Startup assumptions

Giff Constable
Giff Constableproduct maker/CEO at Neo
Startup Assumptions
     (keep it simple)
Target and Need Assumptions

I believe _________________ have a need to
Solution Assumption

This need can be solved with ________________
Business Model Assumptions

My paying customer is _____________________.

They will pay me via _____________________.
Competition Assumptions

My primary competition will be ______________
and ______________.

We will beat them in the market due to
__________________ and __________________.
Customer Assumptions Part 1

My early adopters will be ____________________.

I will acquire them through ___________________
Customer Assumptions Part 2

I will acquire the majority of my users/customers
through _______________________ and
Product Assumptions

My biggest product risk is ___________________.

We will solve this through ____________________
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Startup assumptions

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