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Dominica b&e


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Dominica b&e

  1. 1. DominicaBy: Becca & Erika
  2. 2. MusicDominica had imported many genres of music such ascalypso, reggae, and rock and roll, although they havecreated their own known as Bouyon. Bouyon combineslots of different sounds of music to create one populargenre throughout Dominica. It includes sounds fromAfrican, European, & American elements, also includingCarnival music. This influences the music of Americabecause, similar to Dominica, many of our songsinclude elements of African music brought to us fromAfrican slaves. This style of music later was combinedwith others to create the rhythmic music that we arefamiliar with today.
  3. 3. Current Standard of Living In Dominica, the literacy rate is quite high; 94% ofpeople can read and/or write-- that is not too far offfrom the United States literacy rate at 99%. The lifeexpectancy of the average person is about 76 years,and the U.S.s is 82. The unemployment rate inDominica is around 20 percent compared to theunemployment rate in America being 8.2 percentunemployed. To portray an idea of health,Dominicas death rate is 8 in every thousand. TheU.Ss death rate is the same at about 8 in everythousand. These aspects are all connected to theU.S.s statistics because once people from Dominicamove here, we are faced with some of their healthissues.
  4. 4. FoodsMost main dishes contain meat, such as chicken,goat, lamb or beef. These dishes are usuallyserved covered in a sauce. The sauces usuallycontain spicy pepper, or mixes made from thelocal fruit. There are fruits such as tamarind andpassion fruit, are usually served on the island assauce or juice. Soursop is a fruit that is peeledand eaten raw. Sorrel is a red flower that bloomsonly in December and is boiled into a bright reddrink.
  5. 5. Economic Aspect• Ethnic Groups- African descent, mixed Black & European, Syrian and Carib Amerindians.• Population - 72,000 people.• Government - Parliamentary democracy; republic within the Commonwealth.• Resources - timber, hydropower, copper.• Exports - $39.0 million (merchandise) and $82.0 million (commercial)- Japan, U.S., Antigua, Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago.• Imports - $165.0 million (merchandise) and $49.0 million (commercial) - Japan, U.S., Trinidad and Tobago, China.
  6. 6. Economic Aspect cont.Agriculture - (products) bananas, citrus,coconuts, cocoa, herbal oils and extracts.Dominica almost had a financial crisis in 2003and 2004. The economy had grown inprevious years, but growth under the last 10years is still under 1%. The economy hadgrowth in 2006 because of gains in tourism,construction, and some sub-sectors in thebanana industry.
  7. 7. LanguagesEnglish is the official language but because of theFrench domination, the most spoken dialect isFrench- based Creole.
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