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Mayfair International Discovery Gardens



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Mayfair International Discovery Gardens

  1. 1. Nakheel P.O. Box 17777 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Telephone: +971 4 3903333 Facsimile: +971 4 3903314 For more information, please call Mayfair International Real Estate P.O. Box 20318 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Telephone : +971 4 282 2185 Facsimile : +971 4 282 6692
  2. 2. dubai DUBAI A prosperous trading city even before the leisure and business has sparked a residential discovery of oil saw Dubai’s entrepreneurial spirit boom, attracting a predominantly young and take off in a massive building and business entrepreneurial class with an eye for a golden boom. The dust of the desert has now cleared to opportunity. With tens of thousands of people reveal a thriving metropolis with a very distinctive arriving every year to live out their dreams, their character. The Emirate’s sophisticated network thirst for success has seen a rise in demand for of highways, world-class business facilities, luxury housing. abundance of five-star hotels and iconic buildings reveal that Dubai is a city where ambition and ‘Perhaps more than anywhere else in the world, vision rule in equal measure. Dubai is a place that recognises and revels in ambition,’ explains Nakheel Executive Chairman, Dubai’s population is equally driven. The Sultan Bin Sulayem. ‘It is also a place that remarkable growth of this city has made it not celebrates the aspirations of its rocketing only one of the world’s fastest growing tourist population by offering an array of residential destinations, but its business infrastructure communities designed to help these forward- attracts Fortune 500 companies, making it an thinking and sophisticated individuals achieve essential stop for the global business community. their ultimate lifestyle.’ The combined advantages Dubai offers for both 02 03
  3. 3. nakheel NAKHEEL The Gardens International City Ibn Battuta Mall Jumeirah Village As Dubai’s premier development company, waterfront developments – The Palm, The World Nakheel has successfully shaped the very texture and Dubai Waterfront – and we’re also breaking of this forward-looking city. Ingeniously designed new ground with the scope and imagination of landmarks, distinctive residential communities, our land developments such as Jumeirah Islands, unique retail offerings and unprecedented The Gardens and Ibn Battuta Mall. Once investment opportunities are all products of complete, our developments will add more than our determination to remain at the heart of 1,000 kms of beachfront to the Dubai coastline the Emirate’s ambitious expansion plans. and occupy more than 30,000 hectares of the city. With a finger right on the pulse of the latest Supported by strategic alliances with exceptional research in architectural and lifestyle thinking, partners, Nakheel’s success is synonymous with our focus is on building icons that embody the evolution of Dubai. It is a success that innovation and progress, creating a strong understands the motives that drive our 21st legacy for future generations. Century aspirations and consequently attracts residents, tourists and investors to the fastest With more than 900 employees, Nakheel growing city in the world. currently has 17 major projects under development, registering a combined value of Sultan Bin Sulayem more than US$30 billion. Our portfolio includes Executive Chairman, Nakheel the three iconic and internationally acclaimed 04 Jumeirah Islands 05
  4. 4. discover DISCOVER DISCOVERY GARDENS Most of the people who come to Dubai do so to Discovery Gardens consists of six themed realise their dreams. At Nakheel, we understand communities inspired by garden living, and that it’s easier to pursue your ambitions when includes Zen, Mediterranean, Contemporary, you’re happy and settled. So it’s important to Mogul, Mesoamerican and Cactus courtyard know that at the end of a hard day’s work, you’ll gardens. Each community retains its own be returning to a beautiful apartment that feels distinctive character, capturing different like a real home. Whether it’s a sense of elements of nature’s rich diversity. Spanning seclusion you’re looking for, or proximity to a massive 26 million square foot plot, this water, or whether you can only feel truly at development of spacious, multi-sized peace when surrounded by desert blooms or apartments offers residents a beautiful home beautifully manicured lawns, we’ve worked hard set in exquisite surroundings, all reasonably to make Discovery Gardens a real paradise for priced to put your lifestyle dreams within reach. all residents. 06 07
  5. 5. everyone SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Recognising that leisure is a key aspect of the Across the road, Ibn Battuta Mall offers perfect lifestyle, our commitment to offering you residents a choice of 250 shops, the region’s the ideal home doesn’t stop at providing largest cinema complex featuring 21 screens beautiful apartments and superb gardens. and an IMAX cinema, an enormous Géant Laid out amongst the 291 buildings, more than supermarket, more than 30 restaurants and 30% of Discovery Gardens is reserved purely for food outlets and the exceptional facilities of a landscaping, which ensures all residents can Fitness First Gym, the first of its kind in Dubai. enjoy plenty of outside space as we cater for their varied needs. With other neighbouring developments including Nakheel’s low-rise residential community, Within the six kilometre length of Discovery The Gardens, the open views from Discovery Gardens you can enjoy a wide range of family- Gardens offer a horizon uncluttered by any oriented amenities including 13 community industrial or high-rise buildings. swimming pools – 12 of which will include special children’s pools – plus tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, gyms, a football pitch, cycling and jogging trails, mosques and extensive parking. 08 09
  6. 6. A school of A relaxed and social way Of the present time; Powerful Indian A Central American Succulent plants of philosophy asserting of life characterised by modern; current. Rulers who region in which warm, arid regions of that enlightenment good food, olive trees, established an diverse pre-Columbian the New World, having can be attained citrus groves, rustic empire that lasted civilizations flourished. fleshy, leafless, usually through meditation, charm and the famous from 1526 to 1857. spiny stems, and self-contemplation Mediterranean climate. typically having and intuition. solitary flowers. 10 11
  7. 7. ZEN The epitome of serenity, harmony and simplicity, this community offers real food for the soul. Its clutter-free landscaping features an artful mix of materials, all of which work together to create far more than just a living space. This cocktail of top quality apartments and simple landscaping features inspires a sense of stillness and calm where the mind can be opened and the imagination freed, making it the perfect place to unwind after the whirlwind pace of an intense day in the office. 12 13
  8. 8. MEDITERRANEAN Light, warmth, simplicity and relaxation are the key characteristics of this community. Natural stone, ceramics and wood blend perfectly with the earthy terracotta and sandstone colours so distinctive of the Mediterranean. Peppered with the odd, inviting splash of vivid blue, the disarming simplicity of these gardens evokes a sense of sun-washed hillsides, rural farmhouses and the smell of citrus groves. Conjuring up the Mediterranean joie de vivre and love of intimate spaces for relaxing and entertaining, this is a place to enjoy the beauty of nature at its rustic best. 14 15
  9. 9. CONTEMPORARY Smart, fresh and stylish, this is every inch the modern garden. Clean lines and a crisp design emphasising simplicity and subtle sophistication define the avant garde spirit of this community. Space, colour and shape combine to create a sleek order that reflects the needs and aspirations of today’s most polished tastes. A far cry from any traditional sense of ‘garden’, the abstract concepts that inspired these hedges, paths and paved areas have created a living space where real style meets refined intellect. 16 17
  10. 10. MOGUL Splendour, beauty and symmetry form the cornerstone on which this community is built, reflecting the Moguls’ imperial tastes and fascination with art and architecture. Empire builders to the last, great emphasis has been placed on creating imposing yet peaceful garden havens, filled with exotic fruit trees, beautiful wild flowers and an imaginative mix of domes, arches and courtyards. This garden is designed to reflect everything that is beautiful and majestic – the perfect place to find the inspiration to realise your dreams. 18 19
  11. 11. MESOAMERICAN Sophisticated and unique, the Mesoamerican garden makes good use of its outdoor setting as a platform to appreciate how man can benefit from nature. Catering for the local population stands at the heart of every design element, and the quest for stability and balance has resulted in a seamless blend of natural beauty with 21st Century functionality. This community offers an ideal place for both personal relaxation and entertaining guests. Resplendent with sculptures, fountains, courtyards, comfortable seating, lush flora and plenty of shade, the true beauty of this garden is that it can be whatever you choose to make of it. 20 21
  12. 12. cactus CACTUS Final plans for the precise nature of this community will be confirmed once we have completed sufficient market research as to the distinctive needs and preferences of future residents. Several possibilities are under consideration, each of which complements the rest of the development and offers the same combination of unbeatable living environment and leisure facilities. Nakheel’s market leading commitment to providing nothing but the very best will continue to underpin the planning of what is sure to be another landmark residential community. 22 23
  13. 13. location LOCATION MAP 24 25
  14. 14. master plan MASTER PLAN With a location that few other communities can boast, Discovery Gardens occupies a prime area of ‘New Dubai’. Centrally located between the Sheikh Zayed and Emirates Roads, residents are exceptionally well connected to all of Dubai’s business and leisure hubs. Across the road, Ibn Battuta Mall offers a fantastic array of shopping and leisure facilities to complement the development’s own amenities.
  15. 15. contact CONTACT For more information about buying and registering a unit in Discovery Gardens, please visit our website 26