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Who are Dart Traction?

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Dtl web#2

  1. 1. Established during 1984, Dart Traction has longestablished itself as a leading supplier of TractionBatteries and Traction Battery Chargers.With service as the Key driving force, Dart Tractioncan supply and maintain your Forklift Batteries andForklift Battery Chargers.In addition to Forklift Batteries and Forklift BatteryChargers Dart Traction manufacture a range ofSpecialist Battery Chargers which are designed for awider ranging application from Fork Lift Trucks toAccess Platforms {Also known as MUPE’s}.
  2. 2. Dart Traction has long established itself as aleading supplier of Traction Batteries and Traction Battery Chargers
  3. 3. With service as the keydriving force Dart Traction can supply and maintainyour forklift batteries and forklift battery chargers.Mobile engineers to inspect and water your fleet Traction assets
  4. 4. We manufacture a range of bespoke traction battery chargers suitable for awide range of application from forklifttrucks, mobility assets, electric vehiclesthrough to personnel access platforms. In addition a full Charger reconditioning service is available ,for your existing equipment
  5. 5. Tubular lead acid batteries are designed, to provide the user, with reliable long lasting motive power.They are specifically designed for usein materials handling equipment, tow- tractors and electric road vehicles, such as milk floats. Our battery cellsare manufactured to the internationally recognised BS and DIN dimensions,making them suitable for all types, andmakes of materials handling equipment
  6. 6. The movement and disposal of waste or scrap batteries, is strictly governedby special waste legislation, and mustonly be carried out by licensed carriers and disposers. Industrial Battery and Charger Services are continuing towork very closely with the Environment Agency to ensure we are able to provide safe and environmentally sound methods of waste movement and disposal.
  7. 7. The Battery Chargers of the Compact 3000 series are designed to recharge medium tolarge capacity traction and starting lead-acidbatteries and are the result of the companies’44 experience in the field of battery chargers, in the application of microprocessor control systems which constantly monitor the basic parameters that assure a correct operation and therefore safeguard the battery’s life.
  8. 8. Dart Traction supplies cells from two of the world’s leading manufacturers of low maintenance batteries ,together with the Charging technology in support. This includes specialist Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems .{UPS}
  9. 9. Dart Traction supplies Operator Access Controls from the E.U.’s leadingmanufacturer, to control access, velocity & moderate equipment usage
  10. 10. Battery service on site or back at base ,including watering contracts . Batteries complete in containers to O.E. M. Specifications.Supply and fit cells only, where replacement cells are required .Including ‘service Cells’ Dry charged cells for export purposes. Gel maintenance free cells. Monobloc batteries and chargers. Low maintenance battery and chargerpackages.( Dart Traction supplies cells from two of the world’s leading manufacturers.