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Jamaica e&m


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Jamaica e&m

  1. 1. JamaicaBy: Eden and Mandy
  2. 2. Languages In Jamaica, English is the most commonly used but, people also speak Creole.
  3. 3. FoodAckee: A fleshy, yellow part of a seed pod froma local tree. When cooked, it resemblesscrambled eggs. It is boiled and then usuallycooked with saltfish. Interestingly, if notproperly prepared, it can be poisonous.Bammy: Resembles breadfruit in texture andtaste. Used by locals as a substitute forpotatoes.Callaloo: A distant cousin of spinach. It is servedas a vegetable and often found in soups.Cho-Cho: A member of the squash family.Served as a vegetable and often found in stewsand soups.
  4. 4. Food Escorvitch Fish: Fish is one of the mainstays of Jamaican diet. This is pan-fried in a mixture of onions, peppers, lime, vinegar and allspice. Jerk Meat: Jerk cooking started at Boston Beach, near Port Antonio and is one of the most recognizable of all Jamaican foods. In a sense, it can be thought of as similar to barbeque. Fish, chicken, port and beef are all subject to jerk sauces – which can range from mild to hot. Pepperpot Soup: Similar to spinach soup, but the main ingredient is callaloo. It is generally spicy. Pop-Choy: Tasty and resembles greens. Pumpkin Soup: A thick and creamy soup made from small local squash called pumpkins. However, it does not taste like the pumpkins you are used to. Red Pea Soup: A slightly spicy red-colored soup made from small kidney beans and pieces of ham.
  5. 5. MusicJamaica weekly music countdown charts1. A Yah Suh Nice2. Do Sumn3. Drop It (Like U Doin It)4. If I Was Your Girl5. Bruk It Down6. Party Shot7. Gal A Bubble8. World Boss (Why Pree)9. Wine10. Tax Inna My World
  6. 6. Economic Aspect• Natural resources:• bauxite, gypsum, limestone• Imports:• Jamaicas economy is highly import-dependent because of their limited resources. They do not produce their own oil, and they do not consume natural gas.• - Oil• - Food• - Machinery, industrial supplies, construction materials• Export:• - Worlds second largest bauxite (aluminum ore) deposits after Australia• - Sugar (nations largest agricultural export)• - Coffee (Blue Mountain coffee)• - Bananas, yams, rum• - wearing apparel• What does the usa get influenced by Jamaica-• Growing United States economic interest in Jamaica paralleled the formers increasing political interest. Jamaica sided frequently with the United States in its United Nations (UN) voting on cold war issues during the first few years of independence.
  7. 7. Current Standard of Living for PeopleLiteracy Rate: About 88% maleand 92% femaleLife Expectancy: 73.45 yearsPoverty: Almost a half millionJamaicans are living in povertyHealth: The have access tohealth care but people can stillget hurt/killedUnemployment: About 12.9%
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