Completely personal experience cpe


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Understanding and Shaping the Customers’ Psyche

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Completely personal experience cpe

  1. 1. Completely Personal Experience (CPE) Understanding and Shaping the Customers’ Psyche Giant Chief Innovation Officer Creative Thinking Image by Pink Floyd
  2. 2. Completely Personal Experience CPE
  3. 3. ? LOVE*HATE CPE Completely Personal Experience Image by Pink Floyd
  4. 4. CPE Completely Personal Experience 1.431.160
  5. 5. CPE Completely Personal Experience No Boundaries, Age, Gender, Psychography
  6. 6. CPE Completely Personal Experience $ 4.070 $ 2.800
  7. 7. Milestone Completely CPE Personal Experience Next Battle Brand Product
  8. 8. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need Self-Actualization Pursue Inner Talent Creativity Fulfillment Achievement Mastery Self-Esteem Recognition Respect Friends Belonging - Love Family Lover Security Stability Safety Freedom from fear Food Physiological Water Shelter
  9. 9. Fulfillment Creativity Pursue Inner Talent Self-Actualization Recognition Achievement Self-Esteem Respect Mastery Friends Belonging - Love Lover Family CPE Security Freedom Safety Stability from fear Completely Food Physiological Shelter Personal Water Experience Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need Loyalist Sensible
  10. 10. Spiritual Indulgence Enlightenment State of Mind CPE Completely Personal Experience Logic+Emotion Experience Loyalist Visual Secondary Need Logic Basic Need Sensible Physical Basic Need
  11. 11. Logic Emotion CPE Experience Honesty Wish Fulfillment Loyalist Intimacy CPE CPE
  12. 12. Creating Completely Personal Experience Purpose Sentimental Value Avatar Image by Pink Floyd
  13. 13. CPE Purpose Purpose Sentimental Value Avatar Consistent Functional Steady Expected Useful Persistent Advantageous Valuable Future Proof Reliable Reputable Respectable
  14. 14. Functional useful advantageous Valuable Useful Advantageous Valuable
  15. 15. Democracy Information Crosses all Borders Purpose Functional
  16. 16. Future Proof Reliable Reputable Respectable Respectable Reliable Reputable Purpose Future Proof
  17. 17. Purpose Future Proof
  18. 18. Consistent Steady Expected Persistent Steady Expected Purpose Persistent Sam SOCIAL NETWORK Portfolio Consistent
  19. 19. Purpose Consistent
  20. 20. Kosmetika Indonesia Purpose Consistent
  21. 21. S e n t i m e n t a l Va l u e
  22. 22. CPE Sentimental Value Purpose Sentimental Value Avatar Connect Story Engage Simplicity Unexpectedness Credibility Contrast Contradict
  23. 23. Story Simplicity Unexpectedness concreteness Sentimental Value Story
  24. 24. Sam Branding and Design Portfolio Low Tar & Nicotine ? Sentimental Value Story
  25. 25. Walkman iPod Black White 12 Song 12000 Song Contradict Sentimental Value Contrast
  26. 26. Makan Sepuasnya Sentimental Value Contrast
  27. 27. Engage Sentimental Value Connect
  28. 28. Tukul Arwana Sentimental Value Connect
  29. 29. Sam Branding and Design Portfolio Sentimental Value Connect
  30. 30. Avatar (spiritual projection)
  31. 31. CPE Avatar Purpose Sentimental Value Avatar PrimeMover Conditions Concreteness Similarity Enlightenment Experiences
  32. 32. Similarity AVATAR Condition
  33. 33. Kesuksesan BlackBerry di Indonesia selain biaya yang rendah juga kecanduan berkirim pesan dan posting Facebook AVATAR Condition
  34. 34. Experiences AVATAR Enlightenment
  35. 35. AVATAR Enlightenment
  36. 36. Concreteness AVATAR PrimeMover
  37. 37. AVATAR PrimeMover
  38. 38. Mainstream Clique PRIME-MOVER Loyalist CPE Completely Personal Enlightenment Experience Individual
  39. 39. CPE Cycle CPE Threat Awareness Mainstream Advantages CPE Innovation Cycle Primemover Loyalist Community Image by Pink Floyd
  40. 40. Functional Future Proof Consistent Purpose CPE Sentimental Value Avatar Story Contrast Connect Conditions Enlightenment PrimeMover Image by Pink Floyd