Chronology of dante alighieri


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A brief summary of Dante's life for freshman literature students.

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Chronology of dante alighieri

  1. 1. Chronology of Dante Alighieri 1265-1321
  2. 2. Dante’s Life1265 - Dante is born May 291274 – Age 9 First meets, and falls in lovewith Beatrice Portinari, who is also 9; thislove drives all his literary works1283 - Dantes father dies. He is marriedshortly thereafter to Gemma Donati (blackGuelph), with whom he has four children(Jacopo, Pietro, Giovanni and Antonia).
  3. 3. Dante’s LifeTwo political factions:•Guelphs = Pope rules heaven and earth•Ghibellines = Pope rules heaven; kingsrule earth• Guelphs split in 1300 into Blacks and Whites – Blacks backed the pope: old wealth; bankers; super rich (Gemma Donati family) – Whites – merchants who wanted peace so business would prosper -- began to side with the Ghibellines• Ghibellines: the feudal aristocracy, the landowners; believed in imperial authority
  4. 4. Dante’s LifeDANTES POLITICAL ALLIES• Dante began a Guelf, later a White Guelf (after his exile, but he found them crude and violent), then claimed no party affiliation and lived many years in exile with a Ghibelline and best friend, Con Grande della Scala.
  5. 5. Dante’s Life1289 – He enlistsin the military tofight the battle ofCampaldino atage 24 as a WhiteGuelf; defeats theGhibellines ofArezzo. Danterecalls this battlein Purgatorio.
  6. 6. Dante’s Life1290 - Death of Beatrice.1292 - Writes La Vita Nuova.
  7. 7. Dante’s LifeThis is what Dante wrote in his notes after La VitaNuova and before writing the Divine Comedy:"...if it be the wish of Him in whom all things flourish that my life continue for a few years, I hope to write of her that which has never been written of any lady."
  8. 8. Dante’s LifeDante was driven by love, politics, anda respect for Christianity. He believed inseparation of church and state.1294 - Dante meets Charles Martel, Kingof Hungary, a supporter1295 - Joins the guild of the apothecariesfor the purpose of entering public life.1300 - Dante becomes one of six highestmagistrates in Florence.
  9. 9. • 1300, Thursday night before Good Friday• Fictional beginning of Pilgrim Dante’s journey into the Inferno• Poet Dante began writing Inferno in 1306
  10. 10. Dante’s Life1300 - BonifaceVIII proclaimsthe Jubilee Year. Grrrrrrr….
  11. 11. Dante’s Life1301 - Pope Boniface VIII summons Dante toRome.1302 - Charles of Valois invades Florence. TheBlack Guelfs seize power. Dante is banishedand condemned to be burned alive if he everreturnsp.s. 1304 - Birth of Petrarch (another Italian poetas famous as Dante; believed that people couldbe great thinkers and still believe in God; led toindependent thought and Renaissance)
  12. 12. Dante’s Life on the run 1304 - Dante writes De vulgari eloquentia, his praise of vernacular Italian literature. Of four books planned, only the first book and part of the second were written.• During the same period he begins the Convivio. Only four of a projected fifteen books of the Convivio were completed. He was searching for his supreme story…
  13. 13. Dante’s Life on the run 1306 - Probably the year in which Dante interrupts the Convivio, begins the Comedy. 1310 - Henry of Luxembourg, Holy Roman Emperor, descends into Italy and Dante addresses an Epistle to him called De Monarchia. Possible date between 1310-1313:It states the empire in necessary to maintain peace; authority of the emperor comes directly from God. Emperor should revere pope, but answer directly to God. One monarch should rule the entire planet. Only then will we have total peace and harmony.
  14. 14. Dante’s Life on the run 1313 - Death of Henry. Dante’s last chance to see a separation of church and state
  15. 15. Dante’s Life on the run1314 - Publication of Inferno.
  16. 16. 1564
  17. 17. 1569
  18. 18. Dante’s Life on the run1315 - Dante moves toVerona as a guest ofCangrande della Scala.Works on Purgatorioand Paradiso.1319 - Dante moves toRavenna, where he isthe guest of GuidoNovello da Polenta, lordof that city.1321 – Dante finishedThe Divine Comedy; hethen falls ill diesSeptember 13 or 14.