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Tutorial about opensource, its business model and how to make money with opensource

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Opensources benefits

  2. 2. Content  Open Source Software (OSS)  Open Source Business Model  Benefits For Developers guru online services
  3. 3. What is OSS? Open source usually refers to software that is released with source code under a license that ensures that derivative works will also be available as source code, protected certain rights of original authors and prohibits restrictions on how the software can be used or who can use it Free distribution Source code Derived works Integrity of author’s source code No discrimination against person or group No discrimination against fields or endeavor Distribution of license License must not be specific to a product License must not restrict other software License must be technology-neutral guru online services
  4. 4. Open Source Licenses  Apache License 2.0  BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" license  BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" or "FreeBSD" license  GNU General Public License (GPL)  GNU Library or "Lesser" General Public License (LGPL)  MIT license  Mozilla Public License 2.0  Common Development and Distribution License  Eclipse Public License guru online services
  5. 5. Misconceptions about open source  Open-Source Development is Something New  Open-Source Development Is Done by Hobbyists and Students  Open-Source Software Is Low Quality  Large-Scale Development Isn't Efficient  If the Software Is Free, then Who's Going to Pay You to Write It?  By Making Your Software Open Source You'll Get Thousands of Developers Working on It for No Cost  Open Source Doesn't Scale  A Company Doing Open Source Gives Up Ownership of Its Source Code and Patents  An Open-Source Community is an Open Community guru online services
  6. 6. Open Source Business Model  Support Ware -- Pay us money and we'll support the software. We'll answer your questions. Or we'll try to. Over the phone, on the Web, whatever. Pay us enough and we'll come over. Red Hat likes this business model.  Product Ware -- The software is free, you just buy the box it runs in. Android phones use this. So do some network routers. It's number two, but with a bullet.  Cloud Ware -- Our software is in the clouds now. Pay us for what it does. The money goes into the cloud. Later it will rain on us. SugerCRM likes this business model.  Project Ware -- Need something done? We'll do it with open source. Pay us for our work, and pay us for the project. IBM makes a ton on this business model.  SaaS Ware -- Our software is SaaSy. You can rent it, by the hour, by the month, by the user. This is wildly popular. Zoho uses it. So do many other companies.  Ad Ware -- This is a free version of SaaS Ware. You don't pay anything, the advertiser pays instead. Heard of The Google? This is their primary business model. ZDNet also uses this business model.  Sugar Daddy Ware -- Our software has a sugar daddy. Firefox has Google. Eclipse has IBM. Open Office has Sun, or it did. So just use the stuff. Daddy will provide. We believe in daddy.  Foundation Ware -- Our software has a foundation. It has lots of sugar daddies. Want to be one? Linux runs this way. So does Apache.  Beg Ware -- Please give us money. We know you don't have to. But give us money anyway. Lots of little projects use this business model. Or pretend to.  Let's Make a Deal Ware -- The programmers who wrote the software support it out of their own pockets until they can figure out something. WordPress started this way. So did Drupal. Go by Sourceforge and you'll find tons of folks still using this business model. guru online services
  7. 7. Benefits for developers Learn Money guru online services
  8. 8. Learning  Programming  Software Design  Software Development Process  Testing  Documentation guru online services
  9. 9. Learning  Where you can learn better than working with a professional team? guru online services
  10. 10. Make Money  Develop & sell extensions, plugins, themes based on succeeded open sources  Providing support & customization services  Writing tips, blogs  Joining open source development team  Or building your own open source software? guru online services
  11. 11. Successful stories Product Company - Organization MySQL Oracle Android Google Chrome Google FireFox Mozilla Linux Red Had Magento Ebay WordPress Automatic PHP The PHP Group And many more guru online services
  12. 12. Web Browser Market Share guru online services
  13. 13. Smart Phone OS Market Share guru online services
  14. 14. Web Server Market Share guru online services
  15. 15. Server Side Language Market Share guru online services
  16. 16. Vietnamese Developers with Open Sources guru online services
  17. 17. Vietnamese companies       guru online services
  18. 18. THANK YOU Phan Vu Giap Guru Online Services 428 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 11, District 10, HCMC 0978711217 guru online services