What is starch


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A crash course on Starch

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What is starch

  1. 1. What is starch?SOURCES OF STARCH- Starch or amylum is a carbohydrate consisting of a large number of glucose units joined together by glycosidic bonds;- It is the most important carbohydrate in human diet;- It is produced by all vegetables as an energy store: it is contained in cereals such as wheat, corn and rice or in tubers such as potatoes and cassava.STARCH PRODUCTS- Pure starch is a white, tasteless and odourless powder that is insoluble in cold water or alcohol. It can be used as such in processed foods or in the paper industry;- Glucose syrups are liquids which are used in the food industry for their sweetening power and for other numerous functionalities or as a fermentescible substrate.- Starch and glucose can be transformed into modified starches or different kinds of sweetening products which are used in the food industry.
  2. 2. The production process
  3. 3. …from wheat Wheat Reception Dry cleaning Wheat germs Grinding/Flour milling (Lose) bran DoughMixing & drying Separation Solubles A-starch B-starch GlutenDry wheat feed Washing Dewatering Refining Dewatering Dry wheat Drying gluten Evaporation Starch slurry from wheat Liquid solubles Wet solubilised Solubilisation gluten
  4. 4. …from maize Maize Production process = Reception Black box Dry cleaning Liquid steep Evaporation steeping liquor Corn steep First grinding liquor Degerminating Germs Drying Second grinding Dewatering Drying Fibers Sieving Dry germs PressingDry corn feed Separation Oil Dewatering Starch Proteins Dewatering Drying RefiningWet corn fibers (washing) Dry proteins Starch slurry from maize
  5. 5. …from potatoes Potatoes Production process = Reception Black box Dry cleaning Wet cleaning Rasping Separation Fruit juice Starch slurry Fibers ProteinProtein paste Refining Dewatering separation Drying Protein juice Starch slurry Wet pulp Drying from potatoes Potato Evaporation Dry pulp proteins Concentrated fruit juice
  6. 6. Wheat starch Maize starch Potato starch Starch slurry Chemicals ConversionLiquid glucose Refiningand derivates Evaporation Production process = Black box Including liquid Liquid glucose fructose, hydrolysates, glucose syrups Maltodextrin Hydrogenation Crystallization process Liquid sorbitol Drying Drying Special polyol Dry crystallized Drying Maltodextrins process dextrose Drying Unfermented Dry sorbitol special polyols
  7. 7. Native starches, modified starches and dextrins Wheat starch Maize starch Potato starch Starch slurry Modification Chemicals Dewatering process Drying Production Washing process = Black box Dewatering Including lightly modified ProductionNative starches starches (e.g. light or dry Drying process modification) = Black box Drying Modified Liquid modifications (e.g. starches PO, esthers and ethers) Chemicals Dextrins
  9. 9. Wide-ranging applications of starch and derivatives in everyday use FOOD AND DRINK Sweeteners, Starches, Fibers and Wheat GlutenANIMAL FEED AND Proteins PAPER PET FOOD The European starch industry Starches AND BOARD Carbohydrate feedstock and carriers INDUSTRIAL BIO- APPLICATIONS PHARMACEUTICAL AND COSMETICS
  10. 10. STARCH USES IN FOOD- Anti-crystallising in confectioneries;- Sweetening power in beverages;- Bulking agent / texture in dairy products;- Preservatives in jams;- Moistening in bakery products;- Freezing point depression in ice creams- Thickening, binding agent in soups & sauces;- Browning effect in caramels;- Cooling effect in chewing-gum;- Low glycemic index in dietetic food…
  11. 11. STARCH USES IN PAPER / CORRUGATED BOARD AND GREEN CHEMISTRY- Increase strenght in paper;- Binding power for corrugated board;- Fermentescibility in green chemistry (amino acids, enzymes…);- Binding capacity in glues and adhesives;- Bioplastics production;- Raw materials for polyurethane production;- Raw materials for ethanol production…
  12. 12. HEALTH, PERSONAL CARE AND NUTRITION- Health benefits in dietary supplements and energising drinks for sport activities;- Nutritional quality in baby food and clinical nutrition;- Compressibility in pharmaceutical tablets;- Anti-crystallising in cough syrups;- Emollient / emulsifier in cosmetics (cream, shower gel, shampoo);- Non carciogenic in toothpaste…
  13. 13. FEED AND PET FOOD- Palatability for pets’ food;- Yellow pigmentation for egg yolks;- Hydro stability of aqua feed pellets;- Milk powder replacement in calf milk;- High digestibility for piglets’ starter feed;- Protein intake…