Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend


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Here are the top 10 Gifts for Your Boyfriend! It’s not too hard to shop for guys because we usually like the same type of stuff. I guarantee he will love receiving one of the gifts on this list! Visit:

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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

  1. 1. Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for BoyfriendHere are the top 10 Gifts for Your Boyfriend! Its not too hard to shop for guys becausewe usually like the same type of stuff, I can almost guarantee with certainty he will lovereceiving one of the gifts on this list:1. Stuhrling Original Mens 387.33112 Classic Delphi Antium AutomaticSkeleton Silver Dial Watch This watch is beautiful. Many guys dont like wearing too much jewelry, buttake great pride in their watch. This watch is on sale right now, down from over 400dollars. You can get it for 74.99 now and would make an impressive Christmas Gift.2. DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill/Driver Kit Ahh, what a great gift, the powertool set. Dewalt is a leadingmanufacturer of power tools. This kit in particular has received 109 5 star commentratings out of 150 on Reviews include raves about the product such as"Dewalt is giving this away at 99$" and "the quality of Dewalt is unsurpassed". The drill kitonly weighs 5 pounds and is pretty powerful. This would make a good gift for youboyfriend especially if you live together and have been bugging him to fix somethingaround the house.
  2. 2. 3. Terminator Anthology [Blu-ray] (1984) Guys love action movies. Guys also love technology. So how about getting him the TerminatorAnthology for Christmas? The movie features Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator. In the original movie, he is sentto kill Sarah Conner, in the second movie, he is reprogrammed and sent back to save John Conners life. The moviesrevolve around the idea that an artificial intelligence has waged war on man in the future and that our only hope is thisJohn Conner character. Unfortunately for him, the killer robots, or Terminators are being sent back in time to kill him.This movie series is great, many guys love Arnold and the action movies he stars in.4. NEW Left 4 Dead 2 X360 (Videogame Software) Zombie movies have grown in popularity in the recent years. This is an awesome video gamewhere you pair up with a team of unlikely survivors to blast your way to safety through many treacherous zones fightingagainst many frightening mutated zombies. Guys who love video games will enjoy the NEW Left 4 Dead 2 on the Xbox360.5. Willis Judd New Men’s Black Titanium Magnetic Bracelet with Blue CarbonFiber Insets Free Link Removal Tool Most guys dont like to wear jewelry, we feel that a watch is enough.However, even when I laid eyes on this titanium bracelet, I thought it looked pretty cooland being made of titanium, it can survive the wear and tear a guy is going to exposethemselves too. If you think your man would look good with a nice solid bracelet to goaround his wrist, surprise him with the Willis Judd New Mens Black Titanium MagneticBracelet!
  3. 3. 6. Call of Duty: Black Ops This game has been anticipated by many men who love the Call of Dutyseries and cool first person shooting games in general. This game has you play as a militaryoperative, you go through different campaigns in the Cold War in this game. The Call ofDuty series is very popularwith guys and girls, you can even team up and play with yourfella.7. The Dark Knight Trilogy (Batman Begins / The Dark Knight / The DarkKnight Rises) [Blu-ray] (2012) The Dark Knight series is awesome, especially the last 2. They made a lotof money and spent a lot of movie on making these films. They had awesome charactersbased on the comics, who’s catchphrases are repeated over and over on the internet. Thisblu-ray set has special features for each movie including an in-movie experience, variousdocumentaries and pieces on the history of Batman. A must for any collector, and if yourman loves comics (and few dont) then this would be a great gift for him.8. Calvin Klein Mens Non Iron Slim Fit Dress Shirt Most men dont dress too well, we arent up on the latest GQ fashion trends.However, even if your guy knows how to dress, or has no fashion sense, he will appreciatethis shirt. Also , many Christmas gifts go unused and you will feel great when you see yourguy wearing his gift that you picked out for him.
  4. 4. 9. Rocky: The Undisputed Collection (Rocky / Rocky II / Rocky III / Rocky IV /Rocky V / Rocky Balboa) [Blu-ray] (2009) The Rocky series is awesome, its all based around Rocky Balboa, theItalian Stallion. This movie is a great feel good movie and has cool boxing sequences.Many guys like the series and it would be a great gift for an older guy who remembers theearlier Rocky movies, or a sports buff who collects all things boxing.10. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Assassin’s Creed is a great brand, the game lets you play as a masterassassin, taking out enemies and running around rooftops. A great game to add to anyguys collection.