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Markethive social marketing platform
Markethive social marketing platform
Markethive social marketing platform
Markethive social marketing platform
Markethive social marketing platform
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Markethive social marketing platform


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Born as a social marketing platform , Markethive is currently in soft launch worldwide .

I believe Markethive will become a social marketing hub for many online entrepreneurs
and internet marketing enthusiasts who will fully understand the seo power of a very
advanced blogging system and rss syndication monster.

The social platform is free to join , however to be allowed to use all the Marketing tool arsenal
is requested an user verification via credit card , the card will not be charged , but i believe that
this step alone will avoid a trolls/spammers colonization that is normally happening in many free
membership websites .

Not many networking platforms are giving the right to the users to have free access to highly
integrated tools without hidden fees of later catches , this system is really free for all and always will be!

An interesting aspect of Markethive is the joining procedure , a new member can access the social
marketing platform only through a social network account , at the time of this writing are :
Facebook , Google , Linkedin and Twitter.
The entire system is highly encrypted and is virtually impossible to hack as there is no password , the
member is logging in using one of his personal social accounts .

First question could come up thinking about an "all free " platform is ; ok , so , how will the system
survive and thrive ? of course with advertising revenues , like many huge social networks .
Nowadays the value of a social website is measured in "eyeballs" as that is the potential of
the internal advertising revenues.

During this exciting early stage , the new members , who believe that Markethive will grow and
become widely known , have the possibility to take advantage of the "Alpha Founder Promotion".
Limited to 1000 individuals only , is a lifetime limited partnership with a lot of benefits in terms of
shared revenues and advertising credits .

The configurations , and the content management of the capture pages and the blog scripts together
with the feed scripts and the forum scripts , which the users have to upload to their servers
, are "in house" , it means that you upload the file script only one time ,after that all the editing
is done through a very user friendly and intuitive remote terminal in the platform .

Markethive CAN-SPAM Compliance nature permit an high deliverability of free unlimited
autoresponder emails that can be set within the capture page system , and it is now allowed
nor possible to upload any sort of lead email address or data.

Marco Ferrari
Markethive B.O.D

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Markethive social marketing platform

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