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Xmas Paper Cut


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Xmas Paper Cut

  1. 1. Χαρτοκοπτική με εικόνες . Για να κρεμάσετε στο Χριστουγεννιάτικο Δέντρο ή για να στολίσετε το χώρο σας. Οι σελίδες είναι διπλές για να κολληθούν μεταξύ τους . Κόψτε προσεκτικά τις εικόνες και κολλήστε πλάτη με πλάτη τα ζευγάρια . Αν θέλετε να τις κρεμάσετε βάλτε ανάμεσα ένα κορδόνι ή μια κορδέλα μαζί με την κόλλα.
  2. 2. Santa’s Sleigh & Gift Card Holder page 1 of 3 To: From: Front Back Sleigh Pieces
  3. 3. Santa’s Sleigh & Gift Card Holder page 2 of 3 Cut out the gift card holder along the dashed lines. Fold Glue Glue Fold Fold Gift Card Holder
  4. 4. Santa’s Sleigh & Gift Card Holder Instructions page 3 of 3 1. Print out the sleigh pieces on cardstock. Print out the gift card holder on regular paper. 2. Cut out the gift card holder and both of the sleigh pieces along the dashed lines. 3. Fold the gift card holder in half (away from you) along the solid line. Next, fold the two gray tabs on the gift card holder away from you. Put glue on both of the tabs and glue the card holder together. Once the glue has dried, insert your gift card into the holder. 4. Put the “back” sleigh piece (picture side down) on a flat surface. Add glue to the indi- cated area of the sleigh (see diagram below), then place the “front” sleigh piece (picture side up) on top of the sleigh piece with glue. Press the two pieces together. This will create a "pocket" for the gift card holder. Glue 5. Insert the gift card holder into the pocket and your sleigh & gift holder will be complete. Note that the gift card holder will appear to be sitting on top of the sleigh. You may use an A8 envelope to give the gift to a friend or family member. To: From: © FamilyFun