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Startup assumptions


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Startup assumptions

  1. 1. Startup Assumptions (keep it simple)
  2. 2. Target and Need AssumptionsI believe _________________ have a need to_________________________________________.
  3. 3. Solution AssumptionThis need can be solved with _________________________________________________________.
  4. 4. Business Model AssumptionsMy paying customer is _____________________.They will pay me via _____________________.
  5. 5. Competition AssumptionsMy primary competition will be ______________and ______________.We will beat them in the market due to__________________ and __________________.
  6. 6. Customer Assumptions Part 1My early adopters will be ____________________.I will acquire them through _____________________________________________.
  7. 7. Customer Assumptions Part 2I will acquire the majority of my users/customersthrough _______________________ and________________________.
  8. 8. Product AssumptionsMy biggest product risk is ___________________.We will solve this through __________________________________________________.