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Tungsten wedding bands why the choice is easy.pdf


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Tungsten diamond bands are popular among men and women to use as a wedding band

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Tungsten wedding bands why the choice is easy.pdf

  1. 1. Tungsten Wedding Bands - Why the Choice Is EasyHave you ever thought about getting a tungsten wedding band? If not, then youre missing out on one ofthe biggest breakthroughs to hit the wedding ring industry in recent years. The fact is that this type ofwedding band is better in almost every way than the traditional gold wedding ring. In fact, millions ofcouples across the country and around the world have chosen tungsten as the metal of choice for theirwedding bands, and theyve been satisfied with all the outstanding benefits that it offers. Below is someinformation about tungsten wedding rings and why you should consider putting one on your finger.Tungsten BandsFirst and perhaps most importantly, tungsten is much more affordable than yellow or white gold rings.This is because gold has a much higher value than tungsten, so the price difference between these twotypes of rings can be staggering. Tungsten is also more common than gold, so because its not so rare,the price is lower too. While some gold rings could easily cost you thousands of dollars, a tungstenwedding band could cost a few hundred dollars at most. And before you think that price reflects quality,tungsten is far from being a cheap metal. In fact, its a better metal than gold, as youll find in the nextparagraph.Tungsten Wedding BandsSecondly, tungsten wedding rings are better than gold because tungsten is a very hard metal. Did youknow that yellow or white gold is among the softest metals out there? This means that gold scratchesvery easily, as youve probably found out if you have any other golden jewelry. On the other hand,tungsten is one of the hardest substances in existence -- It can only be scratched by a diamond! Whatthis means for you is that youll never have to worry about your tungsten wedding ring gettingscratched, unless of course you handle rough diamonds on a regular basis. Another benefit of thehardness of tungsten wedding bands is that they wont warp or lose their shape like a gold ring could.Being a soft metal, gold can be bent out of shape rather easily, but this isnt the case with tungsten. Atungsten ring wont lose its shape or break like a traditional gold ring would.Cobalt Wedding BandsLast of all, tungsten wedding rings provide a unique, alternative look. Tungsten is a darker metal, andthe rings that can be made from it can come in shades from light gray to completely black. This providesyou with more choices than just yellow gold or white gold. If you want something different, or just arenta fan of bright colors, then you should consider tungsten wedding rings so that you can get a uniquelook that will separate you from the crowd.In conclusion, tungsten wedding bands are considered abetter choice than yellow or white gold because its more affordable, more durable, and gives adifferent look than regular rings. If youve never thought about getting a tungsten ring, look into ittoday!