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18 things people ask when you are an indian


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Mention are the 18 things which people ask without fail to an Indian. Check out these hilarious questions!

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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18 things people ask when you are an indian

  1. 1. 18 Things People Always Ask When You’re from India
  2. 2. Are you a maharaja? Do you still ride on elephants?
  3. 3. You come from a really poor country? Do you get paper to write on?
  4. 4. Do you really have a Bollywood kind of lifestyle?
  5. 5. You must have an arranged marriage? Shouldn’t you?
  6. 6. Ah… So you must be a techie.
  7. 7. Please teach me how to tie a sari.
  8. 8. Do you speak Indian?
  9. 9. You have a prominent Indian accent…
  10. 10. You smell like curry.
  11. 11. I heard Yoga is good for your mind and soul. Teach me a few steps. Can you?
  12. 12. I hear you have millions of gods. How do you keep track of so many of them?
  13. 13. How can you bear cows roaming the Indian roads?
  14. 14. A dot head…
  15. 15. Cricket is a kind of baseball game, isn’t it? Just a duller version.
  16. 16. I loved the movie Slumdog Millionaire.
  17. 17. How many Gandhis are these worth?
  18. 18. You still live with your parents back home?
  19. 19. What is actually a country like yours like?
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