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A reckless product placement


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A reckless product placement

  1. 1. SCAPEGOAT ? Who is a A Reckless Product Placement (Product placements aren't just for big companies anymore )   Case briefing by Thanandorn Panichnok
  3. 3. Supplying Media Space Demanding Visibility + Brand Connection = { }((Content Providers)) ((Businesses)) In Theory …
  4. 4. Supplying Media Space Demanding Visibility + Brand Connection<{ }((Content Providers)) ((Businesses)) In Reality …
  5. 5. Media space becomes a battlefield… Most of media spaces are owned by big companies. Small budget companies have less chance to tie-in media spaces.
  6. 6. Money is the new director… Could you favor me by adding some scenes to promote our product?- a simple question from a business side to manipulate contents as a client position.
  7. 7. Who is a scapegoat of an unethical product placement?
  8. 8. “Am I watching a movie or commercial ?”
  9. 9. ((audience’s  value))   ((content   providers’  view))   ((company’s   product  srole/   story))   {Integrity  !     "Crea,vity  THE CONTENT COLLABORATION + 1. 2. 3.
  10. 10. [ Branded Content – Your own property :Source:
  11. 11. { }THANK YOU