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Graphing without flash


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Graphing without flash

  1. 1. TOOLS TO CREATE DYNAMIC CHARTS Without Adobe Flash ® ® Erik Giberti @giberti
  2. 2. WHY? Apple isn’t going to support Flash on iPhone , iPod or iPad . ® ® ® ® And many other mobile devices don’t support it either.
  3. 3. SOLUTIONS • Generate Images Dynamically Creating an image dynamically from your source data on the fly as the browser requests it. Lacking in interactivity but supported by any device that supports images. • HTML5 Canvas Tag Not natively supported by IE, although support can be enabled through use of the ExplorerCanvas project. • SVG (Scaleable Vector Graphics) Allows for rich user experiences while remaining lightweight. Native support in IE 9, plugins available for 8 and lower. Supported by all other major browser lines.
  4. 4. CREATE IMAGES DYNAMICALLY • Hosted: Google Chart API • PHP: GraPHPite • PHP: pChart • Python: Pychart • Java: EasyCharts
  5. 5. CREATE IMAGES DYNAMICALLY • Java: ElegantJ Charts • Java: JFreeChart • .NET: Microsoft .net Chart Controls bf49-4fe5-9ca8-910ae6ea442c • .NET: .net Charting • Silverlight: Microsoft Silverlight Toolkit
  6. 6. HTML5 CANVAS SOME OF THESE SUPPORT SVG TOO • JS Charts • PlotKit • Processing.js • Dojo Toolkit • Bluff
  7. 7. HTML5 CANVAS SOME OF THESE SUPPORT SVG TOO • Canvas 3D Graph • TufteGraph (jQuery Based) • Emprise JavaScript Charts • Canvas Pie Chart with Tooltips (Mootools Based) • MooChart (Mootools Based)
  8. 8. HTML5 CANVAS SOME OF THESE SUPPORT SVG TOO • InfoVis Toolkit • Highcharts • Flot • Flotr Javascript Plotting Library (Prototype Based) • Graphico (Prototype + Raphael Based)
  9. 9. SVG • Raphael Javascript Library • SVG Kit • SVG Web • ProtoVis