2012 Product Primer


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2012 Product Primer

  1. 1. 2012Product Primer
  2. 2. 2011You saw the coming of the world’s biggest jobseeker database in the Philippines. Monster.com has exceeded business expectations and quickly becoming the fastest growing job portal in the region.
  3. 3. 2011 HIGHLIGHTSTHE FASTEST GROWING SITE IN SOUTHEAST ASIAThe Branch Unit 1.4 M Hits per Month Database Population for Manila was 23,000 Average New rose from 250,000 to incorporated Jobseekers Monthly 700,000 in less than a year * 400,000 Unique Visitors Per Month 150,000 Average Job Applications *active profiles based in PH
  4. 4. DEMOGRAPHIC MIX 72% of our Profiles are Bachelors Degree Holder 36% of our Profiles have 0-3 Years of Experience
  5. 5. THE COMMITMENT REMAINS RIGHT JOBS. RIGHT CANDIDATES.{Sample Only. Please Delete Footer for New Slides}
  6. 6. At Monster, webelieve that giving Job more qualitycandidates is more Postings important Resume Database Branding Access
  7. 7. Monster heavilyinvests inTechnology, Database to Excel Facebook Integrationinnovating new Featurefeatures makingit the Magic Searchbenchmark of Talentall other job Managementportals in the Suitemarket. Android, Black berry, iPhone Apps{Sample Only. Please Delete Footer for New Slides} Source: Monster Database, Jan – Sep 2011
  8. 8. Talent Management SuiteAndroid App Shoshkele Site Capture Hover Ad Fade In/Fade Out2012
  9. 9. Monsters Facebook app BeKnown provides an easy way for jobseekers to search for and apply for jobs without leavingFacebook. The app is fully integrated with Facebook, but enablesusers to keep their personal Facebook information private.Once youve set up a BeKnown profile, you can view and applyfor jobs, see company information, get endorsed, and apply forjobs directly from the app. Youll have an online version of yourresume, which can be printed as a PDF. Even better, youll beautomatically matched with jobs, based on the information in yourBeKnown profile.
  10. 10. Search Jobs or candidates profiles right atyour Android Phones
  11. 11. The only job site that allows you to search profiles right atyour own mobile phones. Find the best candidate thefastest way possible, at your convenience
  12. 12. Monster Talent Management Suite(TMS) is a fully hosted and anintegrated online solution thatenables employers to simplify &automate talent managementlifecycle, from pre-hiring to posthiring. Our TMS serves as a 360°solution for employers as it helpsthem to drive results across all thekey processes i.e. Attract right candidate Hire right candidate Train & Develop Retain key talent TMS
  13. 13. Monster Branding Properties Employers of Choice Target MailersKeyword Advertising Video ProfileBanner Ads Placement
  14. 14. Monster Branding Properties Fade IN Fade OUT Shoskele Site Capture Corporate Microsite
  15. 15. Employers of ChoiceAchieve maximum instant hits against your jobpostings by placing your corporate logo inMonster Home Page.
  16. 16. Target MailersSend 500,1000, up to 5,000 Customized Mails toIdentified Jobseekers based on your requirement and category
  17. 17. Keyword Advertising Get noticed by just the people you want. You can now target the most active job seekers by what they are searching for Buy set of keywords for which you want your brand to be highlighted
  18. 18. Video Profile Monster makes recruitment larger than life. Employer Video Profile helps employers like you to attract the best talent and it is a tool to position your organization as a great place to work. Through this audio visual presentation, you can showcase your work culture and provide jobseekers a better perspective or your organization.
  19. 19. Banner Ads Placement RHT Banner 468x60 Sky Scrapper 160x600 Bottom Banner 728x90
  20. 20. Fade IN Fade OUT Large Banner of size 235x448 on Right section of Home Page giving high visibility to the advertiser The banner appears after 5 seconds of page loading and fades out smoothly after 5-7 seconds of banner appearance
  21. 21. Fade In – Fade Out
  22. 22. Shoskele
  23. 23. Site Capture{Sample Only. Please Delete Footer for New Slides}
  24. 24. Site Capture
  25. 25. Corporate MicrositeWhen it comes to yourbrand, Monster makes nocompromise, our team ofdesigners leave no stoneunturned to create the micro siteas close to your corporatewebsite.Get redirections from banners, job postings, mailers etc and letyour brand talk the rest to thejobseekers.{Sample Only. Please Delete Footer for New Slides}
  26. 26. Our CORE Services
  27. 27. RESUME DATABASE ACCESS Power Search Magic Search Search by Role• Search by Filters • Instant Search by • Select Pre-Defined• Experience Keywords Roles and• Industry • Instant Results Categories• Previous and Current Employers• Nationality• Language Spoken• Job Skills and Title• Salary Information• Educational Background• Academic Institution
  28. 28. RESUME DATABASE ACCESS Magic Search Allows you to search profiles in just one click. Key in all information about your job requirement and instantly receive matching candidates in our database.
  29. 29. RESUME DATABASE ACCESS Magic Search Allows you to search profiles in just one click. Key in all information about your job requirement and instantly receive matching candidates in our database.
  30. 30. RESUME DATABASE ACCESS Power Search is more advanced and powerful than Magic Search. It has filters and criteria to enable you to pick only the most qualified profiles. Get rid of profiles that doesn’t match your requirements.
  31. 31. RESUME DATABASE ACCESS Search by Role is a simplified version of Power Search. Choose among the pre-defined Job Titles and Skill Set > Search according to Location and instantly get qualified profiles
  32. 32. What makes Monster Resume Search different from competitors?
  34. 34. PRECISIONGet only the most relevant results, Monster technology is sointelligent it scours the entire databank based on the string ofkeywords you have submitted.All relevant skills and information that match your queries will behighlighted and emphasized to aid you in checking whether thecandidates have your requirements.Get relevant results by sorting candidates according to‘Freshness’. Get only the active profiles.IT’S ALL ABOUT MATCHING
  35. 35. PACEHire faster. Our database is uncomplicated and user-friendly.Get qualified candidates easy and fast.Use Magic Search and get dozens or hundreds of qualified candidates in just asingle click.Summary of candidates information like telephone number, skills andbackground are immediately seen in the search results page. Contact themfaster!Forward, Email, Print, Shortlist, Add Notes. Use them to hasten your hiringprocess.
  36. 36. PRODUCTIVITYShortlist multiple profiles and send emails simultaneously without leaving thebrowser.Convert shortlisted profiles into an Excel Type format/template.Create multiple folders to organize files and profilesSave frequent search instances to avoid doing the same searches over andover again. Saved Search allows you to do repetitive tasks in just a single click
  37. 37. JOB POSTINGS
  38. 38. JOB POSTINGSJob Posting live for 60 days Sharp search and match, ensure the right candidates received your job ads. Filter candidates based on specific criteria (Monster Quality Filter) Maintain a steady presence in the employment market Attract job seekers whose resumes may not be searchable• Advertise your Jobs to thelargest pool of qualified jobseekers in Philippines.• The revolutionary MagicFilter Technology ensuresthat you get the most relevantcandidate-resumes.• Add a Custom ScreeningQuestionnaire to filtercandidate applications againstparameters which are uniqueto your hiring process.• Utilize Magic and Joblocation filters to limit yourresponses to only relevantcandidates. {Sample Only. Please Delete Footer for New Slides}
  39. 39. Thank You!{Sample Only. Please Delete Footer for New Slides}