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Gift box ppt 16


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With the GiftBox mobile app, you can scan product barcodes to return detailed product information, identify retailers with the best price, and add to any of your GiftBox lists with the click of a button. If a barcode is not available, take a picture of the item, enter details, and it’s saved to your list.

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Gift box ppt 16

  1. 1. A Project Of Invert LogisticsDesigned by Avenue Social Inc.
  2. 2. GiftBox is a Social Gifting Appdesigned to work forFacebook, Android andiPhone platforms.It is developed by AvenueSocial Inc. for Curtis Ruster ofInvert Logistics.
  3. 3. You can create a WishListsusinig GiftBox, for severaldifferent occasions. This listcan be shared with Friendsand Family viaFacebook, Android, andiPhone.
  4. 4. You can select items fromdifferent e-commoecewebsites and add them tothe GiftBox Wish List usingthe GiftBox Toolbar.
  5. 5. Every time you want to buy agift for a loved one, you caneasily access their WishListjust by signing in to yourFacebook Accounts.
  6. 6. The listed items on theirWishList can be purchasedonline with just a few simpleand easy clicks.
  7. 7. Check out this amazing application and create your own customized wish list: Facebook: iPhone: Android: LDEsImNvbS5naWZ0Ym94Il0
  8. 8. Plug and PlayTech Center440 North Wolfe RoadSunnyvale, CA 94085-3869Phone: (510)-275-4485 Join us:Fax: (510)-943-5941 http://www. Follow us:Email:!/Avenuesocial