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First slide: clues. Second slide: answer.

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Who_am_I world2_review_part1

  1. 1. Who Am I?World History II SOL Review:People to KnowPART 1This “Who Am I?” review for the importantfigures found in the Virginia World History IISOL’s is a revised and updated version of theoriginal created by Mr. Brian J. Smith, SocialStudies teacher at Hanover High School.
  2. 2. Who Am I?• I am a scientist, inventor, artist, andhumanist.• I am considered the ultimate “renaissanceman.”• I painted the Mona Lisa and the LastSupper.
  3. 3. I Am: Leonardo da Vinci
  4. 4. Who Am I?• I thought of myself primarily as a sculptor,not a painter.• I worked for the Pope, painting his SistineChapel.• I sculpted the David of Florence.
  5. 5. I Am: Michelangelo
  6. 6. Who Am I?• I am a Dutch teacher.• I wrote in a time when the emphasis ofThe Renaissance was shifting fromhumanism to religious themes.• I wrote “In Praise of Folly.”
  7. 7. I Am: Erasmus
  8. 8. Who Am I?• I am an English playwright.• I am famous not only for my plays, but for mysonnets, essays and the historical nature of myworks.• I wrote Romeo and Juliet, Othello, MidsummerNight’s Dream, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, andHamlet, among others.
  9. 9. I Am: William Shakespeare
  10. 10. Who Am I?• I am a German monk who believed thatsalvation can be achieved through theBible alone.• I also believed the Bible was the ultimatesource of authority, and that all people areequal before God.• I protested against the Pope’s sale ofindulgences.• I posted my 95 thesis on the doors ofWittenberg Church in Germany.
  11. 11. I Am: Martin Luther
  12. 12. Who Am I?• I set up what I thought to be the idealProtestant community in Geneva,Switzerland.• I believed that faith was revealed by livinga righteous life and having a strong workethic.• I expanded the Protestant Reformationinto Western Europe.• I preached the doctrine of predestination.
  13. 13. I Am: John Calvin
  14. 14. Who Am I?• I confiscated lands that belonged to the Popeand Catholic Church in my country and gave itto my nobles.• I dismissed the authority of the Pope in Rome.• I was the man who initiated the split betweenEngland the Catholic Church, and founded theChurch of England (Anglican Church).• I broke with the Catholic Church when the Popewould not give me a divorce from my wife,whom I believed could not give me a son andheir.
  15. 15. I Am: Henry VIII
  16. 16. Who Am I?• I founded a group of Catholic missionaries.• The organization I founded was dedicated tospreading Catholicism and the conversion ofindigenous peoples in newly explored areasof the world (Latin America).• The organization I founded was called theSociety of Jesus (a.k.a. The Jesuits)
  17. 17. I Am: Ignatius of Loyola
  18. 18. Who Am I?• I was the Holy Roman Emperor and leaderof the Hapsburg Dynasty/ Empire.• I called the Diet of Worms to make MartinLuther recant his views.• When Luther did not recant his views, Iauthorized the German people to killLutherans and take their land, which theychose not to do.
  19. 19. I Am: Charles V
  20. 20. Who Am I?• My invention led to the bible beingtranslated into numerous languages,including English, French, and German.• My invention spread literacy at aphenomenal rate.• I invented the printing press.
  21. 21. I Am: Johann Gutenberg
  22. 22. Who Am I?• I was the monarch of England for over 70years.• I promoted tolerance for dissenters.• I promoted expansion for my country,including colonizing parts of the NewWorld.• I achieved victory over the SpanishArmada in 1588• I made the Anglican Church the officialchurch of England.
  23. 23. I Am: Elizabeth I (Tudor)
  24. 24. Who Am I?• I am a French Cardinal (I work for the Pope) fromFrance.• I was the chief minister to Louis XIII, who was only 8years old when he came to power.• I was the one who had the Edict of Nantes repealed,and thus took certain religious freedoms from theFrench Huguenots.• I was a political genius who wanted to make the kingsupreme in France and France supreme in Europe.• I changed the focus of the Thirty Years’ War from areligious to a political conflict.
  25. 25. I Am: Cardinal Richelieu
  26. 26. Who Am I?• I was a priest and teacher at Oxford University.• I attacked the wealth of the Catholic Church and theimmorality of some of its clergy.• I believed that individuals should be allowed to readand interpret scripture for themselves without churchintervention• I wanted to replace the authority of the church withthat of the Bible.• I was a dissenter prior to Martin Luther.
  27. 27. I Am: John Wycliffe
  28. 28. Who Am I?• I was a dissenter prior to Martin Luther.• I was a religious reformer and teacher at theUniversity of Prague.• I was influenced by the works of John Wycliffe andcriticized the abuses of the Catholic Church.• My attacks against the Church caused me to beexcommunicated, declared a heretic, and burned atthe state.
  29. 29. I Am: Jan Hus
  30. 30. Who Am I?• I am a member of the Portuguese royalfamily.• My main goals were to find gold forPortugal, as well as to find a way to therich spice trade of the Indies.• My expeditions taught explorers aboutcurrents, wind patterns, and climates.• I am often called “the Navigator.”
  31. 31. I Am: Prince Henry (The Navigator)
  32. 32. Who Am I?• I am a Portuguese sailor.• I was the first to round the Cape of GoodHope and landed in India in 1498.• I returned with spices from India that soldat some 3000% their investment.
  33. 33. I Am: Vasco da Gama
  34. 34. Who Am I?• I am an Italian sailor, although I sailed forSpain.• I was sent to find a new route to India, but Ithought the world was smaller than it was, and Idid not know there were two continents in myway as I headed west.• I am credited with “discovering” the New Worldand the trade that occurred between the newworld and Europe was named after me.
  35. 35. I Am: Christopher Columbus
  36. 36. Who Am I?• I am the man who followed Columbus tothe new world in 1519.• I am a conquistador.• I came for gold, and ended up wiping outthe Aztec people in what is today Mexicowith my guns and the diseases (smallpox)I brought.
  37. 37. I Am: Hernando (Hernan) Cortez
  38. 38. Who Am I?• I followed Cortez (Cortes) to the NewWorld in 1530.• I am a Spanish conquistador who wasparticularly brutal in the way I treated theNative American peoples in themountainous area that I conquered.• I ended up killing most of the Inca Peoplesin what is today Peru.
  39. 39. I Am: Francisco Pizarro
  40. 40. Who Am I?• I am a Portuguese sailor, but I sailed for Spain.• In 1519 I left Spain with five ships to cross theAtlantic to South America.• I sailed around the southernmost tip of SouthAmerica, and named the great ocean I found thePacific Ocean.• I was killed in 1521 while fighting islanders onthe Philippine Islands.• My expedition was credited with being the first tocircumnavigate (sail around) the globe.
  41. 41. I Am: Ferdinand Magellan
  42. 42. Who Am I?• I am an English sailor.• I was a “sea dog,” challenging Spanishand Portuguese monopolies of sea trade.• My plundering of Spanish slave ships andtreasure ships greatly upset King Phillip IIof Spain.• I was the first English sea captain creditedwith circumnavigating the globe.
  43. 43. I Am: Sir Francis Drake
  44. 44. Who Am I?• I am a French sailor.• I opened up a huge fur trade between the“new world” and France, and set up thetrading colonies of Quebec and Montreal.• I navigated the St. Lawrence River and amcredited with establishing a Frenchpresence in the “new world.”
  45. 45. I Am: Jacques Cartier
  46. 46. Who Am I?• I am a Polish scientist that protested thetheories of Ptolemy• I argued that the sun, not the earth, wasthe center of the universe. This becameknown as the heliocentric, or “sun-centered” theory.
  47. 47. I Am: Nicolaus Copernicus
  48. 48. Who Am I?• I was a brilliant mathematician who usedmodels, observations, and mathematics totest Copernicus’s heliocentric theory• I am chiefly remembered for discoveringthe laws of planetary motion.
  49. 49. I am: Johannes Kepler
  50. 50. Who Am I?• I was an Italian scientist.• I built my own telescope and studied theheavens.• I used my findings to support new ideasabout the universe, most notably theheliocentric theory.
  51. 51. I am: Galileo Galilei
  52. 52. Who Am I?• I am an English scientist.• I validated many new ideas in the scientificand mathematical fields with my work.• I formulated the laws of gravity.
  53. 53. I am: Sir Isaac Newton
  54. 54. Who Am I?• I was an English scientist.• I was the personal physician to the King ofEngland, despite my controversial viewson how the human body functioned.• I discovered and documented thecirculation of blood in the human body.
  55. 55. I am: William Harvey