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GICD Attract Retain Advance Women Sample Program Presentation

Sample of our consulting approach on gender issues for firms.

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GICD Attract Retain Advance Women Sample Program Presentation

  1. 1. Attracting – Retaining – Advancing Women Creating and Sustaining Systemic Transformation November 29, 2008
  2. 2. Brains in the Rest-State: Which Gender? (brain scans provided by Daniel Amen, M.D.)
  3. 3. Brains When Listening: Match the Gender
  4. 4. Agenda 1. The Business of Gender 2. Systematic Solution Drives Results 3. The Gurian Institute – Process & Paradigm 4. Building Your Customized Program 5. Working Together
  5. 5. Gender Issues Impact Your Bottom Line Gender Challenges Organizational Issues Reduced Profitability
  6. 6. Program Architecture: Client-Facing Representatives Build Custom Clarify Your Implement Execution Follow Up Genderleadership Situation Program Recap earlier  GenderEval© Presentations at Leading Brain Consulting     conversations Sales Meetings Cultural Science  Mentoring  Address  Diagnostic Conduct on-site expertise  program situation with workshops by Assessment and  Customized  Collecting  Senior region analysis Training and Feedback Leadership & Provide Reporting from   Materials eLearning Bottom Line Sales GICD to your firm  Toolkits & Development  results Management Customized  webinars of E-learning action plan analysis Discuss roles  Tools to integrate modules  Approval by your  Client and  gender topics firm to begin Development  feedback and responsibilitie into business Gender Planning of practice  results practices s Team management Address  and sales current state materials of affairs
  7. 7. Gender Challenges Challenges for An Organization Loss of talented women at all levels ● Organization out of touch with market segments ● Tension, conflict and misunderstandings in day-to-day ● operations Concerns in C-Suite and at Board level ● Governance challenges ● Confused, incomplete past gender diversity ● experiences Lower business optimization in short and long term
  8. 8. Organizational Issues Organizational Issues Occur at Every Stage The Four Stage GenderChallenge Paradigm: Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Attracting Retaining Retaining Advancing and women females female Recruiting early in when they talent to female their choose to the C-Suite talent from careers have the outset children
  9. 9. Organizational Issues Typical Prespectives Across Organizations quot;We’re Doing Fine”  quot;That Soft Stuff Is Not for Us”  quot;Women Don' t Care, So Why Should We?”  “So, I'm Supposed to Think Women Are  Superior?” “That Stuff's Just for Women”  Good Old Boy Networks  “We Don’t Have a Problem” 
  10. 10. Organizational Issues Challenges In Leading Change Systemic, significant change brings out EMOTIONAL emotions which must be responded to sensitively ILL- Responsibility falls most heavily on line and PREPARED middle managers, who are, for the most part, ill-prepared Often, then, resistance often grows RESISTANT unchecked, and cynicism can spread
  11. 11. A Situational Exercise (part 1) Imagine how it feels to be a woman in this workplace. Write down three (3) challenges a woman faces in this workplace. Write down three (3) challenges you have faced or continue to face in this workplace. (Note the details: when these occurred, how they affected you or continue to affect you, if you tried to address.)
  12. 12. The Solution: A Systematic Approach to Address the Entire Cycle Attracting Early & Hiring Retention Mid-Career & Advancemen Motherhood t to C-Suite Retention
  13. 13. Thank You Contact: Elmer Rich III 312-841-1149 13