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Emf protection device alphaspin by jm ocean avenue


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AlphaSpin is a powerful holistic wellness tool made in Germany and is infused with Proprietary Spinning Frequency that produces a powerful resonance capable of transferring spinning energy so that a quantum energy field is established. AlphaSpin is used to harmonize harmful effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies Radiations in your surrounding and for other wellness benefits.
The environment we are now living in is bombarded daily by Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) and toxic pollutants. EMFs originate from power lines and telecommunications technologies such as cell phones, WiFi, and microwaves. Research and scientific studies have also shown negative health impacts from cell phones and WiFi.
By placing the AlphaSpin in the car, at work, home or carrying it with you in transit, creates a quantum energy field that has been known to harmonize harmful effects of EMFs. It has been known to enhance immunity, concentration, and energy levels for optimal performance at home and at work. It has been known to promote calmness, and reduce stress, thus improving an overall sense of well-being.
The resonance and vibration of spinning frequencies of the AlphaSpin is transferred through water, light or air. It is believed that the natural resonance of AlphaSpin is similar to that found in many water springs around the world, including Bama, an internationally recognized longevity village in China. AlphaSpin brings Bama to you by optimizing the natural frequency, stimulating vital life energy, and increasing harmony in body and mind.
By pouring water through AlphaSpin, the molecular structure will create smaller clusters for easy penetration and absorption.
The AlphaSpin fully optimizes the body’s molecular and cellular functions via resonance and the formation of a vortex that results in the expression of a quantum energy field. The quantum energy field exerts its effect in the water content of an organism, reminding the body of its own self-healing capability. In this way the body responds by generating a state of wellness and health that is sustainable.
AlphaSpin has been shown to:

Create a natural quantum energy field.
Harmonize your living environment surrounded by EMFs such as WiFi, cell phone radiations, etc.
Generate hexagonal water clusters.
Improve absorptions and increase hydrations.
Improve micro circulation.
Be used as a Reflexology frequency tool to facilitate the flow of energy.
Improve plant growth and seed germination.
Extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
Use in conjunction with a humidifier or air purifier to improve the quality of air.
Increase the absorption of face and body creams.
Reduce wrinkles by hydrating the skin and activating collagen and elastin.

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Emf protection device alphaspin by jm ocean avenue

  1. 1. EMF Protection device Alphaspin by JM Ocean Avenue
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