Mobile data collection using odk


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Describes how to use ODK Data Suite to collect and aggregate data

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Mobile data collection using odk

  1. 1. Using Open Data Kit Paul Gichure Kennedy Mwai
  2. 2. ◦What?◦Why?◦How?◦Where?◦Who?
  3. 3.  Open Data Kit (ODK) is a suite of tools that allows data collection using mobile devices and data submission to an online server, even without an Internet connection or mobile carrier service at the time of data collection. Consists of: ◦ ODK Build – Authoring forms ◦ ODK Collect – Mobile engine ◦ ODK Aggregate – Data server ◦ ODK Manage – For supervision of research assistants ◦ Among other tools
  4. 4. Form Authoring (ODK Build/XML Editor)XForms ODK Build/Notepad Editor Mobile Engine (ODK Collect)XML Forms XML FormsXML Data XML Data Data Server MySql Server(ODK Aggregate) (Online Web Servers)
  5. 5. – Harder to skip questions– Range checking– Eliminates branching errors– Eliminates transcription errors– Immediate access to data from the server – rapid data aggregation and analyses– Very portable– Minimize workforce -Better supervision is possible
  6. 6. – Unlimited data types; Form + GPS + picture + video + string+ numeric + audio + barcode– Get GPS location of respondent easily– Cleaner data – standardization of data– Easy connection to other health records e.g. openMRS
  7. 7.  Minimize workforce  Data Collection the hard wayData collection onmobile phones iseasy, effective, andfun!
  8. 8. Easy to branch
  9. 9. userApplication interaction Phone Designer interface Clients create data store Collected data Server Storage .CSV, .KML, Google Spreadsheet, Fusion Tables e.t.c
  10. 10.  completing surveys about households Microfinance institution tracking transactions from lenders and borrowers. Crisis mapper tasked to capture images and locations of damaged areas after a hurricane. Collecting multimedia data –audio, video
  11. 11. CellLife, EpiSurveyor, Open Form Authoring XData, Open Data Kit XForms Mobile Engine JavaROSA, OpenXData mobile, ODK-collectCompleted XML FormsXForms XML Data Cell Data Server Life, EpiSurveyor, OpenXData, ODK aggregate
  12. 12.  Open Data Kit provides organizations with a new way to build information services for developing regions. The modular, extensible and open-source design allows picking and choosing tools best suited for specific deployments. ODK differs from other platforms and has unlimited set of tools Ongoing deployments has proven success. ODK system architecture of enables a large and varied set of applications for developing regions.
  13. 13.  Using of Mysql Data server – No actual cost incurred, no limitations on data accessibility
  14. 14.  - successful implementations - All ODK tools –Form building tool -Purcform form designer tool /list -ODK Downloads list