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Flash four feature project


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Basic Flash training

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Flash four feature project

  1. 1. Flash Four Feature Project<br />Flash can do hundreds of special animations. Most of the cartoon animations seen on the Internet are done in Flash. Entire websites are designed in Flash. BHS offers a year-long class in Flash.<br />This is an introductory activity. It isn’t designed to make you a Flash expert. You will learn enough that you should be able experiment on your own later to make your own Flash animations for other classes or for yourself. <br />You are to create a Flash movie that experiments with four prominent Flash features.<br /><ul><li>Motion Tween – Cause objects to move about the stage wherever you direct them to go. Objects and also rotate and resize during a motion tween.
  2. 2. Shape Tween – Cause one object to transform into another object. It can be as simple as turning a circle into a square, or you can draw two objects – the original object, then the thing it turns into
  3. 3. Stop-Action – Flash can be used to draw stop action. Using the brush tool, experiment with this feature by bringing a brush stroke to life. Make it dance about the screen, change colors, be inventive
  4. 4. Alpha Channels – Flash can make images go from opaque (visible) to transparent (invisible) during a motion tween. Insert 3 photos into a Flash library and using motion tweens and alpha channel settings, make them fly in, slowly appear, slowly disappear, and fly out
  5. 5. The End – Use a combination of what you’ve learned or be inventive in creating your own The End message
  6. 6. Music – Create an Acid loop sequence to run the length of your Flash animation</li></ul>Use Separate Layers<br />Create each Flash element on a separate Layer. By doing so, you can delete Layers when you make mistakes and start over again without damaging your entire project. This project will probably end up having 9 to 12 Layers when finished.<br />