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The Best Gifts for Every Woman on Your List


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When it comes to Christmas trying to figure out what is the best thing to buy the women in your life can be extremely difficult for most men. Sometimes the hints are too subtle or don’t exist and maybe sometimes we just weren’t paying attention!

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The Best Gifts for Every Woman on Your List

  1. 1. The Best Gifts for Every Woman on Your List!When it comes to Christmas trying to figure out what is the best thing to buy the womenin your life can be extremely difficult for most men. Sometimes the hints are too subtleor don’t exist and maybe sometimes we just weren’t paying attention!Here is the perfect range of gifts for the women in your life from wives to girlfriends,Mothers to Daughters. We’ll also recommend a great item under $50 to impress thewomen in your life.Mom:She gave you life, and for most people all they want is to give her a gift that will makeher smile. But buying a gift for your mother can be one of the most difficult thingssomeone can do, some mothers only think of their families and not themselves andothers will smile and say they love whatever they are given on Christmas morning.Jewelry:Show your mom that you think a classy lady, and nothing says classy like opals,this Opal earrings and pendant set are sure to bring a smile to even the choosiestmother’s face. The metal is 925 silver and both pieces include untreated opals and willarrive beautifully gift wrapped.Relaxation: Does your mom work too hard? Of course she does, they all do! TheMassage King MK9199 Plus is a multifunction massager that will work on the thigh,knee, lower leg and and sole of your foot. The machine utilizes air pressure to ensuremaximum relaxation to overstressed legs. With the massage king MK9199 your momwill never have to suffer from sore legs or feet again.
  2. 2. Happy Memories: Does your mom love to have pictures of the familyabout the house? Then why not try this SONY DPF-D1010 digital Photo Frame. Load upa slideshow of different images of her whole family and you will have the perfectChristmas gift.Under $50:This Green Tea Zen Calming spa bath and body gift set, is a wonderful gift for any lovingmother.Girlfriend/Wife:Your significant other; get this one wrong and you will have to spend New years on thecouch!Jewelry to impress even the most discerning wife: Diamonds Nothing says I love you like a Diamond, knowing what kindof jewelery she likes is just as important though, pay attention to the pieces she wearsregularly and maybe look through her jewelery box. Depending on your wife’s particularstyle we will have a piece to suit her. This particular item the Diamond Heart shaped 3-Stone Pendant in 14K white gold is bound to put a smile on almost every ladies face.
  3. 3. Pearls: Pearls are timelessly fashionable and this 14K Yellow gold Fresh WaterCultured Pearl Station Bracelet is an absolutely stunning piece.Sweaters: No woman ever said no to a nice top and one of our favorite items this yearis the Sofie Women’s Bow print 100% cashmere sweater. The Bow design gives thissweater a darling look and cashmere is a material that feels wonderful and is warm butstill light. Your wife will love it. If you don’t like the Bow design there are plenty more tochoose from.Computers:Everyone needs a computer and a notebook just for her could be a wonderful gift. Apple - The Apple Macbook Air MD213ll A 13.3 inch laptop isperfect for any woman. With 128GB of storage and 4GB of Ram, this light little Macbookis a great gift. HP - Pavilion g6-2218nr A 15.6-inch Laptop iwth 4GB of Ram and a320GB hard rive this machine offers high performance at a great price. It also comeswith windows 8 preinstalled. Samsung- series 5 550 Chromebook (Wi-Fi) is one of the hottestitems around this Christmas.
  4. 4. Options Under $50:Flip Flops: Sanuk women’s yoga mat flip flops will have your wife feeling like she’swalking on air.Gloves: Warm winter gloves like the Isotoner Womens Smartouch Matrix NylonGloves which comes in a wide array of colors including Black, White, Camel, Charcoaland Leopard Print.Luggage: A piece of luggage like the Shany Cosmetics Carry all Train case isbound to come in handy for the modern woman on the go.Teenage Daughter:Shopping for teenagers can be a pain but with some of these gifts it might be the onlytime you get to see them smile.Music: All teenagers love music and getting them a music player is a great way toshow you care we recommend the Apple Ipod Nano 16GB. The ipod has been thestandard for music players for years and your teenage daughter will love this gadget asmuch as everyone else has.
  5. 5. Computer: Teenage girls love computers for everything from social media to doinghomework, a teenager would love her own laptop see some of our recommendationsabove or pop in to our computer section at to see what we have on offer.Camera: The Sony cyber-shot DSC-WX150 18.2 MP camera is one of the best onthe market today. If your teenager is into photography then this could be just the gift forher.SmartPhone: Computer, Music Player, and camera all in one. While no smartphonewill do it as well as a dedicated piece of technology a smartphone could tick all the boxesat once! You could blow her mind with the new iPhone 5! Or, more friendly to the budget, the pre-paid LG Optimus Elite PrepaidAndroid Phone by Virgin Mobile. At just under $100 and no contract! Pay as you go.Under $50: Burberry By Burberry for women is a lovely fashionable perfume.
  6. 6. Younger DaughtersDepending on the age of your daughter, we recommend dolls and teddy bears toScooters and coloring sets. Monster High "Dot Dead Gorgeous" Dolls are one of the most wanted dollsthis holiday season. Popular over Halloween and continuing to be wanted for Christmas. If you are looking for a huggable teddy bear then look at Disneys PixarToy Story 3 Exclusive 15 Inch Deluxe Plush Figure plus it smells like a strawberry. If you are looking for the latest scooter then this is the one for you.Every kid would love to have theY-volution Yfliker F1 Scooter to zoom around. Differentfrom the two wheeled kick scooters by allowing side to side riding style. A very popularchoice. How can you go wrong with the Crayola 120ct Original Crayons. Everykid enjoys coloring and why not have the best crayons out there.Whatever type of gift and whatever type of woman you are shopping for, itsworth your effort to delight her. Happy shopping!