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10 things I've learned teaching coding to kids


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This was a presentation given on 17th Sept 2015 at a CodeHub meet-up in Bath.

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10 things I've learned teaching coding to kids

  1. 1. Gicela Morales @gicela @codingbug 10 things I’ve learned teaching coding to kids
  2. 2. All children are creative1. Characters they love always a good starting point Children love drawing & have fantastic imagination
  3. 3. They are storytellers2. Every story is unique The tardis:
  4. 4. … and begin to grasp computational thinking
  5. 5. They all love Minecraft3. Minecraft is always at the top of the games list
  6. 6. Sharing & collaborating4. Show & tell helps kids learn from each other through sharing Helping others helps kids to understand about collaboration
  7. 7. JavaScript is easy5. Animating with javaScript is fun ‘Live coding’ javaScript while playing with Codecombat Making apps with Bitsbox
  8. 8. Free and open6. ICT rooms are BORING! Freedom to move about Playful atmosphere
  9. 9. It’s got to be fun!7. “I love coding because it’s fun” “I love coding because it teaches me how to make my own games” “I love coding because I like making new apps”
  10. 10. Boys & girls work together…8. They are used to seeing each other in class A coding class is no different! It’s normal :)
  11. 11. …but STILL more boys than girls9. About 10% of children attending coding club are girls Who is responsible for encouraging girls to learn to code?
  12. 12. Tablets aren’t really that exciting - but desktops are! The ‘ICT Suite’ is outdated; we desperately need new spaces for learning 10. The technology
  13. 13. Catching the coding bug Keep creating new stories & games Leave the boring bits out Experiment with different educational technologies
  14. 14. Educational technologies…
  15. 15. #SummerOfCode 100 places 97% turned up
  16. 16. STEM ambassador CoderDojo How to get involved… Code club Volunteer in local your school
  17. 17. Codingbug Gicela Morales @gicela @codingbug Inspiring the next generation of coders