Gift boxes


Published on Leisure Coast Packaging Supplies has been operating since 1995 at Warilla on the NSW south Coast. Over this time, the company has built a reputation as a reliable supplier of a broad range of quality food packaging and related products.

More recently we have focused on the need to make environmentally responsible choices and carry a comprehensive range of environmentally sustainable products. Wherever possible we purchase Australian Made products whilst remaining conscious of the cost to our customers.

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Gift boxes

  1. 1. Gift Boxes
  2. 2. Gift Boxes are fantastic for gift wrapping Presents• Do you have somebody on your mind to provide presents for this Christmas time? Have you been currently thinking of surprise your partner with the excellent present? Or perhaps are you presently thinking about offering your kids an award for his or her graduation? Ill bet one would even like to present these gifts in something that’s sturdy, tough and resilient. In that case why not try placing your gift in Gift Boxes?
  3. 3. Gift Boxes are fantastic for gift wrapping Presents• Although they are not half as important as the gift themselves, Gift Boxes will increase a little bit of glamour and style into the gift. They additionally make sure that everything you place inside it is maintained safe and sound up until the day it gets opened up. Hence, irrespective of whether you agree with the fact or otherwise, Gift Boxes can be an important part of gift giving. Therefore if you’re planning to give or present a friend or relative a souvenir soon, a gift box is your ideal gift wrapping material for it. Listed below are the various some other reasons why we using boxes intended for gift wrapping is an excellent choice:
  4. 4. Gift Boxes are fantastic for gift wrapping Presents• GIFT BOXES ARE Functional gift wrapping are much easier using boxes and also if you’re not as enthusiastic on undertaking the actual gift wrapping yourself and are also awkward around wrapping paper and sticky tapes, you always have the choice to purchase these kinds of boxes on shops. It can save you a great deal of time and cash on gift wrapping for those who buy the ready- made Gift Boxes.
  5. 5. Gift Boxes are fantastic for gift wrapping Presents• THEY ARE Made out of Various MATERIALS these kinds of boxes are built from many types of materials. They might sometimes be made out of the regular paperboard materials or they may be made from corrugated cardboard, transparent plastic or perhaps reused papers which is certainly much more environment friendly.
  6. 6. Gift Boxes are fantastic for gift wrapping Presents• Other more costly Gift Boxes are made from hardwood, metal or glass. There are even those which are covered or even covered with elaborate materials such as silk or velvet.
  7. 7. Gift Boxes are fantastic for gift wrapping Presents• These types of BOXES Can Be Found In Many different Styles And Designs aside from being created from number of materials, these kinds of boxes also are available in various variations and patterns. The various most popular decorative patterns you will see in Gift Boxes are crepe, tulle and laces and ribbons. There exists boxes designed for young children, in males and for girls. There are even boxes manufactured for specific occasions just like birthdays and wedding ceremonies and christmas.
  8. 8. Gift Boxes are fantastic for gift wrapping Presents• If not a single one of the boxes you see seem to appeal to your preference or would seem right for the individual you’re giving it to, you will certainly make sure to modify it. You should purchase the plain-looking boxes and add some personal details into it such as pictures, and accessories. In doing so, you wont just be creating a fantastic gift wrapping material for your present, but one thing the person receiving it should treasure forever.