Day3 lesson-plan


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Explaining the Lesson Planning section

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Day3 lesson-plan

  1. 1. Day 3Planning your Lesson
  2. 2. The Task• Your teacher will give you a copy of the lesson you need to “transform”• Read it through as a Department• Decide who is Head of Department• Decide who is the Moodle expert• Decide who going to which part of the lesson• Download the Lesson Plan template
  3. 3. The 6 Form lesson Learning Objectives: What we hope you will learn and understandConnecting the learning: The lesson starter Activating the learning: We explain the task to you Directing the learning: When you do the taskReviewing the learning: Where we see what you’ve learned in the lesson Independent Learning: Your homework
  4. 4. Lesson Planning• You must use the Web 2.0 tools and Moodle tools to teach the lesson – see the links on the page• Each person goes away and plans their own section (on paper/on laptop)• When each person has decided how to do it you need to have a department meeting• The Head of Department needs to complete the lesson plan and upload it