to remotely control monitoring devices, it will also allow you to do filtering, data aggregation and speed changes … enabling users to put analyzers on any network and adjust them to any speed."
  20. 21. GigaVUE Saves You Money <ul><li>Aggregate many links to any tool </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Multicast any link to many tools </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Filter data to map packets to tools </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Save $$ Cap Ex and Op Ex budgets </li></ul></ul></ul></ul>Any to Any Any to Many Many to Any Bit-Mask Filtering
  21. 22. Gigamon is Giga bit Mon itoring