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Introduction to ServiceStack

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  1. 1. Su ServiceStackgreičiau irpatogiauG IED R IUS BAN AIT IS@ G BAN AITISAD R O IT I T EC H O N O LOGIES
  2. 2. How webservice usage transforms Supplier Phone webservice (server) Game TV consoleReseller e-shop Content (server) provider Webservice Tablet End-user (browser) PC
  3. 3. New challenges Speed Bandwidth Maintainance Scalability Simplicity
  4. 4. ServiceStack vs NewChallanges • Has fastest Serializers, ORM and IoC Speed • Caching is first class citezen • JSON, JSV, CSV out of box, ProtoBuff Bandwidth • Message based, not chatty •Services are reused as much as possibleMaintainance •Typed C# client •No generated code •Everything integrated • REST Simplicity • no third party dependencies • Runs on Linux Scalability • Supports Azure, AWS, Reddis, Memcache • REST, own Session infrastructure
  5. 5. Simple demo
  6. 6. OrmLite• Very lightweight• Cross platform• Pure SQL also Linq expressions• Has nice API for performing updates• Only 1:1 Table mapping
  7. 7. Serialization• Has the fastest .NET JSON and JSV serializers, supports dynamic JSON• CSV out of box• Standalone – no dependencies• T.Dump method• Usefull extensions• Protobuff and MsgPackthrough plugins
  8. 8. HTML and MVC• Markdown Razor, MVC Razor and HTML Report out of box• Mix Markdown with MVC• Change Views and Layouts at runtime• Bundling using node-js• Virtual File System• Can share Session, Caching, IoC, ORM, Redis, Config and Logging inside MVC
  9. 9. All the Rest• HTTP Utils• Typed Clients• Metadata, Swagger• Logging API with adapters• Validation• Auto mapping• Authentication• Session
  10. 10. WebAPI vs ServiceStack• ServiceStack is not only webservices• ServiceStack supports SOAP• ServiceStack runs on Linux• ServiceStack runs on IHttpHandler• ServiceStack runs on 3.5 .NET• ServiceStack has MQ endpoints
  11. 11. Will it die soon?• 191 contributors• 1411 watchers• 317 forks
  12. 12. Try it today
  13. 13. Q&A?